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Will Bloomberg be the Overnight Sensation Come Super Tuesday?

He's coming March 3rd. Be scared, be very scared. Be angry, very angry. As much as I'd like to go to a ridiculously priced Rage Against the Machine concert (and I really, really, really want to go see them), I'm gonna donate money to Bernie instead. Please vote for the only possible left alternative to Bloomberg and Trump. It's our chance of a lifetime. Think we can wait another four years or more? I don't.

CNN Exit Poll Takeaways

Here's the exit poll, chock full of sundry demographic results:


You gotta scroll down and click on "Exit Polls."

Here's one positive development off the bat:

Back to Basics on #BernieOrBust

Creationism aside, we grew from photosensitive cells to primate bipeds which send computers into space. That is a mammoth scale of observation to cross. To do so, we've had to become very complex creatures, utterly dependent on an inherited social structure. Depending on where we live, those can be pretty nasty. Not just personally dangerous, but dangerous to all of us.