Dakota Access Pipeline

NoDAPL Solidarity: 2 Powerful Actions in First 2 Days of 2017

On January 1, two water protectors climbed a truss in the US Bank stadium during a Vikings game in Minneapolis and unfurled a banner that said "Divest" and "NoDAPL" and featured the bank's logo. It was audacious and elegant, and social media lit up with video and images from inside the stadium.

divest banner.JPG

Standing Rock Legal Update: Only 2 Days Left to Write to ND Supreme Court

The deadline is December 30 to let the ND Supreme Court know that we want out-of-state attorneys to be allowed to defend the water protectors. If you haven't sent an email yet, please copy and paste the example below now. It takes only a few moments and will make a big difference. Four more people were arrested yesterday (video and info below).

To: supclerkofcourt@ndcourts.gov

Subject: Supreme Court No. 20160436

In the body of the email, put this:

Re: In the Matter of a Petition to Permit Temporary Provision of Legal Services by Qualified Attorneys From Outside North Dakota

I urge that the petition be granted so that all defendants charged for any NoDAPL actions be granted due process.

Thank you.

Your Name

Standing Rock Legal Team Asks: Please Email the North Dakota Court

We have until December 30 to let the ND Supreme Court know that we want out-of-state attorneys to be allowed to defend the water protectors. After you click on "read more," there's a template for an email. It takes 2 minutes to copy and paste and will make a big difference.

Standing Rock and Beyond: U.S. Government Hides Documents, Court Hearing in Iowa

Rule of law? Yeah, right. Feds Admit They Withheld Key Documents from Standing Rock Sioux.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers purposefully withheld key studies that could have helped the tribe evaluate the risks [of the DAPL]. One report modeled damage from potential spills; another weighed the likelihood of spills; a third compared alternative routes and discussed the environmental justice concerns raised by the project. The revelation highlights the federal government’s perception of its limited responsibility to consult with tribes even on matters that could threaten its welfare.

Standing Rock: The Struggle Continues

For the moment, the Dakota Access Pipeline has legally been delayed, but there are two important things to remember, in my opinion. First, Energy Transfer Partners and its investors have no intention of complying with the Army Corps of Engineers. Second, there are hundreds of pipelines and other extractive industries crisscrossing this country, all of which threaten indigenous lands, clean water, and air quality.
map of pipelines.jpg

Standing Rock: Indigenous Youth Show Sheriffs How to Be Human Beings

MANDAN – Sheriff’s deputies in riot gear welcomed gifts donated by Oceti Sakowin and International Indigenous Youth Council Friday when the No DAPL activists delivered boxes filled from the department’s winter donation list.

Standing Rock: Rumor Control, Supportive Actions, Obama Confirms Our Low Expectations

Obama's press secretary said yesterday that the president will not do anything to help the water protectors. He wants the pipeline project completed. I'm not surprised, but I am disgusted. Video is less than a minute.

Standing Rock: Response to Threatened Eviction

Last Monday night, representatives of several different groups associated with the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline responded to the ND governor's eviction notice. Without exception, all of the indigenous leaders affirmed that no representative of ND has any jurisdiction to evict them. They are not going anywhere. They cannot be trespassing, since they are on their own land, a sovereign nation. There were statements from LaDonna Bravebull Allard of the Standing Rock Sioux nation, Kandi Mossett from the Indigenous Environmental Network, Tara Houska from Honor the Earth, and a member of the legal team that filed the class action suit against Morton County, and two people, a woman and a man whose names I didn't catch, spoke about treaty law, Supreme Court precedents, and other legal stuff.