Caucus Critters: Moondae Moppets: UnConventional Pawlitics!

Last week was dedicated to the Repurrblicans and Repuplicans because of their convention; and I was originally thinking to do an homage to the Democat convention this week, but I'm already tired of them before they begin! So let's do something else. Let's be UnConventional!

But first, The Recommendations:

Bundle this! Comcast and Hillary "Pay for Play"?

On June 6, AP and NBC made the call that Hillary Clinton was the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party. This profoundly undemocratic move bypassed the pending primary elections in six states, and is a message to voters: “You don’t matter. We (the corporate media, and corporate lobbyists) are in charge of your elections.”

Why call the election before the voters vote? So they won’t vote, of course.

Convention Prediction

After reading StephenD's fabulous essay, it got me to thinking about how the Convention will unfold. Now, maybe I'm just odd or perhaps a little slap-happy what with the increasing primary craziness, but the following scene popped into my head almost immediately at the thought of party 'unity' as seen from the Establishment's point of view.

(Transcript of the relative portion, but the whole concept plays out through the end. I see Jake as the Establishment, btw.)