A strong economy? Not so fast

Everyone has heard of GDP, but most don't know how it is calculated.
As a simple mathematical equation, it is written as M * V = P * Q, where M is money supply, V is velocity, P is price inflation and Q is real GDP.
The two numbers on the right side of the equation (the outputs) have been mostly stable for nearly a decade, but the first two numbers (the inputs) are seriously distorted, and indicate that something is chronically amiss.

Class and how they use words to hide reality

I've come to realize that there's a lot of confusion out there due to people using words with very specific definitions.
For example, when a Republican talks about "freedom" they don't mean "freedom from want".
They mean "freedom from government oppression", but only government oppression.
Private oppression? Republicans will either deny it exists, or justify it.
When a Republican is "pro-life" it only refers to birth.

You Took Shop or Sewing

...then you joined labor.

Or you joined management.

In my junior high-school all the boys took classes in woodworking and metalworking. I know I took a class in mechanical drawing also, but that was held in a regular classroom. The girls took cooking classes and sewing and - I think - typing. After class the bolder boys would compare notes with the girls wearing bras. I think.

Class and the White Trash Revolution (WTR)

Middle- and upper-class America are desperately fighting the WTR, just as they have historically always fought off White Trash demands for justice and fairness. And it is true that there is no guarantee at this date that the WTR will not descend into fascism. Certainly, many of the same xenophobic and fascist elements are similar to the 1930s.

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: Gender/Race/Class/Age in the Democratic Primaries - Oh My! by Geminijen

When Bernie first decided to run for President as a democratic socialist, challenging the extreme income inequality that advanced capitalism has brought to our society, I was excited. His message was echoing the Occupy Wall Street movement’s slogan that 1% of the wealthy owned more than the other 99%. Bernie was going to bring the concept of class struggle between working people and the corporate elite back into the political conversation!