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OT - Censorship, Deplatforming, and Other Threats to C99

There are two segments to this and the first is broader and more general. Those paying attention have noticed that there has been a major assault on dissenting and/or otherwise non-conforming narratives and the creators of such by faceplant, tweeter, you tube and similar content transmission vehicles up to and including even pieces of the MSM like Faux News.

unimportant personal - things I can't wrap my mind around -

I went back to the Dailykos site today, into which I can't log into anymore, to search for something. Basically I wanted to let Sarah R and her sister Winglion know that I like to contact them to thank them for the quilts they once made for me and tell them that their quilt overs my bed til today.

Forgive my publishing this poem again, i must...


As I write, I worry about your futures

cause aspirations of two women, queens to be,

children of presidents,

Ivanka and Chelsea

dominate your playgrounds of artifical turf

lifted by money and the media it affords

seeping into the conscious of millions

overwhelmed by closets of red shoes

They may inherit the crown

Vegas bets so

Impeachment, working title


Innocence born

does not stay

birthing on cycle

to live again

evidence born by bad men

sailing into bergs, intention-ally

Suns do shine without the shade

rolling in the hay

memories spring from loins untouched

the dog sits by the side

little ones confide

hands slip closer in the night

reaching out for right

gambling for a better plight

Sailing with Motorcycles

Corals reach beyond the bleach

swaying to accordions...

plastic gathers in tides of reason

pundits sing of re-awaking

mushroom clouds tweet of empty seats


Purge the superdelegates

from the mist

of blood and tears


passed down in factories


cover from hard rains


morals, collectively

shared in misery

Burst the gangs of eight