Bonnie Raitt

Album of the Week - 3-18-23

Afternoon folks!

This week we've got two eras of Chicago blues represented - an album from Muddy Waters starts us off, followed by Washboard Sam with Big Bill Broonzy and Memphis Slim. After that there's Don and Dewey with a compilation of some serious r&b. After that there's Bonnie Raitt's debut album which features Junior Wells on harmonica on about 4 tunes, then it's off to blues rock with Steppenwolf's live album. Finishing up is an album by Weather Report.


Saturday Song Open Thread - Richland Woman Blues

Hey, it's songday. I pick a song that I believe warrants it and publish an assortment of the covers of that song by various persons and or groups. Pick a few that are new to you and have a listen. It is also, of course, an open thread to talk about anything you feel like.

Today's song is: Richland Woman Blues