Album of the Week 7-15-23

Afternoon folks!

This week in the blues category we've got an album from Detroit bluesman and former sideman to John Lee Hooker, Eddie Kirkland. Following that, there's a late 70's B.B. King album.

Moving on to blues-rock, there's a 1977 album from Bonnie Raitt, albums by The Pirates and The Electric Flag. Following that there's some spacey-trippy music from Hawkind and we finish up with an album from Doc Watson - something for everybody? I dunno. Hope so.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Here 'tis:

Eddie Kirkland - The Devil And Other Blues Demons

B.B. King - Midnight Believer

Bonnie Raitt - Sweet Forgiveness

The Pirates - Skull Wars

The Electric Flag - An American Music Band

Hawkwind - Warrior At The Edge Of Time

Doc Watson - Elementary Dr. Watson

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well, aside from the disco and bubblegum genres
Bonnie, BB and good old Doc W pretty much covers
most of the music that is/was thrilling.

thanks hombre!

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glad you enjoyed the tunes!

have a great day!

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Hey Joe,

GREAT selections man! Fairly reserved B.B., those background runs in the last song were amazing. Eddie Kirkland was great too. The Electric Flag was good, even without Bloomfield That was the last Lemmy era Hawkwind album in that original run.

Thanks for the awesome soundscape!

P.S. I checked, there is no other post on the internet with Doc Watson and Hawkwind. Smile

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heh! glad that i could do an internet first. Smile

have a great day!

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