catching up on Evo and Bolivia

…mainly by Tweet, because: images and captions, not always text.  Oddly, Mission Verdad English on Twitter hasn’t posted since Dec.6.

You’ll remember that Evo had gone to Cuba to attend to some medical issues on Dec. 7, and was quoted as saying that it was only a temporary visit.  El Pais had reported that Cuba was not Morales’ final destination. They claimed the politician is looking forward to settling down in Argentina once the nation’s newly elected President Alberto Fernandez is sworn into office next Tuesday.

In defense of socialism, again

In my experience, the most confident and strident defenders of capitalism are the ones who know the least about socialism. I can't fully blame them for this because there is so much intentional misinformation, as well as suppressed information, that it takes a herculean effort to get a more accurate viewpoint.
This essay is a follow-up to this previous one.

Bolivia: Socialism Success Story

Venezuela is collapsing. There is no denying that.
Since their government is socialist, their collapse must be because of socialism. Or so we are told.

Once you accept that premise, Bolivia must also be collapsing too because they are also socialist.
Right-wing sources have already announced Bolivia's collapse.

Prelude. Short Video, the Revolution in Bolivia 2003.

This is what a Non-Violent Revolution Looks Like. Non-Violent on our part anyway, not the neoliberal state's. I would like everyone to note the bravery of Bolivianos in the face of fire and what can be accomplished through unity of the pueblo (the people).

Leaving the US in the dust

Lest you be an ardent believer in American Exceptionalism one should take note that some countries are leaving the US in the dust when it comes to human rights advances.

Bolivian Justice Minister Virginia Velasco Condori on Wednesday announced new policy which will allow transgender people to register legal documents using their new identities.

The policy is not perfect.

People who want to alter their name and sex on official identity documents must apply to the Ministry of Justice where a "psychological examination will be held to approve the process.

--Velasquez Condori

But it is light years ahead of the US, which has no federal policy on transgender people whatsoever.