Woot! Socialist Solidarity via KawsachunNews

First, Evo, Arce, & Castillo:

I'd also seen a Tweet concerning a CongressCritter (?) in Florida calling for the US bombing of Cuba, but I haven't been able to locate it gain.

For Cubanos, Buena Vista Social Club's 'Chan Chan':

Chan Chan is a song that has great meaning for Cuban music history. It is written in 1987, and was one of Buena Vista Social Clubs last songs. The lyrics describe a couple, Chan Chan and Juanica, who go to the beach to build their house out of sand, and as they collect it, Juanica shakes the sifter and Chan Chan is aroused.

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the CIA didn't slip in with guns blazin'.
It is great to see those countries joining their efforts to help each other. And to help CUBA, the enemy that never was.

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@on the cusp

too corrupt an oligarch (as was her father), thus even a bridge too far for the OAS and its cia cut-outs. but evo in peru??

As expected, Evo’s arrival in Peru has generated anger among Lima’s elites. Jorge Montoya, a far-right congressman, and former Navy Admiral said on Wednesday, “I reject the presence of Evo Morales in our country and I question the government for allowing his interference in our politics, the only thing they achieve is more political crisis than what they have already sown.”

Following the elections in Peru, Montoya joined marches by retired military officials which called for a coup to prevent Pedro Castillo from assuming the presidency.

but this is all a welcome breath of Anti-imperialist solidarity, and at just the right time for me to breathe again.

evo wanting to learn to make ceviche caused me ask mr. wd if there were still any of the lime juice ice cubes i'd made when limes were ten for amerikan dollar not long ago down cellar in the freezer. fish 'cooking' in lime juice is a treat beyond compare.

well said, amiga!

And to help CUBA, the enemy that never was.

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just live their lives as they choose? That's all I want. That's all it should be. Is peace coming? Continue breathing.


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"The “jumpers” reminded us that one day we will all face only one choice and that is how we will die, not how we will live." Chris Hedges on 9/11

@Raggedy Ann the lithium of Bolivia, the lumber of Brazil, so we must spread democracy, capitalism, end socialism, and continue the theft of someone else's treasure.

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@Raggedy Ann

undoubtedly go on, especially among the elites in all now decolonized socialist nations. reverencing the privatization of vast mineral resources for one thing, as on the cusp mentioned. rare earth metals, gold, silver, as well as 'black gold, texas tea' in the north.

but yes, let's continue to breathe on behalf of long-beleaguered classes. did you watch the dancers at the end of evo's 'gracias' tweet?

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'reversing the pink tide' better, but here is popular resistance's oeuvre on nicaragua. i remember that zeese (RIPower) and margaret flowers had traveled their several times.

one is: Sandinista Nicaragua, More Dignified And Victorious Than Ever
, By Carlos Fonseca Terán, Tortilla Con Sal.

Nicaragua Is In The News Again.

But Not For Being One Of The Countries With The Greatest Reduction In Poverty And Social Inequality Worldwide Since 2007 (Poverty By Half, Extreme Poverty By A Third, And Going From Being The Fourth Most Unequal Country To Being The Fourth Least Unequal In Latin America).

Nor is Nicaragua news for being the country with the highest level of direct ownership of the means of production by the working class in the Western Hemisphere (more than 50% of GDP and nearly 80% of economic units); nor for being one of the countries in the world that has most reduced illiteracy in the same period of time (from 35% to 3
%); or for being one of the countries with the largest increase in per capita investment in health (from U$32 to U$70) and with the largest reduction in infant mortality (from 29 to 11.4 per 1,000 live births).

Nicaragua is not news for being the country in the world that has most reduced the gender gap (from 90th to 12th), the country with the highest presence of women in its cabinet (58.82%), as well as having the fourth highest presence of women in the legislative branch (48.4%) and being the country that most radically applies the criterion of gender equity across its social policies.

good night, all; dream of a better more equitable world if you can.

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