Shocking new report: Bombing people causes people to hate you

You better sit down for this one because it will blow your mind.
You are probably aware that we on a global quest to rid the world of Evil, one smart-bomb at a time. Yet, for some strange reason, every place that we bomb Evil into oblivion seems to become more messed up than before.
You would think that our humanitarian mass killing would make the world a better place, but for some reason it never seems to happen.

Songs About War -- Vietnam Edition

Hecate's posting of Donovan's "Universal Soldier" in the republished essay Too Many Dogs put this topic in mind.

I'm not thinking of your standard battle songs here -- no "Over There", no "Battle Hymn of the Republic", no "Star Spangled Banner". I'm thinking more of songs from an anti-war, or at least anti-glorification of war perspective.