Healthcare Action Daily: Ryan Repubadems to let 20,000 die

After reading BigAl's healthcare related essay yesterday did a little digging as this is a big issue for me. We have had to pay out around $15,000-20,000 out of savings in the last 5 years as opposed to over $120,000 had we had no coverage. Jakkalbessie and I both had big hospital events and extended treatment since we retired 12 years ago, and would have been bankrupt by now without our shitty teacher retirement healthcare that now has it's funding in question at the state level.

2016 and Beyond (Of human relationships and motivation to action)

There may be several reasons why humans are only capable of having personal, (and not simply casual), stable and interactive relationships with a maximum of about 150 people at any given time. And while Dunbar correlates this to primate physiology (brain size), my own personal belief is that it's a matter of Psychic Survival.