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You don't have to be on a computer to get hacked

Computer-like devices are everywhere these days. We often don't even realize that they are computers, and that's why computer security isn't all that important to us. More importantly, security isn't important to the large corporations making those products either.
For instance, luxury cars:

The hazard of backing the Kurds

Of all the belligerents in the current middle east conflict, the Kurds are the easiest to sympathize with and understand.
Their political parties are usually the most progressive of the region, sometimes dramatically more progressive.

So what's the harm in backing them? Simple put, all of the neighboring countries distrust the Kurds.

When the barrier of color was broken down

"Never in the history of the world was such an exhibition, where with all the prejudices existing against the black man, when the white wage-earners of New Orleans would sacrifice their means of livelihood to defend and protect their colored fellow workers. With one fell swoop the economic barrier of color was broken down."
- AFL leader Samuel Gompers

The Great Strike Wave of 1946

[The 1946 coal strike] is the most momentous event in the country's peacetime history."
- Evansville Courier, 1946

When most people think of labor unrest in America they think of the 1930's, or the various major strikes of the 19th Century. The fact is that no year, before or since, saw so many strikes, and such a large percentage of people on strike, or so many industries effected by strikes, as 1946.
Never before had labor unions flexed so much muscle.


When they started to make M*A*S*H*, I thought, "Good. Bob got a little break there. He'll deliver this film, put a few bucks in his pocket, and get out of debt."

I go out to the set, it was like the third day, and there he is with this picture of the Last Supper in his hand, and he's laughing at it.

I'm thinking, "Jesus, now it's going to be blasphemy, and they won’t want to release it."

Latin America Winning The War Against The War on Drugs

Most people know that 23 states have legal medical marijuana and four states have legal recreational marijuana (Ohio will vote on legal pot this November).
What most people don't know is that Central and South American countries, the ones who have suffered the most violence from drug prohibition, are moving far ahead of us in the fight to end this costly and losing war.

Greetings earthlings; I come in peace.

A couple folks noticed the camera in my avatar and made the mistake of asking me if I'd mind sharing a few of my photos. They only had to twist my arm a little bit. I'm new to the site and probably not known by many here so thought that a photo essay might it be a pretty good way of introducing myself to those who don't know me.

Interrupting the 1 percent's 5 Billion Dollar Spectacle - some thoughts about #BLM and progressives

As the brewhaha about #BLM interrupting Bernie, Hillary and now even Jeb has been going on, I've been thinking about #BLM's tactics and considering that it is time for the pr