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To the Clintonistas...

I'm certain there are more than a few supporters of Hillary Clinton lurking here at Caucus99. I've no idea if some of you have tried to join this site and been declined, or whether you haven't deigned to engage at C99 yet. If it were up to me, I'd allow such memberships without hesitation and give you a chance to state your case without rancor. Surely you have a case to make... but I've yet to encounter anything beyond Brockian spin and boilerplate lists of Sec.


[Hello, all. I've finally made the jump to join this community, and am very happy to see it prospering with so many wonderful folks. I'd like to republish my last post on DK, in case I'm banned and it becomes inaccessible. It was originally posted on January 31st. Something tells me it might be worth reconsulting at some point. A few minor edits are included.]

TSA Institutionalizes discrimination against trans folk

The Transportation Security Administration has identified the greatest danger to your travel: it's us transgender people.

TSA officials announced a new (and they say, final) rule that sets forth the discrimination we are due and you should be be safer with.

The rule implements the widespread use of body-scan technology which requires a TSA agent to choose a pink or blue button based on the perceived gender of the person traveling through U.S. airports. Transgender people, as a result of the policy’s gender bias, are stopped by TSA agents and forced to undergo pat downs and inspections of genital areas and chests.

Hellraisers Journal: "Fantine in Our Day" by Eugene Debs from the International Socialist Review

While there is a lower class, I am in it,
while there is a criminal element, I am of it,
and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.
-Eugene Victor Debs

Monday March 6, 1916
From the International Socialist Review: Comrade Debs on the Fantines of Our Day

From this month's edition of the Review, Comrade Debs urges class solidarity and human compassion for the "girls, women who have walked the path of thorns and briers with bare and bleeding feet; who know the ways of agony and tears, and who move in melancholy procession as capitalist society's sacrificial offering to nameless and dishonored graves."



Fantine kneeling before Javert.png

THE reader of "Les Miserables" can never forget the ill-starred Fantine, the mournful heroine of Hugo's immortal classic. The very name of Fantine, the gay, guileless, trusting girl, the innocent, betrayed, self-immolating young mother, the despoiled, bedraggled, hunted and holy martyr to motherhood, to the infinite love of her child, touches to tears and haunts the memory like a melancholy dream.

Jean Valjean, noblest of heroes, was possible only because of Fantine, sublimest of martyrs.

Fantine—child of poverty and starvation—the ruined girl, the abandoned mother, the hounded prostitute, remained to the very hour of her tragic death chaste as a virgin, spotless as a saint in the holy sanctuary of her own pure and undefiled soul. It was of such as Fantine that Heine wrote: "I have seen women on whose cheeks red vice was painted and in whose hearts dwelt heavenly purity."

This Party is Split

I have come to believe that the American Electorate is clearly splitting its parties, and we as the party of the 99% have an auspicious opportunity to affect generations to come.

The 2016 Democratic Primary, whatever its outcome, is spawning a party in places such as this. We no longer need newspapers for our information. We no longer tune into the mainstream media. We are not listening to them.

A celebration of smiley7

This is a celebration of smiley7, who has long been a friend of mine. We're blog brothers. He's a seriously good guy, as many of you know. Some scoff at the closeness such communion can bring, but not I.

I’m with Pierre.

“There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.”

Soldiers Are Not Assets, War Not A Game

If there's ONE topic that has been treated with a complete lack of respect in this presidential campaign, it's that of war. We have one party who thinks that the solution to political problems is to rain fire from the heavens like an avenging god, and another who thinks the same thing but likes to pretend that it doesn't really count if the body bags aren't on TV.


As for Cruz winning, I'm more scared of him than Trump.

Honestly, was Bernie supposed to win Kansas? I was TOLD today would be another bad day for results, and I know that there are other states where there is an expected less than favorable outcome. But hey, right on Kansas!

An Open Letter to Daily Kos Admin...

I'm hesitant to publish this.

On the one hand, although the genesis of C99 is at DKos and many or most of us found our way here from there, if C99 becomes just another in a dreary series of places to vent about the foibles and mismanagement of DKos, Caucus99 can never succeed... or at any rate, never succeed in an interesting and politically valuable way.

Dropping in

hey berners, fellow ostracized kossacks and like minded humans! its good to be in the company of people who just want to make the world a better place.
when you realize that you have unplugged from the matrix it is hard to watch and listen to those so wrapped up in the web of deceit. it is great to see you all.

I am here to see what this is all about

I have over 900 diaries on Daily Kos, many highly recommended. I came here to stay in touch with comrades who left there recently. As a charter member of DSA I am a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders. Coincidentally we were both at the University of Chicago in the early 1960s and involved in the same causes.