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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

It is an anachronism. It belongs to the era before computers. It is a fountain pen made by Parker. The body is gray-green with a silver top and a clip in a faded gold tone. If you look on the base you can barely see the engraved name of "Jack Wilson." The pen is so old it doesn't take cartridges. You fill it from a bottle of ink. This pen is a part of history. It belonged to my Dad.

Local Resilience: Transition Town Totnes - the model for local sustainability

Here is some information on the original Transition Town, Totnes in England, taken from their website
Thanks to gulfgal for the transition town topic on this week's Wednesday OT.
I made four topic extracts:
1. Local Currency
2. Local Skills
3. Local Economy
4. Local Food
Please see more below.

Panama and WhichHillary

Lots of commentary has been devoted to HRC's flurry of flip-flops, one that could easily fill one of Imelda Markos's shoe closets. However, there are other questionable aspects of HRC's behavior unrelated to flip-flops. One aspect is her plan for HRC's policies on Wall Street Reform. On TOP there is an excellent pro-Hillary diary by Ollie Garchie. Unlike many anti-Hillary stories and pro-Hillary diaries "over there", the "tone" of OG's diary is laudable, factual and almost compelling.

Saudi Arabia – Religious, Extremist Ideology – Former Secretary Hillary Clinton

Wow, I've known for a long time these cats (Saudi's) were not my favorite, and that the US has a deal with them to insure OPEC maintains the PetroDollar in exchange for military support. There's a lot of “bad” shit, as it were, I've know about this government, which I'll not detail here, but I do want to provide some information I've come across you might be interested in.

Of course I would be remiss, if I didn't provide the obligatory slam against Mrs. Clinton, so here goes.

On Hillary's "Qualifications"

Oh, I think she is uniquely qualified to continue the direction the country has been taking since Reagan.

Aggressive and interventionist, tick.

Giving the wealth of the land to the few, tick

Ignoring climate change, tick.

On the wrong side of nearly every important issue that most Americans support, tick, until the issue cannot be denied any longer at least.

The ultimate DC insider, tick.

Kansas increases its sucking

Once upon a time, I lived in Kansas. At the time the governor was Bob Dole. I was stationed at Fort Leavenworth and worked at the United States Disciplinary Barracks.

To the present:

The Brownback administration has decided that it will not be sufficient to require that transgender people be forced to use the restroom that accords with the sex listed on their birth certificate...since currently one could have the gender changed on a Kansas birth certificate by presenting medical documentation that displays that an anatomical or physiological change has occurred.