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Do You Feel like a Slave?

"At what stage between one and nine, did this become something other than the tale of a slave?"
Robert Nozick

I read an article by Peter Koenig last night, "Slavehood 2017". It's a good rant. I'm seeing more of the alternative writers I've discovered and followed over the years, plus new ones, going on good rants, rants AGAINST THE POWER, telling it like it is, not circling the edges with political bullshit.

Where Is the Support in the Left Media for the #DNCFraudLawsuit? Say It Ain't So - Both Thomas Frank and TYT Panel Shirk From Standing With DNC Collusion and Fraud Issues. Where Are Our Allies?

With the #DNCFraudLawsuit Gaining Momentum, Where Are The Left Journalists Covering Electoral Fraud/Voter Suppression/DNC Collusion of The Rigged the Dem Primary?/Loads of Evidence of Documented Foul Play, Here's Just Some From New York and Chicago/If Elections Are the Foundation of Democracy, Then Where Are We As A Country When They're Proven To Be Corrupted?

As the political waters become murkier and murkier, in most every direction at the moment, it becomes more and more incumbent on us to be ever vigilant citizen watchdogs and journalists. We must watch closely those who we we're inclined to think of as allies.

France threatens criminal charges against media.

French media have been warned not to publish content from any emails allegedly hacked from presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron's campaign team, to prevent the outcome of the vote being influenced.

It comes after Mr Macron's team said it has been the target of a "massive and coordinated" hacking attack ahead of Sunday's presidential runoff.

France's presidential election commission also said it could be criminal offence to republish any campaign data.

French law is by no mean absolutist when it comes to protecting free speech, but this appears to be a much bigger step in the wrong direction. Even so, I can't help thinking that all this government attention shone on the Macron leaks is self defeating.

(This could leave a mark:) ‘Shattered,’ Book About Clinton Campaign, May Become TV Series

‘Shattered,’ Book About Clinton Campaign, May Become TV Series

A new book about Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald J. Trump in the presidential election could be heading to the small screen.

The origins of the Democratic Party's and USA's looming catastrophe

It is becoming a constant struggle to combat despondency, as I watch USA Democratic Party leaders shuck and jive, wriggle and squirm, to avoid having to accept any responsibility for their disastrous and destructive neoliberal economic policies of the past half-century. It's a tragedy having Donald Trump as President, with reactionary Republicans in control of the House and Senate.

Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" Speech, With Accompanying Video That Reflects the Essence of Occupy and C99.

Just finished watching the PBS film "The Last Laugh," and was piqued to watch the Chaplin film in its entirety for the first time tonight. The reason I'm aware of the speech is because it went viral during Occupy and it moved me deeply. I see it again as being pretty much a perfect video for these times, and for the C99 family to relish and take inspiration from.