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Hellraisers Journal: Ban on Mother Jones in Forsyth County Aimed at "Women Agitators For Anything!"

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Thursday February 8, 1906
Winston-Salem, North Carolina: Forsyth County Puts the Ban on Mother Jones

The Charlotte Daily Observer of February 6th reported the news:

Mother Jones, Miners Angel .jpg

Forsyth Commissioners Put Ban on
"Mother Jones."

Special to The Observer.

Winston-Salem, Feb. 5.-The county commissioners, in session to-day, declined to grant an application for "Mother Jones" to speak in the court house Friday and Saturday, on the ground that the board is "opposed to the court house being used for continual agitation of socialism."

[Photograph added.]

Guy McPherson and Near Term Extinction

Sorry that I have not been around. I am battling a severe episode of ME/CFS.

This won't be much of an essay, but I have discovered another climate scientist who is stating that we have passed the point of no return. I have been noticing that I discover a new scientist/activist who explains we are past the point of controlling climate change about every eight weeks.

Trans boy suspending for using the boys room in South Carolina

It's South Carolina, so don't expect a happy ending.

When the boy, who wishes to remain anonymous, began transitioning when he was in middle school, girls complained that there was a boy in their bathroom. So he was allowed to use the boys room. He did that for three years without incident.

Then the boy moved on to Socastee High School. Again, no problem for three years.

One day a male teacher was leaving the boys restroom while the boy was entering.

No word on what the hell the adult teacher was doing in the boys room.

He must’ve looked at his records and saw the sex on his records because that’s the only way he could’ve known.

--the boy's mother

Instead of the teacher being told by the administration to butt out, the boy was called in to the office and told he must use the girls bathroom or go to the nurse's office.

If he started using the girl’s bathroom in 12th grade, it’s going to create a problem. I felt like that would be dangerous.

Hellraisers Journal: No Bloodshed as Clifton-Morenci Strike Ends-"Most Remarkable Strike in History"

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Monday February 7, 1916
From the Chicago Day Book: Clifton-Morenci Strike in Arizona Is Settled

From Day Book of February 4th:


Clifton Morenci Strike of 1915, WFM local & national leaders, .png
National & local leaders of the Western Federation of Miners.
Back row, 2nd & 3rd from left: Charles Moyer-WFM President,
& Henry McCluskey-Organizer for Miami Local 70.
Front row from left, John Murray, Canuto Vargas, Pascual Vargas, Luis Soto.

Hellraisers Journal: Not a Crime to Murder a Union Organizer under Colorado's "Justice" System

Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.
-Mother Jones

Sunday February 6, 1916
From the United Mine Workers Journal: John M. O'Neil on Colorado Justice

From the Journal of February 3rd:

The Triumph of Law and Order"

(By John M. O'Neil.)
Gerald Lippiatt.jpg
Gerald Lippiatt (Center), Union Organizer & Martyr

Nearly all the daily journals of the State of Colorado have frequently attempted to defend the fair name of the State and have declared that it was only the pen of the muck-raker that has traduced the reputation of a commonwealth whose people believed in the majesty of the law. The "kept press" has howled with indignation when men, permeated with the spirit of justice, have raised their voice in denunciation of wrong garbed in the veneer of law and order.

Or here's another outcome:

Clinton wins by cornering the market on superdelegates, Sanders concedes, and the Sanderistas decide that "real" socialism isn't worth their time because the "real" socialists, i.e. the sectarians, are too hung up on doctrinal purity. Maybe they'll vote for Clinton or maybe they'll write in Sanders or maybe they'll stay home or something like that.

"Another case of the governor not following the law"

Gov. Paul LePage has ordered the Maine Human Rights Commission and state's the Department of Education to cease issuing rules protecting transgender students.

Schools instead are being given guidelines that lack the force of law.

LePage spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett said LePage has read the court decision and believes it requires the Legislature to take action, and that new rules are not required.

Hellraisers Journal: Gunthug Walter Belk Acquitted of Murder of UMWA Organizer Gerald Lippiatt

Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.
-Mother Jones

Saturday February 5, 1916
From the United Mine Workers Journal: Imported Gunthug Walter Belk Acquitted

From the Journal of February 3rd:

Justice Ravished

Gerald Lippiatt.jpg
Organizer Gerald Lippiatt, Center

In our last issue, commenting on the action of the miners' convention in pledging moral and financial support to the miners whom the men in power in the State of Colorado are attempting to condemn to felons' cells for daring to resist the oppression of the economic masters and their henchmen, their hired armies, we remarked that the counties of that State where the coal mines are located "were not ruled, but terrorized."

In the last week we have had further proof of the truth of that statement.

Walter Belk, imported from West Virginia to Colorado and there employed because of his reputation as a mankiller who could be depended upon to use his ready gun any time in the service of those who would pay him his price, was acquitted, on the instruction of the judge on the bench to the jury, of the charge of killing Gerald Lippiatt, union organizer, on the streets of Trinidad just before the opening of the strike in Southern Colorado in the fall of 1913.

New Jersey transgender rights bill resurrected

A bill to allow transgender people born in New Jersey to change the sex listed on on their birth certificate without being required to have undergone surgery rises for the third time today.

Though New Jersey has issued changed birth certificates to residents who undergo sex reassignment surgery since the nineteen-eighties, those who do not want or cannot afford surgery have no recourse. A new version of the bill goes to the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee Thursday.

Hellraisers Journal: Child Suicides from Overwork, May Beals Reproves Church of Mine & Mill Owners

Even capitalism cannot grind profits out of a dead child.
-May Beals

Sunday February 4, 1906
From the Montana News: Mary Beals on Child Suicide and Heartless Churches

child labor 3 girls.jpg

Readers of Hellraisers might remember a story from the Montana News, written by May Beals, about the suicide of a young cotton mill worker who was too worn out from her labors to go on living. The child sought the sure rest of the grave where her slumbers could not be interrupted by the factory whistle blowing at an early hour. That was a fictional story, but, in a letter to the News, Miss Beals claims that suicides among children who labor in the mines and mills are increasing, especially obvious in France where statistics on child suicide are available.

Writes Miss Beals:

Notice that it is "poor children"—the disinherited—who have no share in the earth, who take themselves out of it. Some good people say that the rapid increase in France is due to the spread of free thought—the decay of religion.

If the function of religion is to hold children in a life of torment, that nothing else can force them to endure, the sooner it decays the better. Truly religion is worth more to the masters than either the constable or the hangman if he can keep the children alive while they are being despoiled. Even capitalism cannot grind profits out of a dead child.

Exploring Compromised NGOs, Part I


Frida Kahlo’s The Wounded Table

During the epic kerfuffle over Mark Ames (Pando Press) having reported on Pierre Omidyar’s financial support of the US-backed putsch in Kyiv back in 2014, and referenced in JP Sottile’s ‘Things are getting weird at First Look Media’, I was astonished that a large part of the commentariat at (then) Firedoglake was so gullible as to the actual nature of so many of the NGOs such as Centre UA, USAID, and NED (National Endowment for Democracy).  In spaces between writing other diaries, I collected information on the latter two, but never spun my findings into a post.

Stormi pwns bigot

 photo stormi_zpsermrfcft.jpgStormi is a Girl Scout. She lives in Herrin, IL. When she tried to make a cookie sale to one of her neighbors, he told her,

Nobody wants to buy cookies from a boy in a dress.

You see, Stormi is transgender. She joined the Scouts last fall.

It made me sad, because I’m a girl.


She immediately wanted to go home, said Kim. She cried when she got home.

Stormi was put into foster care and placed with Kim three years ago through an emergency placement plan. She told Kim she wanted to donate cookies to other kids in foster care.

WE NEVER FORGET: The Youngstown Massacre of January 7, 1916

Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.
-Mother Jones

Candle Flame for We Never Forget.png


George Get-23
Robert Davis-24
Unknown Worker



January 7, 1916
Youngstown Steel Strike of 1915-16, Capitalist Violence, ISR Feb 1916.png

DoD proposes new rule on transgender healthcare

Preparatory to ending the ban on transgender military service, which is expected to happen this Spring, the Department of Defense has proposed a new rule in regard to TRICARE benefit coverage.

This proposed rule seeks to comprehensively update TRICARE mental health and substance use disorder benefits, consistent with earlier Department of Defense and Institute of Medicine recommendations, current standards of practice in mental health and addiction medicine, and our governing laws. The Department of Defense remains intently focused on ensuring the mental health of our service members and their families, as this continues to be a top priority. The Department is also working to further de-stigmatize mental health treatment and expand the ways by which our beneficiaries can access authorized mental health services. This proposed regulatory action is in furtherance of these goals and imperative in order to eliminate requirements that may be viewed as barriers to medically necessary and appropriate mental health services.

Hellraisers Journal: How Capitalists' Gunmen Broke Loose in Youngstown, Three Rebel Workers Dead

You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age.
Put on your fighting clothes.
-Mother Jones

Wednesday February 2, 1916
From the International Socialist Review: A Report on the Youngstown Massacre

This month's edition of the Review offers an overview of the Youngstown Massacre:

Youngstown Steel Strike of 1915-16, Capitalist Violence, ISR Feb 1916.png

Capitalist Violence at Youngstown


A GANG of gunmen broke loose in Youngstown, Ohio, on the night of January 7. When they got through with the paid job they came to Youngstown to do, three union workingmen were dead, twenty more labor rebels had bullet wounds on their bodies, and somewhere over $1,000,000 worth of property lay smoking in ruins.

Not a life was lost nor a bullet gash received by the enemies of labor, according to reports so far arriving. Of the $1,000,000 and more property destroyed practically all was owned by somebody else than the big steel sheet and tube works, whose workers were on strike.

Look at it. Three working class rebels are dead, murdered by hired gunmen. Who paid the gunmen and where did they come from and what were their orders? Nobody is telling. The one certainty is the dead are dead.

Minnesota Mother sues her employer for insurance coverage of her son

 photo tovar_zpsgn5elx4b.jpgBrittany Tovar works as a nurse practitioner for Essentia Health at Essentia's hospital in Ada, MN. As such, she and her family are supposedly insured under Essentia's medical insurance provider, HealthPartners.

At least that's what she thought until she sought medical care for her transgender son, Reid Tovar Olson.

I was really disappointed with my employer. It's hard coming to work, and my employer considers my son a second-class citizen.

So Tovar has filed suit in federal court.

Hellraisers Journal: God Almighty wants me to live long enough to raise hell with you. -Mother Jones

“God Almighty wants me to live long enough to raise hell with
you and make a man out of you instead of a thief.”
-Mother Jones to a West Virginia mine owner.

Tuesday February 1, 1916
Indianapolis, Indiana - Mother Jones Addresses Convention of United Mine Workers, Part II

Yesterday's Hellraisers presented part one of the speech delivered by Mother Jones during Saturday's afternoon session of the United Mine Workers Convention, now coming to a close in the city of Indianapolis. Today we are pleased to present part two of her speech wherein we hear her response to a mine owner who longs for her death.

Mother Jones Speaks to United Mine Workers Convention, Part II
January 29, 1916, in Indianapolis, Indiana
Mother Jones UMWJ, Jan 21, 1915.png

You have made more progress in government, boys, in the last three years than you had made in 125 years prior to that. We have got more recognition in the last three years than in all that time. The Secretary of Labor, who is a member of the President's cabinet, was in Pennsylvania when the strike at Arnot took place. That was before the anthracite strike. I was sent for and went there. The men were going to work next morning. I addressed a meeting that afternoon. Nobody went to work next morning, but I was thrown out of the hotel at eleven o'clock at night—I was an undesirable citizen. I went up the mountain. I saw a light and kept crawling up until I got there. When I got to the house a man there said, “Did they put you out of the hotel?” I said, “Yes, but I will put them out before I get through with them.”

The president of District No. 2 worked day and night and gave ail he had to that strike. One night I sat in W. B. Wilson's house. He was there with his feet bare. About eleven o'clock at night we were talking about a move I was going to make when a knock came on the door. Wilson opened it. I left the room. Three men came in, sat down and discussed the strike. One of them said, “Say, Wilson, we can make it twenty or twenty-five thousand dollars if you go away and let this fight fall to pieces. You can take the old woman with you.”

2016: Number 1

 photo Loera_zpsmyqfplfn.jpgMonica Loera was shot and killed on her front doorstep on January 22.

Although police have made an arrest in the case and a suspect has been charged, there’s been no public acknowledgement of her death or the community that has been further traumatized in its wake. And that’s wrong.

Reading the arrest affidavit or local news reports about the death, you’d have no idea that the victim was a transgender woman. The wild curls and wide grins from her Facebook page – and above all else, her chosen name – have been omitted to a staggering degree. Instead Loera has been described using her birth name and masculine pronouns.

--Nina Hernandez, Austin Chronicle