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This situation (with the NV DNC) is an attempt to deter Berners and poison the well against super delegates. Stand up and call lies "Lies."

Look, responding in a defensive manner to the patently absurd claims being made right now against Sanders delegates (not supporters, but elected DELEGATES) in NV is the wrong tack to take. It legitimizes the MYTH that there was any violence at the NV convention, which there was not. The Casinos are all under 24-hour surveillance, for one thing. For another thing, there are thousands of eye-witness accounts and tons of videos that show nothing of the sort.

Liberals introduce pro-transgender legislation

Did you know that today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (sometimes known as IDAHOT)?

Canadian legislators did.

The Canadian government, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has introduced a bill today that will protect transgender people from discrimination.

Everyone deserves to live free of stigma, persecution and discrimination — no matter who they are or whom they love.

Today is about ensuring that all people — regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity — feel safe and secure and empowered to freely express themselves.


My comment for Kos’s hate-filled screed against Bernie supporters.

Kos's latest temper tantrum compares Bernie supporters to Trump supporters. My response:


May 17 · 01:07:16 PM
You now border on farce, Markos.

So much for “unity” from you and this place.

Time for the UN Monitors?

How does one contact the United Nations and get taken seriously enough to want to help us ensure fair elections?

Because this has become unacceptable. In my estimation, after this weekend's shenanigans, waiting until the convention in Philadelphia is too late. Bernie Sanders cannot handle this task and campaign at the same time. It is up to US to get the ball rolling.

A Time for Mourning

The following is the comment I posted to the article that follows:

Journalism and truth died and someone forgot to tell me. I have a degree in journalism, and would have attended the funeral. For Truth, probably not. It has been ailing for a very long time in US America. Politicians killed it with a very slow poison. Still, sad to see it go completely.

You blinked and missed one of the biggest bubbles in history

China has seen some pretty dramatic bubbles in recent years, many of which have yet to pop, such as real estate.
The Chinese stock market bubble that peaked and crashed last summer comes to mind.

However, the craziness has only gotten more and more extreme. This time it was the commodities market that went bonkers.

Why is Clinton campaigning so hard in Kentucky?

I am a political junkie and watch everything that is going on regarding the overall campaigns- am I an expert no, but work to educate myself on the current events. Therefore, I have a question for you all, why is Hillary campaigning so hard in Kentucky? Last week she dropped $180,000 (I think this number is correct) on ads, all her advocates, Bill and her have been campaigning exclusively in Kentucky during the last several days- why?

Bathroom Incidents

So, there has been an incident in the Charlotte-Mecklenberg School District.

A trans boy who is a student at Olympic High School had to use the restroom. The school district has plans for a designated facility, but it is not ready yet, so the trans students used the boy's restroom. As the student pulled his pants down to use the toilet, a cisgender student walked in on him.

That student saw the image and immediately walked out.

Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones Found at Home in the Hearts of the American People.

My address is like my shoes.
It travels with me.
I abide where there is a fight against wrong.
-Mother Jones

Tuesday May 16, 1916
From The Arizona Republican: A Letter Forwarded For Mother Jones

Mother Mary Harris Jones, Text: Please Find Her, AZ Repbn, May 16, 1916.png

Anti-Capitalist Meetup: A Mission of Unity

This group piece is cross-posted from a special group collective piece begun and posted by the wonderful UnaSpenser, an Anti-Capitalist Meetup administrator at TOP. The introduction and first contributor portion are by UnaSpenser. After her leading portion are the contributions of other Anti-Capitalist Meetup group administrators who were able to participate. We hope you will join us if this is your cup of tea every Sunday night at 6 pm Eastern Time.

Jim Crow

NC Gov. Pat McCrory was interviewed on NPR the other day and managed to express the idea that passage of Hate Bill 2 was the fault of transgender people.

If we had not pushed for equal rights and access to public accommodations, then conservative forces would not have been forced to take them away from us.

He and other conservatives were also vehemently upset over AG Loretta Lynch's comparison of the current state of affairs to Jim Crow.

Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones: "I try to go, wherever there is a chance for a good fight against high-class burglars."

I try to go, wherever there is a chance for a good fight
against high-class burglars, and I am kept
pretty busy most of the time.
-Mother Jones

Monday May 15, 1916
Chanute, Kansas - Mother Jones Passing Through on Way to Kansas City

Mother Mary Harris Jones, Chanute KS, May 13, 1916.png

In this primary Stalin's quote is true, "Those who cast the votes decide nothing.Those who count the votes decide everything."

I did not not think they would lose their composure so quickly but they muist be willing to risk it. Nevada was the turning point I think.

The tactics used there foretell what is coming. Look for it to get much worse. They fear the massive turn out expected at the Philadelphia convention and will make it clear that you go there at your own risk.

Ploughshares into swords

If you were paying attention tonight ( and this morning, it was a loooong day) you had the terrifying privilege of watching democracy be stolen. Not gently. Not with the slow drain of disenfranchisement, nor the creeping hand in a ballot box.
It was public. It was on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Periscope and god knows where else. It was blatent. It was shameless.
Nevada showed that are our fears are justified. Our anger is justified.

Chelsea Clinton got paid $600k by NBC.....for nearly nothing.


I'm not sure WaPo would let anyone run the story nowadays. It's too hard-hitting on someone other than Trump, who is beefing with Jeff Bezos/WaPo (New reality show? BATTLE OF THE BILLIONAIRES!)