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The Future of the Bernie Movement and the Political Revolution

Good article by Harold Meyerson on future possibilities created by the Sanders campaign for president. I wanted to share it here.

Her's a quick part. Don't know how to do quotes here. I'll learn.

"The Long March of Bernie’s Army
Where it came from; where it’s headed.


How Much did it Cost Hillary to Buy the Endorsement of the Mayor of Flint, MI?

On January 19th, Mayor Karen Weaver endorsed Hillary Clinton. This was certainly beneficial to Clinton, because though she lost the state of Michigan to Bernie, she won Genesee County, which includes Flint.

Want More And Better [Real] Progressives? We Can Do That.

cherche da lucre arose out of this comment. It will be a project designed to identify all candidates' donation money sources, right down (eventually) to city councilperson levels. For a start, the project will try to set up for federal and state/territory legislative/judiciary offices.

2016 Global Temps Send Shockwaves Through Climate Scientists

Hi Folks, I've been away. (You've all been real busy here! w00t!) Only to return with shocking news on global temperature records in 2016. You may well ask, "WTF, G! We're not even three months into 2016 and winter just ended last week (although tell that to the Great Lakes region, eh)?"
Well, dear friends, it is pretty bad. How bad? See more below.

Hellraisers Journal: President Charles Moyer Very Ill in Solitary Confinement in Ada County Jail

There are no limits to which powers of privilege will not go
to keep the workers in slavery.
-Mother Jones

Saturday March 24, 1906
Boise, Idaho - Wife of Charles Moyer Believes He May Die in Ada County Jail

The Lapdogs of Mars (DMW TOP Salvage)

Dear Media,

Shall we start a war? How easily you ask that question.

Do you realize what you are asking? Do you have any idea? No, you do not, because it will not personally affect you. You might get some more ratings out of it. You might get an award for talking about it. You might get paid for your memories of the event that you watched through heavy glass.

Allow me, to explain to you, what you are asking.

When Leaders Reach the Right Conclusions For the Wrong Reasons

I have noticed recently that a fundamental economic principle, ROI (Return on Investment) is fast becoming the underpinning of our national political and legislative debate. Simply put: Anything that provides a good return on investment is a thing worth doing, anything that doesn't provide a good return is not.

That leads us to our first question - Good return for who?