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Happy Mothers Day!

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I think it is time to birth a new nation. America is broken, a Zionist warmongering hegemon that is in free fall. Sadly I don't see a way to politically save ourselves. I think the sons and daughters of this dysfunctional nation must take control of our own lives and live a better, more fulfilling life by escaping the system. I've included some different approaches below involving building community or going it alone. And then there's the news so we can keep track of the coming train wreck for the US.


There is a new world order being born by the Global Majority led by China and Russia.
Putin and China Issuing Stern Warning to the United States | Pepe Escobar (57 min)

Pepe defines it as NATOstan vs Eurasia

Startling mirror images swirl around two major developments this week directly inbuilt in the Grand Narrative that shapes my latest book, Eurasia v. NATOstan, recently published in the U.S.: Xi Jinping’s visit to Paris and the inauguration of Vladimir Putin’s new term in Moscow.

The short article is worth a full read.

Xi's Grand Chess Game: How China Outplays US in Europe

China experts told Sputnik that Chairman Xi Jinping's recent visit to Europe won't bring immediate changes but is part of Beijing's broader and long-term geopolitical strategy.
Will Xi Pry Europe From US?
Chinese President Xi Jinping concluded his five-day tour of Europe on Friday, having visited three countries: France, Hungary and Serbia. During the visit, Xi promoted China’s vision of a multipolar world and discussed economics and its relationship with Russia.
The visit to Europe by Xi, his first in five years, was designed to increase its global reach and give Europe an alternative to a US-led foreign policy that has dominated the continent for decades.

The genocide in Gaza is driving the world away from Israel and the US.

Israel has Lost the Global South and Continues Losing Much More | Pepe Escobar (40 min)

Evidently Turkey has stopped providing oil and other supplies to Israel.

The beast of ideology lifts the lid on transformation

The harsh, often violent, police repression of student protests across the U.S. and Europe, in wake of the continuing Palestinian massacres, exposes sheer intolerance towards those voicing condemnation against the violence in Gaza.
The category of ‘hate speech’ enacted into law has become so ubiquitous and fluid that criticism of the conduct of Israel’s behaviour in Gaza and the West Bank is now treated as a category of extremism and as a threat to the state. Confronted by criticism of Israel, the ruling élites respond by angrily lashing out.
Is there a boundary (still) between criticism and antisemitism? In the West the two increasingly are being made to cohere.
Today’s stifling of any criticism of Israel’s conduct – in blatant contradiction with any western claim to a values-based order – reflects desperation and a touch of panic. Those who still occupy the leadership slots of Institutional Power in the U.S. and Europe are compelled by the logic of those structures to pursue courses of action that are leading to ‘system’ breakdown, both domestically – and concomitantly – provoking the dramatic intensification of international tensions, too.

Excellent article by Alastair Crooke

The fictional antisemitism on campuses and around the country is being used as an excuse to deny citizens the rights of free speech and assembly.

One of the most frustrating things happening in the world right now is the way people of conscience are doing everything they can to bring a stop to Israel’s US-backed atrocities in Gaza, and Israel supporters are responding to this by pointing at an epidemic of “antisemitism” which has no existence outside their own imaginations — but we’re all expected to pretend it’s real and worthy of respect.

Jeff Sachs calls it a "Kind of Madness". You think?

Jeffrey Sachs: The War Parties and the November Election (29 min)

Wow! TPTB want to impeach Biden. Is it about his crime family and corruption around the world? Nooo.Biden faces impeachment over Israel weapons suspension
They are absolutely owned by the Zionists.

New US Antisemitism Law Turns Critics Against Israeli Genocide Into Criminals

On Wednesday May 1st, the House overwhelmingly passed the Antisemitism Awareness Act by a 320-91 vote, with only 21 Republicans joined by 70 Democrats against it. Expanding the scope of what is legally considered antisemitism, this is another bipartisan uniparty trap to ensnare the thousands of protesters exercising their free speech against the apartheid Israel’s extermination of Palestinians, in effect criminalizing those that are critical of the genocide. This is piece of legislation is a betrayal of our First Amendment rights and a betrayal of the American people, and a testimonial how AIPAC Israel through bribery and blackmail have turned our constitutional republic into a totalitarian technocratic police state.

The absolute control of the Zionists over the US government is staggering. Do you think it is bribery or belief? I lean toward both bribery and fear of retribution by the Zionists.

The One Video Israel Doesn't Want You To See (12 min)

I wonder if the house and Senate would label him as antisemitic?

Chris Hedges: The Nation’s Conscience

Screenshot 2024-05-12 at 05-43-55 Chris Hedges The Nation’s Conscience.png

The courageous stance of students across the country in defiance of genocide is accompanied by a near total blackout of their voices. Their words are the ones we most need to hear.
NEW YORK CITY: I am sitting on a fire escape across the street from Columbia University with three organizers of the Columbia University Gaza protest. It is night. New York City Police, stationed inside and outside the gates of the campus, have placed the campus on lockdown. There are barricades blocking streets. No one, unless they live in a residence hall on campus, is allowed to enter. The siege means that students cannot go to class. Students cannot go to the library. Students cannot enter the labs. Students cannot visit the university health services. Students cannot get to studios to practice. Students cannot attend lectures. Students cannot walk across the campus lawns. The university, as during the Covid pandemic, has retreated into the world of screens where students are isolated in their rooms.

And down we go into the vortex of empire collapse. We've brought our foreign wars home.

We have to look at news critically...

There is a reason TPTB are trying to cancel TikTok. Too many images of Israeli crimes and atrocities.

Maybe we should ask why are the students protesting?
Chris Hedges: Israel's Master Plan For Gaza Is Horrifying (6 min)

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who was a foreign correspondent for fifteen years for The New York Times, where he served as the Middle East Bureau Chief and Balkan Bureau Chief for the paper.

And then we have the mafia tactics by the Senate...


GOP Senators Threaten ICC: 'Target Israel and We Will Target You'
They even threaten their if that's not mafia tactics what is?
Will They Kill The ICC Prosecutor? (8 min)
Still not convinced that the Zionist own our government?

END OF US HEGEMONY: Multipolar World Order, Economic Decline & Failed Sanctions| Prof. Glenn Diesen (41 min)
In the interview, we discuss his recent book titled The Ukraine War and the Eurasian World Order. Specifically, Glenn and I focus on the end of US hegemony, the rise of multipolarity, why economic sanctions put on Russia by the West failed miserably and what is the only viable path forward to prevent further escalations.

What about the proxy war in Ukraine?

The collapse won't be long but the Duran explains how the grift will continue. (35 min)

The UK and its allies got tricked into backing a “corrupt mafia state” in Ukraine and getting into a war of attrition against a Moscow-Beijing partnership, Dominic Cummings has said in an interview.
“We should have never got into the whole stupid situation,” Cummings told the outlet I News in an interview published on Wednesday, commenting on London’s full-throated support for Kiev. He also described Ukraine as a “corrupt s**thole that doesn’t matter at all.”

Scott Ritter Predicts How Ukraine Will End
With Russia liberating village after village and Ukraine seemingly unable to secure a defensive line ahead of the onslaught, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter predicts that the conflict will end this summer, in line with the timeline established by the Russian Ministry of Defense at the start of this year.

The entire EU is at risk of collapse along with the US. (4 min)

The western empire and vassal states are going to pay the price for their foolish actions.

The US (in)Justice System is also in collapse...

You realize, don’t you, that the gross misconduct of government officials from RussiaGate on down to the courtroom of Judge Juan Merchan has amounted to one continuous operation against the American people? If it were ever honestly adjudicated, many hundreds of them might go to prison, or worse. Each successive seditious and treasonous action they attempt against their arch-nemesis, Mr. Trump, only compounds their criminal liability — the Steele Dossier, CIA agent Eric Ciaramella’s 2019 impeachment prank, the Covid-19 caper, the George Floyd-BLM hustle, the 2020 election hijinks, the J-6 op and the House J-6 Committee conjured up to spin it, the present battery of farcical court cases — and yet the Golden Golem of Greatness not only remains defiantly at large, but seems to amass ever more electoral mojo.
The epic failure of these mighty efforts, and the humiliation entailed, has lately driven this vast bureaucratic cabal — collectively styled as “the blob” — to a stage of abject desperation that looks a lot like insanity. They fear for their lives, their fortunes, their chattels, and their families, and they seem ready to wreck the republic to save themselves. They have so far pretty much wrecked American justice with their lawfare tactics — a degenerate campaign to use the vested authority of prosecutors and judges to twist and cheat the law at the cost of the law’s legitimacy

Prisoners of Themselves (Kunstler)

We may be in the sights of the system next...
Biden weaponizing FBI and DOJ against Americans – Tara Reade
The protesting students certainly are targets of TPTB.

So how do we escape this crumbling system? There are as many approaches as there are people. We each must find our own way, but here are some interesting attempts.

Building community...
I found this community in Waco, TX to be an interesting alternate lifestyle.
Full village living off land & craft like modern Amish: 350 families & growing (45 min)

In the heart of Texas, 1200 members of the Homestead Heritage community have spent the past 5 decades working the land for their food, energy, water and livelihoods, both for their own health as well as that of the land.
On about 500 acres of community-owned land, about 350 families are planting crops like wheat that they then grind for flour in their water-powered grist mill and then bake into bread that they sell at their restaurant. They grow the basics, but also crops like sorghum ("a sweetener of the south that was locally available before the sugar trade") that they turn into syrup with their horse-powered press and sell as sorghum pecan ice cream at their cafe.
The members of this agrarian- and craft-based intentional Christian community aim to be as self-sufficient as possible in as many ways as possible. They have dozens of hand looms for weaving their own clothing (jackets included). There's a blacksmith, leather workers, basket weavers, and furniture makers.
There are a lot of people that feel the shaking, there are a lot of people that recognize that things aren't going to be able to go the way that they have and that changes are coming, explains Greg Godsey who co-owns the Heritage Coffee Shop and Heritage Architecture:
"You might hear the term prepper, and a lot of times that is stockpiling lots of things, stockpiling food or ammo. That's not really our approach. The idea of stockpiling and the nature of it is not sustainable. That's what the stockpile is that it's going to have an end and we're trying to think about it from an approach of, how can we recognize that their are changes coming, things are failing, things are not going to always go as they have and can we be doing something to prepare for that that has a look ahead in a positive way that can maybe teach people to sustain themselves or bring people together."

I buy my garden seeds from The Southern Seed Exchange, run by a cooperative community called Acorn.

Visiting A Seed Company - Behind The Scenes (30 min)

Solo approach...
Oldtimer builds rustic ecovillage in US's southernmost point (21 min)

About 40 years ago, William bought 1.25 acres for $6000 on the Big Island of Hawaii and began growing his own food and building his own shelters. He was inspired to leave his native Wisconsin for a place where it would be easier to live off the land.
Today he lives with only solar power (with an array built from recycled panels), without a car (he uses an electric trike or carpools), without a job (except for rent from his self-built shelters) and he grows much of his own food, including coconuts, mangos, citrus, macadamia nuts, pumpkins and a huge vegetable garden.
He has built a dozen structures on his property, using recycled materials and spending next to nothing to build by hand. His wooden main house is half greenhouse with windows of an ocean view that he built for $500 to $1000. Most of his shelters are topped with green roofs, including a 2-story stone yurt with a lush green roof, an underground music studio lined with local rock and topped with vegetation, a bamboo quonset hut, and two green-roofed converted truck homes.
"Nature does a pretty good job," explains William. "These living roofs... you know, I wanted everything like that, 'cause it makes everything invisible, and blended with it."
The impetus to begin this project, which he had hoped to turn into an eco-village and invite others to join him, was inspired by the book "Survival in the 21st Century" by Viktoras Kulvinskas (1976) and thinkers like Buckminster Fuller (William has a geodesic dome sweat lodge).

So band together with others or build a new world on your own. It is up to us as individuals to select our own approach to a better life.

mother eve_0.jpg

We all carry the same mitochondrial DNA which we inherited from Eve...the theoretical first mother of humanity. We are all brothers and sisters in a family of humans. We have much to draw us together, but some underlying instincts drive humans toward my mind usually focused on greed.
As the collapse of the US empire proceeds, and I think is clearly underway, we need to escape the system or we'll be pulled into the vortex the sinking ship of state. It is time for planning your means of surviving the coming crisis. Jimmy had several clips on the economic issues surrounding our situation.
ANOTHER Bank Failure Is Bad News For The Economy! (11 min)
Watch Biden Economic Advisor’s HILARIOUS Fail Over Basic Money Question (13 min)
“Deficits Don’t Matter!” – Modern Monetary Theory Economist Stephanie Kelton (20 min)
My thought is that TPTB are planning on collapsing the currency, converting to CBDC with the bribe of UBI.
Wealth is not money, it is your circle of friends and family, the resources you have at hand, and your self reliance abilities. I'm thankful for our C99 lifeboat in the sea of corruption we all try to navigate. I appreciate all the insights I gain here and wish our community well.
As always I look forward to your thoughts, stories, and ideas below.

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while you're screwing up a chance to resolve or at least manage a seventy year long conflict.

All one needed to do was watch VOA Korea to see how much the US despised democratic President Moon Jae-in in South Korea, during the time of Trump's negotiations with North Korea. Bolton basically convinced Trump to sabotage the talks with North Korea at the Hanoi Summit. It's all in Siegfried Hecker's new book, Hinge Points. I'm not hearing much coverage of this book, inasmuch as he is the leading nuclear expert on North Korea's nuclear program.

CBS will catapult the propaganda tonight concerning what was in essence an effort to derail the negotiations by having kyopo (overseas ethnic Koreans) posing as a North Korean revolutionary organization break into the DPRK embassy in Madrid, beat and tie up the staff, steal the lap tops, hard drives, and usb's there for delivery to the FBI. This happened only days before the Hanoi summit. It's a coincidence that the former DPRK ambassador to Spain, Kim Hyuk-chol, was the working group negotiator in the US-DPRK "denuclearization" talks (Stephen Biegun's counterpart). Rather than resolve what is arguably one of the most dangerous security problems in the world in Northeast Asia, encouraging an arms race in the region, and nuclear proliferation, if not actual nuclear war, Trump blew it off settling for the PR photo ops. Then the Biden administration followed a policy of maximum pressure and benign neglect. It's a great failure and and another missed opportunity. Programs like this are designed to distract from the truth.

Thanks for the WW Lookout!

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語必忠信 行必正直

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NOOOO!!!! And it is on both sides of the uniparty.

As to the 60 min piece...the ministry of truth at work....doing what they do best...creating narrative.

I just caught this Mike Benz piece with Russell on my feed. I found it interesting and others may as well.

I had to adapt to Russell, but what Mike says are truth bombs. (12 min)

Thanks for coming by and your informative comment!

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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Speaking of self-sufficiency; modern industrialized farmer's appear to rely heavily upon less than robust tech. For example, there is "“Real-Time Kinematic” (RTK) systems" built into John Deere equipment, and maybe similar stuff in other brands. This allow seriously precise operations of machine work, sowing, harvesting, etc. A lot of it went south thanks to the recent solar CMEs. [ ] tsk, tsk,that could lead to an extreme variant of "another mule kickin' in my stall". Time to make yourself a good old fashioned dibble stick.

be well and have a good one

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That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. -- Franklin D. Roosevelt --

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@enhydra lutris

Gave me dibbles years ago...a smaller and larger metal ones. I've used them to plant small trees when we first pioneered this place. Those trees are 50+ feet tall now. It's been fun to watch the forest grow and mature.

My old '64 Ford 4000 should last me the rest of my days. It's ten years younger than me after all. It is a major tool around the place.

Hope y'all are having good weather. It's beautiful here and a comfortable 70 F. Have a lovely Sunday!

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

I will be watching the proffered vids throughout the afternoon and evening.
Well, it is storming and raining, and it will continue until 9pm. We are under a tornado watch. This same thing will repeat tomorrow afternoon until 9pm.
I do expect a power outage eventually.
The planned shopping trip was scrapped. We will ad lib on meals.
I used a shovel, but have planted trees in the yard since the 90s. It is wonderful to see them grow.
People had perfectly running John Deere tractors for 50 years when I was growing up. Dad could go to the hardware store, get a part, repair the tractor himself in a few hours, and most of the repairs were routine maintenance. Now, they will constantly need major repairs at least once a year. Expensive junk.
I am truly amazed at the Texas guy who built a community. What is not to admire?
I gotta catch up with Pepe'. Always good information. He gets around!
Thanks for the WW, my dear friend!

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

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@on the cusp

While my hypothesis may differ at times, Pepe has a depth which I cannot Trump (so to speak).

I'm amazed by my 1964 tractor. I've done many repairs, which are not really easy, but doable...not bad for a 60 YO tractor. Used it today. Don't know how I would manage without it.

Don't float away. Stay as dry s y'all can!

Been workin' on learnin' this one today...

I love singing her song, across the great divide, and i figured i would learn to love this new one too.

So many songs occupy my mind,m and they pop up at the oddest times. Memory is curious...but I'm glad I retain a bit of least at times. It is puzzling to me how ignoring a song for perhaps years will suddenly resurface and seem like you sang it yesterday. The mind is puzzling for sure.

Y'all have a good week!

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

worth paying attention to.

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@humphrey or step down for Shoigu?

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

@on the cusp

not rely on the MSM to explain the situation.

For example I am quoting the first and last paragraph from the same article.

Russia said Sunday it had captured four more villages in Ukraine's Kharkiv region and thousands of residents were evacuated from the surprise ground offensive and a key border town came under intensive shelling.

Ukrainian officials had warned for weeks that Moscow might try to attack its northeastern border regions, pressing its advantage as Ukraine struggles with delays in Western aid and manpower shortages.

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Bill Browder an anti Russian PoS says that Putin only replaced him because the war is going badly. Lol…I asked him that if that’s the case then why has Zelensky been begging for more weapons and they are making prisoners go to the front?
Orange central shitlibs say that Russia was supposed to conquer Kharkiv before May 9th for Putin’s celebration. It’s on par with Russia was going to conquer Kiev in 3 days. Russia has never said its goals are to conquer territory, but to get rid of the Nazis, destroy Ukraine’s military and I forget the other.
Oh yeah and every diary starts out with Russia’s unprovoked and illegal war. Ahh well it looks like they aren’t talking about shovels and washing machines anymore.
As far Shoigu. I think it’s a step up for him. Lavrov will stay as the FM.

ZH covers it

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Which AIPAC/MIC/pharma/bank bought politician are you going to vote for? Don’t be surprised when nothing changes.

Voting is like driving with a toy steering wheel.

@humphrey @humphrey @humphrey
ac to Simplicious the Thinker

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

@humphrey not really, Mister!!!
In re: Twitter/X, I bow to your greatness.
You do what you do. (Save me from yanking out my hair.)

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

@humphrey All the media says bad, which means, good.

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

This does not fool shoppers when they are buying their groceries.

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@humphrey damn well know we are being forced into poverty at every turn.

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

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@humphrey I thought the duran hypothesis is likely...move the operation to Brussels since Ukraine will be lost, and run the grift from a shadow g'ment there. Gotta admit it is an interesting idea.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”


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@humphrey now!
He will wind up in Florida, dead from unknown causes, in my lifetime.

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

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@on the cusp to survive... I think the writers kill him off in season 6? We'll see.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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Blanked out and didn't know to look Friday nite when many locals reported the lights. Lost opportunities surround us.

Hope you all have a good night...I'm off to study the backside of my eyelids. Have a good one!

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

@Lookout n/t

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981