Outsourcing the entire country.

I wanted to point out the problems with outsourcing the entire country, as they plan to do.

#1 They pretend they are not replacing US workers by making outsourcing firms hold fake interviews for people like me so they can use our names to demonstrate how they interviewed dozens of unemployed Americans AND FAILED (they intend to fail) to hire any of them. This is not because they failed to find any, its because they never intended to.

Its clear to me after being told this ws the case that these incoming outsourcing firms are a scam on the country. They may be cheap, but they are not in good faith trying to hire US workers. Their intent is to not hire US workers. Or naturalized citizens. Employment of our country's own people defeats the entire real purpose they have Americans interview (hint, its concealment of the real purpose of their scheme, not to determine our suitability for jobs that they don't intend to award to Americans.)

No, they have no intention of hiring any of us I was told at one of these interviews by an outgoing employee whose job was to assist in the transition to said foreign staffing firm. His entire department was being laid off and for nine months, their job was to (not hire) and then train their (predetermined and coming from India) replacements. Making the outgoing workers totally ineligible for any benefits, and making it so the figures collected of outsourced jobs eligibe for benefits under the WARN act included practically none of the jobs that are in fact being outsourced.

The politician s who do this ase the slimiest of snakes, I hope people see this and how it works.

A rare moment of truthfulness, from the outgoing manager, as I think he felt particularly bad because I was obviously qualified for the job. These firms boast on Indian TV about never hiring "locals" as they call us. I wish that I had some way of knowing it was an "Indian IT firm" (which is a specific thing that has nothing to do with India, and the Indian people, who personally, I tend to like, often a lot! They like I, think badly of thes4e firms and their dishonesty. They understand that this whole scheme is a racket, a con job. They came to the US to get away from this kind of firms and people, the insiders and bureaucrats who radiate phony entitlement and far too often, use their knowledge and connections to rob others blind.

They understand why I groan when I get called for these fake job interviews. I wish I knew it was them, that I had some way of knowing besides a feeling of dread when I heard certain addresses, certain office parks. That way I could just ignore them. It would save me time and money. Holding fake interviews they can use in forms to get more work visas doesn't save American jobs. Instead it uses up scarce resources we could devote to finding and winning real jobs.

The job search sites are also scams, which trigger armies of con artists and scams to target a job seeker, trying to steal their last penny.;

Politicians who are "considering" raising the ceiling on non immigrant work visas should be tossed out on their asses. Soon all these outsourced jobs may lead to their being unwanted by the voting public. They lie and claim that they are not planning to change "immigration" but thats a dishonest word trick because the work visas being used are officially non-immigrant visas. So they are lying to deceive us all.

"Among the H-1B reforms sought by Grassley and Durbin are rules requiring employers to attest that they aren't displacing U.S. workers by hiring H-­1B visa holders and that they have taken "good-faith steps" to hire American citizens. The reform proposals put forward by the two senators would also give the U.S. Department of Labor more investigative powers and hike penalties for noncompliance, among other changes."

Its not good-faith steps to hire when foreign staffing firms are established specifically to take advantage of a lophole in the laws, to undermine labor. Biden must dump these slave labor visas or we will lose the US middle cass, the envy of the world.

Since these politicians are allied against us, its time to start ignoring all of the labels and what they say and only recognizing what they do, thats good. AAfter they do it. Several years ago I stopped voting the party line and started not votiing for anybody unless I actually knew they were somehow good. Now I view party as a fake political affiliation of politicians and the DNC as an evil organization after seeing how they ignored what I and others I respected wanted, aggressively, putting forward rthe worst possible candidates in races again and again. I now view the two parties as shams. By their fruit shall you know them, not by their words, which are lies, as often as not.

Thats how we should understand the poluticians. They are not our country's friends. They are part of a scheme to destroy the freedoms and values we all share. And divide us. 100% fake. Thanks to the GATS, TRIPS, TRIMS, NAFTA, CAFTA, and the rest they are sworn now to destroy our planet's people and democracies, and implement, for the oligarchs, a corporate owned dictatorship.

Most importantly, the scheme they are implementing does not help the poor in any way, its 100% for the rich. Its goal is to lock in the ill gotten gains of the very wealthy and beat down working people everywhere.

These foreign firms are hotbeds of worker abuse. They make their workers work 60+ hours a week, in the hopes of getting green cards. They have no intention of ever actually hiring us, or sponsoring them! Their scheme wants to enslave people. Its a colossal CON JOB. Of both of us. None of these creeps who expand these guest working schemes will ever get my vote. Not will Senators of Congressmen who let the various industries write legislation for them. The Rubber stamps. (A common practice now)

If this corrupt government theft of democracy continues, they are going to be in big trouble because people will become wise to this. People are wising up to this huge sellout of democracy called the GATS, TISA, etc. They cant hide it simply by imprisoning Julian Assange. By stealing democracy they are betraying our nation, and continuing a scheme, begun in September 1986, in Uruguay to steal the future world for the dictators of the world, to prop up their dirty deeds. It will become time to outsource Washington, and politician's jobs to some other planet's workforce. Some mythical place with honest people.

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would have been called a racist and banned from the site for saying this. It was 5 years ago. Truth finally got its shoes on.

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On to Biden since 1973

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set up their own enslavement firms to start exploiting others just like them?

Don't they see how wrong that is? They are sometimes really bad employers.

In contrast, US IT firms occupying the similar market segment are very professional and pay well. They aren't in business to exploit their employees and their employees generally have nothing bad to say about them. They are there for the long term.

Quite a contrast to the other situation. One doesn't have to look long to find online complaints from the Indian IT firms workers. They have also been involved in lots of legal disputes over their business model, which invariably revolves around these visas. .

How would it be possible to fix this? Treating everybody better?

Many of the workers complain that the caste system from India is applied to them here, in other words, India's illegal caste-ism follows them here to the US and into their jobs with Indian-owned nominally US companies. This should be forbidden. Employers that discriminate against their fellow Indians by caste here in the US while operating as "US" companies should be subject to US law on discrimination. They shouldn't be allowed to discriminate. I think they may also discriminate by perceived skin color. This is the US and it should not be allowed.

Studies have shown that a significant percentage of Indian tech immigrants in the US (more than half) have reported significant caste discrimination from other Indians.

Some people show a remarkable lack of awareness of the fact that caste discrimination is illegal here, and is racism. Often these people are aware of and view white supremacy as a problem, but don't see Hindu majority discrimination against "Dalits" or "Adivasis" ("untouchables" and non Hindu indigenous Indians, respectively) . But even here in the US, caste discrimination tortures the lives of many Indians.

US think tanks pushing more outsourcing and offshoring also downplay the caste issue or pay lip service to it, but they have to admit that by seeking to vastly expand the outsourcing of diverse American jobs in computing, likely the most diverse US occupation and workplaces they are perhaps unintentionally, setting the US back very far in terms of opportunity for women and nonwhite workers, and workplace diversity.

Maybe the US should make it clearer among the business community when it happens, that this kind of discrimination is just as illegal as other such crimes. And will be punished.

I think most Americans would like to see the US be more of an escape for the persecuted people from other parts of the world from corruption and discrimination, than a place where the rich get to keep bribing, and keep discriminating.

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