Não acceptamos! Brazil refuses to go quietly...

The natives are restless.

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Nationwide general strike, possibly the largest demonstrations in history of the planet, military experts refusing to confirm the legitimacy of election results...

You've no doubt been following the breathless MSM news coverage, right? Oh, right. Crickets.

It seems that a whole lot of Brazilians are finding Lula's vote totals no more credible than basement-dweller Biden's 2020 81 million. Somehow, the combination of the rejection of over five million ballots as invalid and Lula's 'winning margin' of two million does not, apparently, sit well with more than a few Brazilians.

This especially as the Brazilian military's technical experts who participated (as required by law) in a review of the election have refused to sign off on its legitimacy, saying with what they were given access to that they could not declare with certainty that the result was not manipulated.

(Google Translated) Press release from the Brazian Defense Ministry (Nov. 12):

(Google Translated from the press release):

In order to avoid distortions in the content of the report sent yesterday (9.11) to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), the Ministry of Defense clarifies that the accurate work of the team of military technicians in the inspection of the electronic voting system, although not mentioned, it also did not exclude the possibility of fraud or inconsistency in the electronic voting machines and in the 2022 electoral process. Furthermore, the report indicated important aspects that require clarification. Among them:

– there was a possible security risk in the generation of programs from the electronic voting machines due to the occurrence of computers accessing the TSE network during the compilation of the source code;

– the functionality tests of the polls (Integrity Test and Pilot Project with Biometrics), in the way they were carried out, were not sufficient to rule out the possibility of the influence of a possible malicious code capable of altering the functioning of the voting system; and

– there were restrictions on the technicians’ adequate access to the source code and software libraries developed by third parties, making it impossible to fully understand the execution of the code, which covers more than 17 million lines of programming.

As a result of these findings and other obstacles listed in the report, it is not possible to guarantee that the programs that were executed in the electronic voting machines are free from malicious insertions that alter their functioning.

Those darn election deniers.

While a lot of the demonstrations have been calling for the military to intervene, the military has called for the urgent establishment of an independent commission to fully investigate.

Therefore, the Ministry of Defense urgently requested the TSE to carry out a technical investigation into what happened in the compilation of the source code and a thorough analysis of the codes that were actually executed in the electronic voting machines, creating, for these purposes, a specific commission of renowned technicians from society and technicians representing the inspection entities.

Finally, the Ministry of Defense reaffirms the permanent commitment of the Ministry and the Armed Forces to the Brazilian people, democracy, freedom, the defense of the homeland and the guarantee of Constitutional Powers, law and order.


Lula's side has responded by social media censorship and Trudeau-style freezing of credit and banking of protest supporters and attempting to have top military officials fired.

Republic Day in Brasilia (Nov. 15) looks like the equivalent of half a dozen Trump rallies (or a near-infinite number of Biden rallies). Rallies (reportedly of half a million or more) took place the same day in San Paulo and Curitiba and elsewhere throughout the country.

Not to say there that everyone backing these are doing so out of noble sentiments, but the concerns being raised are legitimate and it's pretty obvious this anger and resistance are something well beyond astroturf.

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