Mark Warner, another Demonratic pile of shit.

Sorry to stir up the fetid waters of the c99 swamp, but we, c99'ers, are insignificant compared to the huge Potomac Swamp, positioned in the Heart of Darkness, er, Washington, District of Corruption. Now, folks, as Obomber used to say, this is ugly, no matter how you look at it--even in the dark of night. So, while I might later compose some stuff about our Californicated Respresentive Trash, such as Rep. Swalwell (rhymes with "doesn't smell well"). today I shall sing the praises? of Mark Warner, coming from the land of Presidents, like Washington, Jefferson, and the whole bunch. I am afraid the pendulum is swing wildly away from the hallowed "mother of Presidents", i.e., Virginia to become the motherfucker of politics. For starters, think of Terrible Terry "I brought McCabe" McAuliffe--unsentenced money launderer for Clinton Crime Family. For a measly sum of $700K he bought the enduring affection of Doctor (I shudder to acknowledge that) McCabe, who appropriately lost the race for Congress. Under Virginia law, candidates are allowed to keep all the campaign funds not expended. That's probably a lot considering the losing campaign of the "Doctor".

Then consider Tim "Mr. Charisma" Kaine, the only person that could make Killary look like a left winger. He's Virginia, through and through.

Finally, in this abbreviated list of malefactors, is the wunnerful Senator Mark Warner, about whom you may read here.

Warner then graduated from Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctor in 1980 and coached the law school's first intramural women's basketball team. Warner has never practiced law.[3] In the early 1980s, he served as a staffer to U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT).[4] He later used his knowledge of federal telecommunication law and policies as a broker of mobile phone franchise licenses, making a significant fortune. As founder and managing director of Columbia Capital, a venture capital firm, he helped found or was an early investor in a number of technology companies, including Nextel. He co-founded Capital Cellular Corporation, and built up an estimated net worth of more than $200 million.[5][6] As of 2012, he was the wealthiest U.S. Senator.

Not to say he hasn't proposed good legislation, but his stances on vital subjects, such as medicare for all, immigration reform (and I do NOT consider DACA meaningful immigration reform) plus backing renewal of the ill-named Patriot Act are decidedly Right Wing DINO. He was also one of the "Gang of Six" determined to wipe out Medicare / Medicaid and significant measures promoting Medicare for all. ("I have my insurance--you can all die").

So, Marky Mark has gone on to extend his legend as a flaming piece of feces.

1. Marky Mark colluded with the dreaded Russians!

Sen. Mark Warner reportedly was in contact with a Russian oligarch last year in an attempt to contact the former British intelligence agent behind the Trump dossier, Fox News reported late Thursday.
Mr. Warner, Virginia Democrat, was in contact with lobbyist Adam Waldman, who had ties to Russian billionaire Oleg V. Deripaska, to try and connect with Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier. Mr. Waldman apparently said he could put Mr. Warner in touch with Mr. Steele, according to text messages obtained by Fox News.

2. Not being content to rest on his laurels (which actually belong on the head), Marky Mark is now determined to PROTECT us rubes from fake news.

Virginia Sen. Mark Warner made millions in the murky world of government-issued cellular licensing. He parlayed his riches into a governorship and U.S. Senate seat. Today, from his perch as vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mr. Warner has produced a 20-point plan to take on Facebook , Google and other tech giants with “potentially insuperable competitive advantages over new entrants.” Insuperable! Of course most of his proposals would end up locking the big guys in place while freezing innovation.

No matter. The shallow-analysis pundit class jubilated. Mr. Warner and Democrats could “crack down on Big Tech,” “tame social media,” and “knock Silicon Valley into shape.” Woo-hoo. The cheerleaders’ only complaint is the lack of a 21st proposal: breaking up the tech giants. Still, Mr. Warner wants to show that techland has gotten too big for its breeches and that the center of power radiates from the Hill—not the Valley. But he forgets that there’s one market to rule them all.

Good luck getting through Mr. Warner’s 23-page report. It’s filled with impossible-to-implement mandates (identify bots), silly bromides (addressing the safety and security of at-risk individuals), and dangerous power grabs (updating Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act). If even a handful of these proposals become law, faceless bureaucrats would control the internet instead of energetic entrepreneurs. No one would win under this new internet. And compliance costs would be so massive that no new startups would emerge.

Translation: Uncle Sam will determine what your feeble minds may be allowed to discern, providing the information does not cast doubt or blame upon the Reich Regime (Sieg Heil!). A true advocate for the First Amendment! Freedom of speech--as long as it is approved speech, carefully reviewed by the commissars from the Ministry of Truth.

The full wording of the proposed bill is hidden behind a WSJ paywall.

However, some of the clauses in the proposed ban on free expression are quoted in this video by Random Rants of Ryan

I love his genteel prose, soothing and relaxing as is mine.

With love, from your devoted fan:

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2. Not being content to rest on his laurels (which actually belong on the head)

If he's resting on his laurels, that means they're affixed to the portion of his anatomy upon which he sits. In his case, that seems very appropriate.


Seriously, his wikipedia page says that he was the first person in his family to ever complete college. Reading between the lines, that would mean he comes from a working class background. In recent photos, he looks like he's wearing a mask. No authenticity showing through, just heavy, frozen flesh.

As a contemplative person, I find myself wondering: was he always this way, or did decades of selling his soul for $$$ and a place at the oligarch's table do it to him? Did he lose his soul somewhere in the murkiness of the swamp? Or did it happen long before that?

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@Centaurea "Money corrupts and lotsa money corrupts rapidly". For the theologically-minded, was man (and woman) born innocent and then tarnished by reality (i.e., other people whose reptilian brains still predominate) or is original sin the real deal? I think empathy and concern for other humans is the natural state of MOST--but definitely not all--humans. According to the preacher at my Pastafarian Church, it's all in the dough. If we're all sinners, we should then close up shop, buy knives, guns and corporations and screw our fellow humanoids. I much more trust the demeanor of fellow alligators than the mofos in Washington, D of C.

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@Alligator Ed

This, btw, is my beef with Warner:

Did Sen. Warner and Comey ‘Collude’ on Russia-gate?

The U.S. was in talks for a deal with Julian Assange but then FBI Director James Comey ordered an end to negotiations after Assange offered to prove Russia was not involved in the DNC leak, as Ray McGovern explains.

By Ray McGovern

An explosive report by investigative journalist John Solomon on the opinion page of Monday’s edition of The Hill sheds a bright light on how Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) and then-FBI Director James Comey collaborated to prevent WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange from discussing “technical evidence ruling out certain parties [read Russia]” in the controversial leak of Democratic Party emails to WikiLeaks during the 2016 election.

A deal that was being discussed last year between Assange and U.S. government officials would have given Assange “limited immunity” to allow him to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been exiled for six years. In exchange, Assange would agree to limit through redactions “some classified CIA information he might release in the future,” according to Solomon, who cited “interviews and a trove of internal DOJ documents turned over to Senate investigators.” Solomon even provided a copy of the draft immunity deal with Assange.

But Comey’s intervention to stop the negotiations with Assange ultimately ruined the deal, Solomon says, quoting “multiple sources.” With the prospective agreement thrown into serious doubt, Assange “unleashed a series of leaks that U.S. officials say damaged their cyber warfare capabilities for a long time to come.” These were the Vault 7 releases, which led then CIA Director Mike Pompeo to call WikiLeaks “a hostile intelligence service.”

Solomon’s report provides reasons why Official Washington has now put so much pressure on Ecuador to keep Assange incommunicado in its embassy in London.

The greater risk to Warner and Comey apparently would have been if Assange provided evidence that Russia played no role in the 2016 leaks of DNC documents....

Cesspool dwellers.

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...of the swamp, Ed. You've got your flashlight pointed in the right hole.

And except to say that there is something very, very wrong and contaminated about Warner, I stand by your observations.

we, c99'ers, are insignificant compared to the huge Potomac Swamp.

It remains to be seen how our predictions about 2018 stack up against the rest. I'm collecting a few already in August and they are looking prescient to me. We've dismissed the distractions very early on, and thought about the physical truth of what happened a lot longer and harder than most.

I think it is pretty clear that there was a very large, top level conspiracy to overthrow the future elected President of the United States, that began as early as April 2016. I can track it back to about the same time that a Bernie Sander's campaign worker was accused of hacking the DNC database, and Sanders was shut out of the DNC system where his own data was stored. Remember that? Lawsuits were flying. You had the FBI, the Pentagon, the DOJ, the Obama White House, and a handful of lobbyists, lawyers, and UK operatives — all slinking around. They thought they were saving the country. (Perhaps they were, but not in the way that they think.)

And while this was all coming down, someone slipped Julian Assange the vast repository of Vault 7, which neutralized all the fake evidence the government could produce. This is the leak that mattered.

The conspirators knew about the data breach long before "Guccifer2" popped into existence. Warner, I believe, tipped their hand. It's appalling, I know. But with all the evidence-free doubling-down of the Intelligence agencies and with all the evidence-free indictments flying, the majority of which are Russian cutouts that may not even exist — either the personal stakes have to be huge, or we are in the midst of a more deadly Deep State coup that's running this desperate empire with the intention to take out Russia, Iran, and China simultaneously.

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The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.
– Albert Camus
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@Pluto's Republic @Pluto's Republic Great comment.

I completely agree with your assessment. I am somewhat heartened that finally some of this is coming out, no thanks to the mainstream media. However, this is going to be too big for even them to ignore.

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...for one person to analyze, and I am very surprised that I haven't run across more similar analyses, considering that I am using data that is openly (if briefly) reported. News in these matters is so sketchy, and very little of it is considered from a "big picture" perspective — which is where the story actually exists.

My conclusion, above is not complete by any measure, and I should add a premise or two at least:

In my opinion, the only person who has no evidence or-or prior knowledge of a collision with Russia in order to throw the election is Donald Trump. This I feel certain of; it is supported from the beginning by every bit of evidence considered and every guileless behavior examined. He and his family and their extended entourage appear to be stand-ins — clueless tools of the DC power elite, Jared Kushner being an exception. Anyway, they have been under full surveillance for many years with nothing to show for it.

That said, everyone else that we know was actually involved — elected politicians, appointed government authorities, executive military advisors, US and foreign diplomats, US intelligence agents, foreign intelligence consultants, defense contractors, whistleblowers, private lobbyists, political strategists, federal prosecutors, and federal and private attorneys — actually did have some first-hand knowledge of a collusion or a conspiracy that took place surrounding the 2016 election. There is a name you know that has been associated with the Russian Hoax/Trump Coup for every one of the government roles mentioned above. You've seen their names in the course of this investigation. This is a very big operation, involving two former US Presidents, both major political parties, all six media monopolies, and one Bernie Sanders.

Bernie knew. If you recall, he took several trips to Washington to consult with President Obama as the Primaries were winding up. Of course, he knows more now than he was told at the time, I'm sure, but he plays an ongoing part in that coup. It was treated as an extraordinary national emergency, as far as insiders at the FBI and DOJ clearly demonstrated. Bernie's behavior at that time was what would be expected were he plunged into a highly classified situation. It left his supporters mystified, but it does make sense when viewed through that lens.

For the sake of argument, Russia could have been setting political traps for the Deep State. After all, Russian leaders were well aware in February 2014 that they were under attack by the US. That's when Ukraine's government was toppled, and Russia's only warm-water-access Navy base almost was lost forever — transformed into a NATO base with nuclear missiles pointed at Moscow. Trump couldn't help Russia with that. It is highly unlikely that he knows what actually happened in Ukraine. Donald Trump is hardly the Russian Federation's Obi Wan Kanobi. Vladamir Putin has many times stated that US Presidents have no power and goes on to describe the Deep State that makes the nation's decisions, regardless of what the President has agreed to. . It's a known-known internationally that Trump is a barking dog on a short leash. Trump has a mano y mano with Putin and the Deep State sanctions Russia with the destruction of the Russian economy in mind. Trump has a mano y mano with Kim Jong Un and the Deep State sabotages Kim's missile takedown credibility with "photos" from unnamed sources — no doubt left-overs from sabotaging Iran on the same charge.

That's where we are in my view.


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The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.
– Albert Camus
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@Pluto's Republic Deep State is fully in charge of part of the USG--but not, if you believe Q.

Can we rely on Trumpelstiltsken? Da, tovarisch. To weaken the U.S. with pollution of all types and variations. But is he as clueless politically? Pardoning Julian Assange would be a very positive, although limited, sign of Deep State independence. Any bad info on Trump has not been released by Assange and I am sure there are many things in his reserve info supply, maybe part of his "dead man's switch". Another sign of independence would be the arrest of HER and trial by military tribunal. I can hope anyway.

The situation should be clarified by the midterms. If there is no Blue Wave, el Trumpo will not only get to mess up our nation more (not that "the most qualified candidate since Jefferson" would do it much differently), he will not be impeached (too bad Maxine) but will send lots of people to a fabulous Cuban resort. If this does happen (wake up, Jeff S.), his iconoclastic, bombastic, hyper-aerated verbiage might be partially justified.

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@Pluto's Republic @Pluto's Republic @Pluto's Republic
with me, Pluto. It just struck a chord that said, yes this is right. This is what happened.

Bernie knew. If you recall, he took several trips to Washington to consult with President Obama as the Primaries were winding up. Of course, he knows more now than he was told at the time, I'm sure, but he plays an ongoing part in that coup. It was treated as an extraordinary national emergency, as far as insiders at the FBI and DOJ clearly demonstrated. Bernie's behavior at that time was what would be expected were he plunged into a highly classified situation. It left his supporters mystified, but it does make sense when viewed through that lens.

A lot of Bernie supporters including myself have been ‘mystified’ why he seemingly bailed on us and have have tried to dream up a number of scenarios, explanations or excuses. “ He was always a sheepherder” “They threatened him or his faimily. Did you see that mark on his face?”

All plausible but your’s explains it best. Especially after being ripped off of the primary nomination, why he would have bought into, gone along with, and even pushed the Russians did it narrative?

They must have convinced him it was a matter of national emergency.

And for some of them, I’m sure it was.
If they lost, their ass was grass.

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The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself.
– Albert Camus

on my radar and shit list for quite some time too.

Regarding your post, he even went so far in his secret attempts to rendezvous with Steele, in saying he didn’t want a ‘paper trail’. It was Steele actually who shot that down saying he wanted a bipartisan letter in order to meet.

Let’s see then working with Adam Waldman yet again, supposedly ‘tried’ to strike a deal w Assange to get him to testify for the Senate Intelligence committee, of which he is the vice chair, while miraculously striking it down in coordination w Weasel Jim Comey.

Then went on with 10 Dims to give a letter for VP Pence to deliver to Ecuador asking that they rescind his asylum at the embassy. And only a matter of days later sending one as one of two co-signers to Assange again inviting him to testify before the Senate Intelligence committee!

The guy is a duplicitous prick who I would not trust as far as I could throw him!

The very latest is, his 28 page plan your Essay is about, but hold on now, there’s more.
$50 million do-re-mi more to continue the Russia, Russia did it investigation with funding from Soro’s and 7 or 8 wealthy Silicon Billionaires.

No wonder Bruce Ohr kept a back channel open to wheeze the juice!

And wait there’s still even more. Yes that is right. He has now proposed an amendment to stop Trump for removing security clearances.

Can’t have that!

So who in their right mind believes Warner’s, Mr Nextel’s crackdowns, reforms for one cotton picking minute?

Unless of course he’s planning a take over...

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