OK, Wait a minute!

I'm hearing WAY too many people going back to talking about politics as usual, and just accepting that Bernie got screwed over in the primaries, in depth no less, but what do we do NOW? -And honestly, I've found myself getting caught up in that. But at least speaking for myself, that has to end. FULL STOP.

Excuse me, I know this isn't as sexy as talking about actual politics, and getting into the issues and personalities and history of those involved, but an entire complex of crimes have been committed here. Against Us.

If your neighbors had broken into your house, and robbed you, would you be this sanguine about it? Would you say, "Yeah, we should call the cops; but not NOW! First we need to get back to our normal routine!" Well, not only did the neighbors break in and rob us, but now they're trying to guilt-trip us into fixing their plumbing because we DO live on the same block, after all. Oh, and keep quiet about the robbery, OK?

Nope. Call the cops. Now. I not only aim to misbehave on this subject; I intend to become tedious about it. I have watched this election fraud occur since '04, when Kerry suddenly lost Ohio at the last minute, and the exit poll variances were about double what we tell other countries they've had a fraudulent election over. I have spent most of the intervening time effectively screaming into the ether about it. -But those exit poll "adjustments" were only the beginning. A mere 4% or so, next to the 14% in Alabama this year? There is no 'splaining this one away.

A crime has been committed here. Not only does it mean the Democratic Primary was rigged, and therefore fraudulent, but it also means that November is rendered fraudulent as well. In advance. We already know that whoever "wins" in November, the results will not truly represent the will of The People. That is not Democracy. That is thuggery.

TPTB will no doubt ascribe this to "sore losers", thus saving themselves from having to think. But this is not some athletic competition and even if it were, it would have to have been FAIR in order for anybody to be a "sore loser". More to the point, WE HAVE BEEN ROBBED.

-Of the single best candidate for President, certainly in my adult lifetime. We have been ILLEGALLY DISENFRANCHISED, or had our votes STOLEN, and the Democratic Party letting a few underlings and officers go, whilst muttering mealy-mouthed excuses and apologies, is not going to cut it. Re-enfranchising hundreds of thousands of people now that TPTB have saved us from being able to choose a socialist, IS NOT GOING TO CUT IT! No, DNC, your "deep and sincere apology" for nothing more serious than bad language towards Senator Sanders and his supporters, doesn't even scratch the surface. No, MSM, covering these issues now, and pretending that it is too late to do anything about it, is not going to fly. WE have been robbed, and at the very least, YOU all looked the other way while it was happening. So sorry to interrupt your circus, but we have to be grownups now, stop what we were all doing, and deal with this problem.

We should not be getting on with the election cycle. We should not be "looking forward". A major, nationwide CRIME has been committed, on a scale that beggars ANY act of terrorism. It is time to demand a DO-OVER.

And if you think there's no TIME for that, I'd question your motives. What is more important, making sure that we live in an ACTUAL, FUNCTIONING DEMOCRACY, or sticking to a schedule? I can tell you right now, November is not sacred. I've seen elections before, and God will not appear in person. The world will not end if we must have an election on an odd-numbered year.

Can I prove any of this claim of election fraud? Of course not, because our current system of elections is set up to NOT account for all votes cast. It is not transparent and above-board, it is opaque and secretive. Officially, 100,000 provisional ballots were NOT taken away, with witnesses, by a crew in a SHREDDER TRUCK, in San Diego alone. Officially, the final tallies were just ducky, even though they had to "adjust" exit polls to reflect what the so-called totally secure computers told them the final count was, rather than to trust how people told them they actually voted. -Even though that "adjustment" was in Clinton's favor, way outside the margin of error of the exit polls, 19 times out of 20, and when it worked in Bernie's favor, it was within the margin of error. So, YEAH, THAT COULD HAPPEN. BY RANDOM CHANCE. Just like you could step in front of a speeding bus, and have it bounce off your chest.

The other side of this argument can't prove their claims either, for the same reasons, but so far, they have just used appeal to authority and ad-hominem attacks to silence the opposition. That would be me, among others. That silence is OVER. Anybody trying to shut me up with insulting, absurd ad-hominems coupled with the Voice Of Command, had better be ready for some shouting, and bad language.

On that subject, the worst, and most common of the ad-hominem attacks is "conspiracy theory". I am DONE with "CT". It is an act of intellectual laziness, a tool of propaganda, with all the pinpoint accuracy of cluster bombs or poison gas, and all the logical rigor of a cockroach's nightmare. Decoding that "CT" dog-whistle, what it infers is this:

NO group of human beings, in all of human history, has ever CONSPIRED to do anything bad, rotten, illegal, immoral, or evil, for any amount of power, money, or control, EVER. -And if you think they have, YOU ARE INSANE!

The rational extension of the "Conspiracy Theory" meme, is that we should release anybody held in prison for "gang-related activity". Gangs must be the product of fevered imaginations. Likewise, release anybody who has ever had a driver when they robbed a bank or a liquor store. Only crazy people believe that anyone conspires to commit crimes. According to this meme, there is no such thing as terrorist organizations, because that would involve people conspiring to commit mayhem. Belief that anyone would ever do so, has no basis in reality.

But on top of that, CT doesn't even apply to voter fraud in many cases, where researchers have found that it only takes one person to accomplish a hack on some models of voting machines. One person. Count 'em. One. Kind of hard to put that in the "conspiracy" category, unless of course one is new to speaking English.

But returning to the point of this essay, I'm only putting forth the Negative case in this little high-school debate. TPTB are the ones putting forth the Affirmative case, or rather implying it, since that way they can dodge having to defend it. Roughly stated, their case is this:

It is secure and reliable to vote using computers, and so we must do it.

The burden of proof is on them. They have never, EVER, had to make the Affirmative case for that outrageous claim. They cannot. If this system was reliable and secure, they could let everybody see the logs. They could let everybody see the code. They could open the entire system, prior to every election, to random public penetration testing, by any means, cybernetic or physical, so anybody could test it, WITHOUT FEAR OF PROSECUTION. They will not do this, because they would be powned. In front of everybody.

How do I know this? Because the very first time that WAS allowed, before a Washington DC election, AFTER a decade or so of using computers to vote on, they WERE powned. By a professor and two grad students from my home state. When they succeeded in breaking in to that system, they first had to lock out other hackers from CHINA and EASTERN EUROPE, and then made sure that Bender Rodriguez from Futurama would be the winner, and left their school fight song behind to signal when someone's vote had been "registered". And it took days before somebody asked "What's that music?", and discovered the hack.

Let's see, would this be the same infallible system that allowed persons unknown to purge voter databases throughout the primaries this year, disenfranchising more people than the population of several of our smaller STATES?

The fact is, that this plan of voting using computers was never debated. We The People never got to vote on it. So at least that's ironic. This major change to the way we vote was simply enacted by party functionaries, up and down the power structure. Of course. Who could argue with using computers to vote on? Computers never break down, there are no computer systems with built-in back-doors, nobody has ever done anything bad using computers, and there is no such thing as a hacker. Right?


So, FULL STOP. DO OVER. We have been robbed, by a corrupt, hackable, insecure, RIGGED and PRIVATIZED voting system. I don't care how long it takes. I want justice. I want to be sure that my vote is counted. And I want yours counted too. Even if you disagree with me.

The floor is now open for discussions of strategies to get this done, or even for useful sound bites in this propaganda war we must wage in defense of Democracy.

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I commented about this before, and suggested a full frontal assault on the courts.

There are some scattered efforts out there, but it seems as if the severity of the case would call for a pleading directly to the SCOTUS.

At the very least it would publicize the fraud.

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agitates with Jealousies and false alarms, and opens the door to corruption,
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...getting a do-over seems incredibly unlikely. As much as it pains me to say, our energy may be best spent on protecting future elections.

The use of black box machines in our elections makes it difficult to catch election fraud, but it can be done. We need to collect evidence like poll tapes (results tapes posted at the precinct after the polls close), tabulator logs (which you can ask for and sometimes get in public records requests), and videos of suspicious people/occurrences. That way, when the elections are inevitably rigged, we'll have hard evidence that can stand up to scrutiny, and a chance of finally eliminating our insecure system.

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