election fraud

May the Best Man Win

We base our entire politics on the idea that we're living in a meritocracy. In other words, like the knights of old at a joust, we find out who is best through competition, a competition assumed to be both fair and honest. In the old days, the joust was assumed to be fair and honest because God was both omnipotent and just and therefore, obviously, would not allow a bad man to win.

Why I'm Supporting Tulsi

I want to preface this piece with the notion that I find politics in general ineffective in the US. What the majority of the citizens want is NOT reflected in the policies of this nation. Our government is owned and controlled by the multi-national corporations and their will is abetted by the mafia branch of the government, the CIA (et al). Secondly, we face the existential threat of rapid impending climate disaster and extinction, the future shock of which probably makes politics moot. That said, when looking at next years primary season, I think Tulsi is a better candidate than Bernie. Here's why...

Just how corrupt are our elections?

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Let's forget for the moment that the primary corruption of our elections is legal bribery.

Let's also forget for the moment the complete corruption of the DNC, if only because it's been done.

And then there is the super-delegates.

Where Is the Support in the Left Media for the #DNCFraudLawsuit? Say It Ain't So - Both Thomas Frank and TYT Panel Shirk From Standing With DNC Collusion and Fraud Issues. Where Are Our Allies?

With the #DNCFraudLawsuit Gaining Momentum, Where Are The Left Journalists Covering Electoral Fraud/Voter Suppression/DNC Collusion of The Rigged the Dem Primary?/Loads of Evidence of Documented Foul Play, Here's Just Some From New York and Chicago/If Elections Are the Foundation of Democracy, Then Where Are We As A Country When They're Proven To Be Corrupted?

As the political waters become murkier and murkier, in most every direction at the moment, it becomes more and more incumbent on us to be ever vigilant citizen watchdogs and journalists. We must watch closely those who we we're inclined to think of as allies.

The Perpetrator Pretends to Be a Victim

It’s a funny thing about fraud. It’s a bit like poisoning a well. Once you’ve done it, there’s not really any going back, either for the water or for you. I guess people wanting to use the well could conceivably purify the water after the fact, but that would take both an honest assessment of the poisoning, and expert knowledge of how to get poison out of water. Lacking either of those elements, the water is poisoned—that’s that.

Election Fraud - Coming to a Polling Place Near You

Just to pick up on Steven D's excellent diary concerning the "magic fractions", and the complete lack of objectively verifiable results in the US election process. This is truly a huge deal, and without a doubt, there is no single issue extant that is more important, or more urgently in need of confronting, if we are to have any hope at all of a positive change in direction in our society.


The fact that election results cannot be independently and objectively verified effectively destroys the legitimacy of anyone installed into a governmental office as a result of such a debased and inherently corrupt election process. How can a government be said to function with "the consent of the governed" when it's impossible to determine independently whether such consent was in fact given?

The True Purpose of Superdelegates or How the DNC Lies to Convince You They Know Best

This whole election cycle has convinced me that the corruption (that I always knew was there) truly runs deep. The system is rotten to the core. So I decided to look up a brief history of superdelegates.

The history is a bit involved but the basic premise is that the Democratic Party, in the wake of presidential campaign losses beginning in 1968, wanted a system that would insure that the best candidate was put forward.