Capitalism is the new Communism

Gotta hand it to Jimmy Dore and Russell Dobular, they knocked it out of the park today with this latest clip.

They began the segment by discussing the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse. Eight month before the collision, Maersk shipping was sanctioned by the Department of Labor for retaliating against an employee who reported unsafe workplace conditions.

They went on to talk about Boeing airplane safety, the East Palestine train crash and media consolidation. The reason why radio and new music sucks nowadays is because late stage Capitalism consolidation eliminated competition and with it consumer options.

The joke used to be that "the Communists (i.e. Russia) manufactured things in a slipshod way with spit and baling wire." In China there's a phrase for it “Cha bu duo” (差不多) which originally had a positive connotation as a bush fix with little or no spare parts, but has grown to mean cutting corners as a way of minimizing costs and build time.

The conclusion is that late stage capitalism only cares about maximizing profits at the expense of quality. Karl Marx predicted as much, that Capitalism eventually eats itself. In the end, Capitalism mimics Communism.

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Jimmy Dore and other voices like him would be in the White House press corps and on the leading cable channels in prime time, rather than in exile spreading samizdat truth on Rumble.

Thanks for spotlighting this. Jimmy’s segment on New York state AG Letitia James was also superb:

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Well, as long as this comment block is already here, I may as well throw this out there:

TIL (“today I learned”) that “faggots” is a perfectly acceptable culinary term in British English.

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It's really a collection of essays, but Fisher became famous for his notion of "capitalist realism," discussed in the first essay, that capitalism has become so thoroughly ingrained in the social imaginary that nobody can imagine any other possible system.

At any rate, there is an essay in the collection titled "All that is solid melts into PR: Market Stalinism and Bureaucratic Anti-Production." Its thesis is as follows: under capitalism, as under the Soviet system, the public relations of production are more important than the production itself.
One of Fisher's examples is one of lower-level academic employees, who exist to produce good evaluations of their teacher behaviors rather than actual learning. Fisher also argues that the Soviets were more interested in producing promotions of their achievements than the achievements themselves.


The implication of Fisher's argument is that capitalism has become so long-lived not because its big businesses have been able to maintain rates of profit over large periods of time, nor because its promoters have been able to fend off its enemies indefinitely, nor because it has been able to improve its practices to work its way out of whatever disasters it creates along the way. Rather, capitalism is long-lived because it continually promotes itself and because suckers still believe in it. One can then imagine a capitalism completely in ruins, financially and productively, yet still surviving because it is still capable of producing PR to support its cause. The implication is obvious: to bring capitalism to ruins, we must disbelieve.

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