Canova's district was gerrymandered for Schultz!

That is a district that was gerrymandered for Schultz. Bernie never did well there, either. I also think South Carolina was a big waste of time. I didn't get my hopes up over Canova. Progressives have done best with districts where the majority are working class. Neither of those places are, so the likelihood that he would do well was low. It is shocking he did as well as he did. There are other districts in Florida that are more promising, including the N. Florida redneck parts.

Economic liberalism appeals to different groups of voters, than identarian liberalism. Hillary may lose because her identarian politics isn't a decisive factor in many swing states. Hispanic and Black voters tend to live in states that are overwhelmingly Red or Blue. Both progressives and conservadems need to learn that what appeals Nationally doesn't work at the State and Local level.

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