AAPI voters may decide who wins Harry Reid's senate seat and electoral votes in battleground states

Reid is retiring this year and the Nevada senate race is between Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto and GOP Rep. Joe Heck. Politico reports this race might be decided by Asian-Americans:

Canova's district was gerrymandered for Schultz!

That is a district that was gerrymandered for Schultz. Bernie never did well there, either. I also think South Carolina was a big waste of time. I didn't get my hopes up over Canova. Progressives have done best with districts where the majority are working class. Neither of those places are, so the likelihood that he would do well was low. It is shocking he did as well as he did. There are other districts in Florida that are more promising, including the N. Florida redneck parts.

This may go over like a Pb ballon (you had to be there)

Unlike OT, we are free-wheeling. But there were occasional demographics surveys. Those got a little too-specific, like income, I don't care about that. OT, it seemed to sort mostly male. Sorry you who may have chromosome one way and beliefs the other. Or something. Poorly designed question. Age range might be nice.

My sense is that we run about 50/50 XX/XY. Does that sound less-judgemental?

Bernie is gaining with key demographics BUT ...

According to

A string of polls over the past two weeks show that the once-independent Vermont senator is tied or in the lead in the two early primary states, Iowa and New Hampshire, and all of a sudden, in striking distance of Hillary Clinton nationally.

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