Behind Every Fortune Lies a Crime. Except, When It's All "Legit"

“Behind every fortune lies a crime,” (and a lawyer)

In its 1983 obituary, the New York Times began with a telling anecdote about the recently passed Meyer Lansky:

”He would have been chairman of the board of General Motors if he’d gone into legitimate business,” an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation once said of Meyer Lansky with grudging admiration. And in a moment of triumph, Mr. Lansky once boasted to an underworld associate: ”We’re bigger than U.S. Steel.”

The truth is that, largely as a result of a brilliant political and investment strategy worked out by the little Jewish émigré from Russia, the Mob did eventually take over General Motors and became far wealthier and more politically powerful and diversified in its global holdings than even the steel and railroad magnates of the Gilded Age.

One can draw a straight line from Lansky to Trump, who undoubtedly completes “The Director’s” plan drawn up at the end of World War Two to take the American Mafia “legit.” The Mob did this simply by acting like oligarchs of the past by buying up politicians and Judges, wholesale and in volume, in a very big way.


What you may have heard is probably correct – Trump is just a front for the Mob. Perfectly “legit”, however, because in recent times the Mob operates through lawyers and owns legislatures around the world through their business holdings. The CIA is also run by lawyers who make sure their operations are also “legit”. Putin is a lawyer, too. That’s why it will be practically impossible to find real, original crimes to prosecute in Russiagate. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, doing business in Russia isn’t a crime, nor are efforts to improve U.S.-Russia relations. “Collusion” isn’t a crime for which one can be indicted, it’s just a political offense to the Cold Warriors. All the Trump business operations were designed and run by lawyers to be just inside the envelop of what’s legal under United States law, in Russia, and everywhere else that matters in these transactions.

Therefore, finding evidence of criminal “money laundering” and making it stick against Trump is entirely unlikely, if Trump’s highly-paid corporate lawyers have been providing competent assistance.

Don’t get your hopes up about Trump being charged. There’s unlikely to be any provable “there”, there. So, Mueller is chasing around subordinates who had less expensive lawyers who did stupid things like tax evasion and lying to FBI agents. That’s all he’s ever likely to come up with.

The entire kleptocapitalist system, in the USA as well as Russia, is like this. Corrupt as hell, but “Legit”. Run by expensive lawyers working for billionaire mobsters whose traceable sources of income are “legit.” That’s why nobody — not Christopher Steele at MI6, not James Comey or Robert Mueller as FBI Directors — ever said or did anything before about the Russian oligarchs, and the American Mob, and their control over governments, here and there, for many, many years. It’s all corrupt as hell, but it’s all perfectly “legit.”

If the FBI, CIA and Steele were upset by the Mob in politics, they should’ve done something years ago, but didn’t. Why?

Oh, that’s right. They couldn’t, because for decades Mafia “money laundering” is all designed by lawyers, and perfectly legit. Just like the CIA is run by lawyers, Putin is a lawyer. That’s why there’s no crime “there” behind Russiagate, and don’t hold your breath waiting for that Mueller indictment of the Donald for money laundering. You see, Trump is “legit.” So is most of the Mob, at least the billionaires who now employ legions of tax lawyers. Hardly a hit man to be seen in Trump Tower, ever.

How was this allowed to happen?

Part of this is that J. Edgar’s preferred off-work casual attire was a skirt, and some of the founding fathers of the CIA made fortunes by doing business with the Corsican Mob which controlled the waterfronts where most of Europe’s heroin arrived from the opium fields od Turkey, Afghanistan and the Golden Triangle of Southern Asia. And, then there was all those Nazi assets that were never accounted for at the end of World War Two.

Another part is that all those billions lost by visiting Shriners and car salesmen in Vegas over the years have been reinvested. The cash went to purchase Manhattan real estate and large blocks of corporate preferred shares on The New York Stock Exchange. Loose bills bought Majority Leaders and the Presidency. More than once. But nobody ever got busted before, and it’s unlikely to come to much this time. That’s the legal money laundry run by the Mob that nobody talks about. It’s as American as Vegas and Wall Street, and one has merged into the other. So much easier for everyone to make a lot of noise now about the Russians. But, they’re small change, and even Boris Badenov doesn’t light a fuse these days until it’s all cleared by the lawyers.


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...and look what happened to them.

Some conspiracy theorists have alleged a plot involving elements of the Mafia, the CIA and the anti-Castro Cubans, including author Anthony Summers[75] and journalist Ruben Castaneda. Castaneda wrote: "Based on the evidence, it is likely that JFK was killed by a coalition of anti-Castro Cubans, the Mob, and elements of the CIA."[76] In his book, They Killed Our President, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura also concluded: "John F. Kennedy was murdered by a conspiracy involving disgruntled CIA agents, anti-Castro Cubans, and members of the Mafia, all of whom were extremely angry at what they viewed as Kennedy's appeasement policies toward Communist Cuba and the Soviet Union."[77]

Information released around 2006 by the FBI indicates that Carlos Marcello confessed in detail to having organized Kennedy's assassination. The FBI then covered up this information, which it had in its possession.[78][not in citation given][79] This version of events is supported by Robert Blakey in his book, The Plot to Kill the President. Blakey, who was chief counsel for the House Select Committee on Assassinations, concluded that Marcello was likely part of a Mafia conspiracy behind the assassination, and that the Mafia had the means, motive, and opportunity required to carry it out.

I guess other politicians learned the lesson and simply posted a for sale sign to maximize profit...hey it is the American way and we know that is GREAAAT!

Why get rid of T-rump they can have Pence? No thanks, I would just as soon have "tiny hands". Lately my thought has been that old T-rump has finally removed the mask of America to reveal to it's citizens and the world that we are a corporate oligarchy maximizing profit by maximizing global conflicts. We've really never been a democracy/republic. Perhaps T-rump will be our Nero...sure seems to be heading that way.

Thanks for cross posting here.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

Thanks, there's a documentary on I've posted before called Gimme Some Truth. There's another video of CT with similar name over there, completely different content.

This one starts with Nixon in '52 and describes who was behind his rise to power. "The Robber Barons of the Sun Belt" - Meyer Lansky FL, Clint Murchison TX, Howard Hughes NV, C. Arnholdt Smith CA. Jimmy Hoffa put the Teamsters Union behind Nixon. I was convinced the CIA killed JFK by the end of it, there are too many connections for my brain in there, and I'm a sucker for well presented material to begin with. Pretty convincing. ~shrug~

Here is another fifteen minutes edited that's interesting, I think: Trump's HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis

The elites continue to prosper while the masses suffer. hmph


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@eyo thanks, merci, gracias!

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You need Roy Cohen to complete the picture.

McCarthy, RFK, and on and on...

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"I'd love to change the world
But I don't know what to do
So I'll leave it up to you"

Alvin Lee - Ten Years After

Stop the War!

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Pretty far gone from AIDS at that point. The Wikipedia article says that Cohn had a crush on Trump.


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the little things you can do are more valuable than the giant things you can't! - @thanatokephaloides. On Twitter @wink1radio. (-1.9) All about building progressive media.

A real estate developer/casino owner from New Jersey did dealings with the mob?

I'm shocked!

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Didn't the Mob used to have some sense of honor in at least some areas? The US government certainly abandoned that along with any attachment to realty and all survival sense, which became particularly painfully and publicly obvious by Bush-2, The Little Sprout That Preyed...

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Psychopathy is not a political position, whether labeled 'conservatism', 'centrism' or 'left'.

A tin labeled 'coffee' may be a can of worms or pathology identified by a lack of empathy/willingness to harm others to achieve personal desires.

others. It's chemical.

Trump and Cohn. A Boy King and his Bad Dog. Made for each other.

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