Album of the Week - 4-30-22

Afternoon folks!

I uploaded a bunch of albums to youtube this week, some cool blues from Albert Collins and Jimmy Reed, two blues rock albums from Savoy Brown, some country/bluesy music from Steve Goodman, a bluegrass album from Larry Groce that features a novelty hit from the seventies that some may remember and last, some parts from an acoustic set by Dave Edmonds and Nick Lowe that weren't included in their "Sing the Everly Brothers" EP.


Albert Collins and the Icebreakers - Don't Lose Your Cool

Savoy Brown - Blue Matter

Savoy Brown - Hellbound Train

Jimmy Reed - Down In Virginia

Steve Goodman - Jessie's Jig And Other Favorites

Larry Groce - Junkfood Junkie

Dave Edmonds & Nick Lowe - Acoustic

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Pricknick's picture

I often wonder where you dig some of this great music up from joe.
Then I remember. I encouraged my son to enjoy all music whether he liked it or not.
I'm very sure his collection would match yours in quantity and quality.
Just a different time frame and selection.
How I love those who preach the music.
Thanks again.

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joe shikspack's picture


i dig up the music from boxes of records that i've collected over many decades and have been lucky enough to have somewhere to store them all this time.

glad you're enjoying the excavations. Smile

have a good one!

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