Album of the Week 3-30-24

Afternoon folks!

An album by Muddy Waters starts us off this week, followed by a compilation of tunes from Little Junior Parker and Bobby Blue Bland - each from their early days with Duke records. After that there's a compilation album of r&b/doo-wop from Otis Williams and His Charms. Following that there's an album of Hot Tuna doing an acoustic set and an electric set live - I'm pretty sure that it's from a performance broadcast by KSAN in the early 70's. After that there's a Stray Cats album and we finish off with some bluegrass from The Dreadful Snakes, featuring banjoist Bela Fleck and Dobro monster Jerry Douglas.

Enjoy the tunes and have a great weekend!

Here 'tis:

Muddy Waters - I'm Ready

Little Junior Parker / Bobby Blue Bland - Blues Consolidated

Otis Williams And His Charms - Sing Their All-Time Hits

Hot Tuna - Historic Hot Tuna

Stray Cats - Rock Therapy

The Dreadful Snakes - Snakes Alive!

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Hi Joe,

Awesome Hot Tuna ya got here! Seems early 70's to me too. They were so good, always. Papa John's blues fiddle is amazing.

Last week that Albert King was goofy and interesting as promised. Smile

Thanks for the great sounds!

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I like the rawness and unconventionalness of the Hot tuna album.

I missed most of the 80’s and 90’s music, so thanks for filling it in.

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24K on the music selections, too. Rec'd!! Smile

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