Album of the Week - 10-1-22

Afternoon folks!

Well, here's another bunch of albums for you guys. There's blues albums by Freddie King (a compilation of early recordings) and John Lee Hooker. There's some zydeco with Clifton Chenier, some classic New Orleans r&b with Huey "Piano" Smith and the Clowns and some blues rock with Dave Edmunds. There's even a couple of bluegrass albums from Country Gazette. What's not to like?

Happy listening and have a great weekend!

Here 'tis:

Freddy King - Hide Away

John Lee Hooker - The Real Folk Blues

Clifton Chenier And His Red Hot Louisiana Band - I'm Here!

Huey Piano Smith & the Clowns - Serious Clownin'

Dave Edmunds - Rockpile

Country Gazette - A Traitor In Our Midst

Country Gazette - What A Way To Make A Living

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The zydeco man.
Fais dodo.
(Not the cajun lullaby)

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What a great collection of Freddy King that is. Outstanding. I love how he changes the rhythm sometimes in songs, very cool. Great player, and major influence on many great players since. I actually saw him once. But it was a short set as he was an opening act. I think about 1972, at the Forum in L.A. he opened for Grand Funk! Inside Lookin' Out, I'm Your Captain, Closer to Home, etc., peak Farner/Funk. I thought he was great, but most of the people in general were not that into it. Dummies.

Anyway, thanks for the great tunes... off for some Hooker now... hmmm that doesn't sound right... Wink

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version of "In the Mood". That song was my parents "thing", and then, mine.
Hope you are having some fun, joe. All's well here.

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