This ain't no new fight - The Nonpartisan League, January 1919

I have referred to the Non Partisan League a number of times. This evening I found that some scans of the League's newspaper, The Nonpartisan Leader, on Google Books. I thought it would be a wonderful Thanksgiving post, which will hopefully encourage more people to read about the League. A number of pages of Robert Morlan's excellent book, Political Prairie Fire, are also available on Google Books. In July 2016, Bill Moyers' website featured the League in an article entitled, How to Make a Political Revolution.

The League was heavily slandered, so be discerning as you research more.

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to religious conservative voter I believe was a deliberate corporate and political strategy to reduce growing power of individuals and their cooperatives. The control of senate seats in state and federal government checked the growing strength of the populist movement as it grew in urban areas.

Many of the challenges are the same, players different. Thanks for the links.

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