Album of the Week 9-30-23

Afternoon folks!

This week I have a little less stuff than previous weeks because Youtube's algorithm has decided that it doesn't want me to upload very much - about a third of an album a day now, where previously I could upload a whole album every day pretty much. I had a couple of amusing chats with Youtube's "support" chatbot the second of which I'll embed at the bottom of the post, sadly I discarded the first without saving it.

Anyway, this week we've got Chicago blues piano player Eddie Boyd backed up by Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac to start us off. After that, there's The Paul Butterfield Band's Pigboy Crabshaw album followed by albums by John Mayall, The Elvin Bishop Band and Rita Coolidge for blues-rock content. Then we finish off in the rock vein with albums from Heart and Funkadelic.


Here 'tis:

Eddie Boyd With Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - 7936 South Rhodes

The Butterfield Blues Band - The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw

John Mayall - Moving On

The Elvin Bishop Band - Rock My Soul

Rita Coolidge - Nice Feelin'

Heart - Bebe La Strange

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

Here's the chat with Youtube's support, enjoy:

YouTube Support Assistant · 10:58 PM
You’re connected with agent Roxy.
10:58 PM

Hi there! My name is Roxy, how are you today?
Roxy · 10:58 PM

Hi Roxy, I am fine, thanks.
10:59 PM

That's good to hear.
How can I help you today?
Roxy · 10:59 PM

I am curious as to why my daily upload limit has been reduced to only 4 videos under 15 minutes in length.
10:59 PM

Are you getting an error message?
Roxy · 11:00 PM

I spoke with Ced yesterday and he said to wait 24 hours and my limit would fix itself. I get no error message, only that my daily upload limit has been reached.
11:01 PM

Thank you for the information.
I understand that as a creator, you also have other commitments that you need to attend to.

Limiting the number of uploads on your channel may hinder you from attending to other tasks.

Please allow me to share some information with you.
As you may already know, limits may vary by country/region or channel history.

Note that copyright strikes may impact channel history eligibility.
Roxy · 11:04 PM

I have no copyright strikes to my knowledge.
11:05 PM

We are not able to manually change the upload limits of channel.
Roxy · 11:05 PM

So there is nothing anyone can do?
11:06 PM

That is correct.
I am sorry that I am not able to provide a resolution for your concern.
Roxy · 11:07 PM

Is there anyone who can provide a resolution?
11:07 PM

I am afraid that there is no human intervention that can resolve this concern.
We need to allow the system to refresh before you are able to upload again.
Roxy · 11:08 PM

So you've created an algorithm that just randomly kills channels? Incredible!
11:08 PM

I am sorry if you feel that way.
Roxy · 11:09 PM

Well, if I can't post much content, then I don't see why viewers would want to remain interested in my channel.
11:10 PM

Upload limit is enforce on all channels.
Roxy · 11:10 PM

Until two days ago I had a reasonable upload limit which was suddenly cut down from 10 to 4.
11:10 PM

Note that we’ve done analyses over the years and found that growth in views across uploads is not correlated with time between uploads.
Many creators have established reliable connections with their audience through quality over quantity.

Upload limit for channel varies.

System is the one that sets this limit based on several factors.
Roxy · 11:12 PM

What would those factors be?
11:14 PM

Country, region or channel history.
Roxy · 11:14 PM

Since none of those things has suddenly changed in the last two days, is it common for channels to suddenly have their upload limit more than halved?
11:15 PM

Yes it is possible.
Roxy · 11:16 PM

Yes, but is it common? I have searched the internet and not found others complaining about this particular problem.
11:17 PM

It is normal.
Common is a relative term.

I understand that this is something that is something you want to be resolved and is not common for you.

However, this is not an uncommon issue.
Roxy · 11:19 PM

I'd like it to be resolved, but more than that I'd like to understand why it happened.
11:19 PM

I am sorry but we do not have a way to resolve it for you.

The upload limit is dictated by the system.

I believe my colleague has informed you about this when you reached out to us about this concern.
Roxy · 11:20 PM

Have you ever seen 2001 A Space Oddessy?
11:21 PM

Are you referring to a movie?
Roxy · 11:21 PM

Yes, Indeed I am.
11:21 PM

I have not.
Is this related to your concern?
Roxy · 11:22 PM

Too bad, the computer in the movie reminds me of your "system."
11:22 PM

Oh! That's quite an observation.
If there was something else that can be done, I would have already done it.
Roxy · 11:23 PM

Thanks so much for your time.
11:23 PM

Thank you too for your patience with me.

Please feel free reach out anytime should you have other concerns.
Take care!
Thanks for contacting YouTube. Have a great day.
Roxy · 11:24 PM
The session has ended.
11:24 PM

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mimi's picture

Many creators have established reliable connections with their audience through quality over quantity.

Sorry you had to deal with them. Quantity of quality is what we get here each and every evening and we damn well want it to continue that way.

Oh, I can feel my fist smashing in that Roxy face.

These days I really want to throw everything in the trash can, my computer and mobile phone go first.

I hope you find some emotional support in your wife, kids and grandkids. heh, imagine mimi in a fist fight with Roxy. may be it helps to have some lols.

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joe shikspack's picture


heh... "roxy" is a chatbot. i guess you can't give her the thumping that the arrogant creators of youtube's system deserve.

sadly, there is no serious competition for youtube that i know of.

oh well.

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regarding HAL. Kind of makes you wonder what our new algorithmic dystopian future
portends for human sanity and dignity.

Have a nice day!

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joe shikspack's picture


it's kind of nice to be able to make fun of a chatbot to their "face."

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they do now want to hinder you from attending to your other tasks.
This is a kind gesture to you. They are only thinking of the children.

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"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." ---- William Casey, CIA Director, 1981

joe shikspack's picture

@on the cusp

i deeply appreciate their consideration as you might imagine. Smile

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joe shikspack's picture


looks like a step forward, i just read that he was given the mandate to form a coalition, so with any luck the warmongers in the eu will have a headache.

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went through something similar when I tried to set up a YT folder for a specific artist. YT would not let me do it. The usual if it ain't broke, break it manure. Still, great tunes joe s. Rec'd!! Smile

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Inner and Outer Space: the Final Frontiers.

joe shikspack's picture


yep, it's too bad that youtube is a virtual monopoly.

have a great day!

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