Album of the Week 7-8-23

Afternoon folks!

I've cleaned up and digitized a bunch of good stuff in the last couple of weeks. Starting off, there's an early 70's Etta James album on which she does some amazing covers of Randy Newman songs. After that, Art Neville (the elder Neville brother) has a compilation of early New Orleans rock n roll - great stuff!

There's scads of blues-rock this week with The Electric Flag, a Dr. Feelgood album from their early period with Wilko Johnson on guitar and and album from a less-well-known british artist Lord Sutch (sometimes known as "Screaming Lord Sutch") which features people you'll probably recognize - Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, John Bonham, Nicky Hopkins and Noel Redding.

After that, there's what I think is John Prine's best album "Diamonds in the Rough," and we finish up this week with some fun older recordings from Ukulele Ike.


Here 'tis:

Etta James - Etta James

Art Neville - That Old Time Rock & Roll

The Electric Flag - The Band Played On

Dr. Feelgood (w/Wilko Johnson) - Sneakin' Suspicion

Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends

John Prine - Diamonds In The Rough

Ukulele Ike (Cliff Edwards) - I'm A Bear In A Ladies Boudoir

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be well and have a good one

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@enhydra lutris

heh, i hope it was time well spent!

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Hey Dr. Goodsounds!

Great selections man! Love that Electric Flag. Mike Bloomfield and Buddy Miles, figures they would find each other, what a great match they were. Stoners of Huntington Bch. were all for 'em. Too bad the band did not get the recognition and airplay it deserved. It was only ever 'after midnight' material on L.A. FM.

There were several copies of Lord Sutch in my circles of music freak stoners in high school in Huntington Bch., CA. Let's face it, it is pretty rough and ragged, not so much on the ready part. My understanding from interviews is Page and Beck in particular were pissed. They thought they were participating in a one-off studio jam session, then it was released as an album much to their surprise. Without their fore-knowledge and approval. With their names figured prominently, for sales effect obviously. Neither one would have released it. And understandably if you compare it to what they were doing at the time. It is very neat though to get insight into that era of their playing development.

About time for some Dr. Feelgood methinks. Smile

Thanks for the great soundscape Joe!

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@dystopian here on the southeast coast knew who Mike Bloomfield and Buddy Miles were. I recognize that Lord Sutch LP by its cover art. I was too loaded in those days to recall every tune I heard. LOL. Smile Which John Prine LP had his brilliant Angel From Montgomery on it? I would love to tour Mr. joe's music/vinyl museum. Rec'd!

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Inner and Outer Space: the Final Frontiers.


released in 1971 named John Prine

he is sitting on a bale of straw on the cover

had that one in vinyl

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qms is correct, it's the "john prine" album. which, incidentally is a great album.

heh, and the museum is still considerably disorganized. Smile

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bloomfield's stuff never got much airplay around here either. he was one of those artists that got spread word-of-mouth by guitarists and people who read liner notes mostly.

i don't know what page and beck thought of the album, but page is listed as the producer of it. i have another lord sutch album without page, bonham and beck but with keith moon, noel redding and a couple of other recognizable names, so i guess "heavy friends" was his marketing strategy. it certainly wasn't great songwriting. Smile

have a great weekend!

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