Album of the Week - 5-21-22

Afternoon folks!

I've got a bunch of great stuff for you this week. There are two blues albums, one by Willie Dixon and the other by Robert Jr. Lockwood. There's a bunch of blues rock with albums by Rory Gallagher's band Taste, John Mayall and Savoy Brown. Rounding out the line up is some acoustic music by Doc & Merle Watson.


Willie Dixon - Hidden Charms

Robert Jr. Lockwood - Steady Rollin' Man

Taste - Taste

John Mayall - Down The Line

Savoy Brown - Lion's Share

Doc & Merle Watson - Doc & Merle Watson's Guitar Album

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A good bunch of tunes here!
Hope your battle with the grippe
goes well.

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thanks for the well wishes! i'm still in the grip of this bug, but i'm way better than i was a couple of days ago, so, progress.

enjoy the jukebox and have a good one!

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these. I have been enjoying your samplings for the past several weeks. Hope you are on the mend and feel better soon.

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thanks! i'm slowly rebounding, at about 70% now.

glad you're enjoying the tunes, have a good one!

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