What's happening in Germany?

Something not tried so far:

Germany's Greens approve three-party coalition deal

Germany: Social Democrats announce ministers for new government

Germany's environmentalist Greens announced on Monday that its members had agreed to enter a coalition with the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) and the neoliberal Free Democrats (FDP).

The "yes" vote from members of the party — the last of the three to give its approval to the so-called traffic light coalition — has paved the way for the first government in 16 years without Angela Merkel as chancellor.

Altogether 86% of valid votes were in favor of the coalition agreement. Around 57% of the party's 125,000 members cast a ballot, according to the party's general secretary, Michael Kellner.

Party co-leader Annalena Baerbock said the result would give impetus to the work in the new government.

New chancellor by Wednesday?

Now the Greens have approved the coalition agreement, Social Democrats' Chancellor-designate Olaf Scholz could be elected to office on Wednesday.

Well, we will see, at least a bit of fresh air breezing through the winter's cold weather.

I hope they can hold it together.

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best of luck.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

This is so interesting and please keep us up to date from your perch.

So, Greens plus Business Friendly Group plus Center Left. Do I have that right now? I misspoke back a few months when the Election results were coming in and you objected to what I'd said.

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it is the Green Party (Robert Habeck = future Vice Chancellor and Analena Baerbock = future 'Aussenminister'= Secretary of State) and the Social Democrats (Center left (but really not much, basically comparable to your US Democrats) and the 'Free Liberals' (basically business oriented neo-liberals, with LIndner as future Secretary of Finance) (not my kind of guys, but better one learns the art of getting along with those you don't like that much. I could live without the free Liberals.

Berlin has a new strongman the Greens’ co-chief and future vice chancellor Robert Habeck, whose pragmatism and track record in Schleswig-Holstein looks tailor-made to drive Germany’s renewable energy expansion.

hmmm, as I am a Schleswig Holsteinrer from the North, I can relate pretty well to Robert Habeck, and as I am also more or less a Hamburger, I can relate well to our future chanceloor Olaf Scholz.

It is all too much, too wild, too confusing and too often changing, for my brain. Forgive my incapabilty to research more.

Be well and stay healthy and warm with shelter and all that good stuff.

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@mimi just what is interesting to your NYC friend.

You complained about my description of the Business Party. But you did not explain it as you just have. Now, I am happy.

I admitted to my ignorance and now I know a little bit more.

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all l can say is that Analena Baekbock, the new secretary of state, is no diplomat, she is a trampolin jumper and a strong one in that, but I clearly can say that I regret the loss of outgoing Heiko Maas. Sigh.

Analena Baerbock will have a lot of critics and a lot of those have just no other motives than envy or jalousy. I wish her good luck, she will need it. She travels to France this evening.

Phew, tough times.

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