Jimmy Dore takes down another shitlib

I wish Jimmy was a bit more tactful and less crude in his manner, but you can't argue with the results. Jimmy's crudeness gives him a certain amount of authenticity. So I'll have to just STFU for now.

First Jimmy exposed AOC and the Justice Democrats for the careerists that they are.
And now he's exposing TYT for being the hypocritical sell-outs that they are.

One thing that has been lacking on the Left for decades is someone with some stature to call out the phonies, hypocrites, and sell-outs. The right has never had that problem.
While I must admit I am a bit worried about Jimmy's ego, for now there's no doubt that he is filling an important role.

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They are such idiots. Not journalists.
They are constantly selling out their supposed target audience.

By the way its true that the name "The Young Turks" was the name of a group of Turkish facists who were the prime movers behind the genocide of at least a million Armenians. How can Anna Kasparian work for an organization that is named after a genocidal historical group. That spams news about the real young Turks out of search results and promotes ignorance about genocide. Something we really need to know about because red flags for genocide are all around us in this era of climate variability. At the top of this list are these bad deals that are used to end public services people depend on. Its not a joke.

By the way, TPTB is most certainly going after Julian Assange because he exposed TISA which is TPTB's scheme to steal the remaining commons and ijack all of our futures for the very wealthy, sort of like a huge global theft, its another Inclosure, like the British Inclosure Acts..

Anyway, TISA is a trick on Americans because it is a profoundly anti-democracy con of the entire planet with our names on it. We would never have voted for democracy's dissolution. It extends the illegitimate GATS trade deal which should have been dumped, and sells out the entire country and world. Sells us down the river, by turning jobs into tradable services, binding policy in every possible area. For example, trading good jobs to implement modern slavery as many people call it. They cant admit the exposure of their job trading bill - is why they hate Julian Assange and want to punish him. TISA (and GATS ) basically have an enormous scope. Basicaly, as many put it "everything you cannot drop on your foot".

I paricular, the guest worker provisions are an abuse of trust. which is based on the kafala system which is a system of guest labor used in the middle east to force poor workers into a near slavery situation, not infrequently trapped and unable to leave. They want our country's skiled jobs to be done by intra-corpoate transferees, tied to a single employer, under arrangements that forbid the applications of US wage and labor laws, potentially.

Thanks in part to wikileaks, that betrayal, pat of a scheme whose roots go back to 1986, got out. Its the true face of our government's so called "Washington Consensus" a theft of democracy. And now people can prove it. Thats why TPTB are angry. There needs to be anational discussion to determine if this is what Americans want, where all its many potential unintended effects are aired out in the sunlight.

TISA is the successor deal, to IMHO the worst legislation ever, GATS, the trade deal from hell. Which caused both the 2008 crisis and the death of a least a million poor Americans from not getting healthcare they had paid for for 26 years, since 1995. Poor Americans end up subsidizing the healthcare of rich people. The rich people who can use the healthcare they paid for, the poor cant, because of the randomly scheduled insanely high random bills.

There is a lot on my web site about TISA, see http://policyspace.xyz/glossary/tisa
If you read more about it there and have some idea of how I could explain it better, please tell me what you think.

There is more on TISA here too.


Keep smiling Jimmy!

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Thank you for talking about the TISA and GATS and what they have done to the country without our consent, input or knowledge. I hope you will post more links so people can understand how anyone running on bringing us MFA or any item we want is full of crap or very ignorant of the trade agreements. I was very young politically when this happened and the WTO. I wish more people had been aware of what was at stake.

Maybe an essay that you can comb together from your comments on Common Dreams. Yes it twas I who asked you to come explain this to us here. I've done what I can, but I don't have your knowledge.

But what has been revealed so far suggests America is being run by the party from George Orwell’s 1984 if it were led by the three blind mice

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In a free country civil liberties not only for certain groups.
So this is how liberty dies . . . with thunderous applause.
The donor class doesn’t want it, and Americans elect the bribed. So suck it up.

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@snoopydawg Snoopydawg. I think we need to know about this.

and this:
https://docs.wto.org/dol2fe/Pages/SS/directdoc.aspx?filename=q:/S/C/N825... (Dated 2015)

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should be expected to do.

A mega maga fail. I guess it's too hot out there. Take a cold shower, if you have the water. If not, put some carrots in your ears and some tomatoes on your eyes.

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Please get along with each other. We have only one planet. Do not destroy what we have. Do not kill anyone and do not kill yourself. Nature doesn't care about what you think.

That would not have been my call, but it wasn't my call to make.
Then again, he sledgehammered his point. He made sure that TYT knew that they weren't going to go lower than Jimmy was prepared to go. Which leaves TYT with no options.

Once again, that would not have been my call.

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I would watch sporadically but not their early stuff. Some of the things I noticed were that they never source anything but mainstream outlets. Never referenced any alternative media sources. Cenk's Russiagating was unhinged just as bad as on TOP. It was probably more a marketing decision as his base of viewers were totally drinking the kool aid. Ana's attack on Tulsi came out of nowhere and used classical McCarthyite smear techniques. Stuff like this just kept adding up. They tried bringing in comedians now and then, and they were unhinged also. One went on a rant calling the cop who killed a black man in Houston (I think it was) after mistaking his apartment for hers. Called the cop a total racist and then complained when the black female DA charged her with murder as that was sexist.

My take on them was that they were internet TV for establishment liberal leaning democrats.

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We live in a society in which "we live in a society" is now considered a subversive and vaguely-threatening statement.

In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is declared insane when he speaks of colors.

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He now has Aaron Maté to rub salt into TYT's well deserved wounds. Enjoy!

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were pretty laid back, but thorough, and emphatic.
If you were being smeared for making a living doing something the smearer did, you also would bring on their words to not-so-gently stuff into their mouths.
I had no idea Cenk and Ana had a porn "exposed vagina" segment on their show.
I only watched them when they were first abruptly taken off MSNBC. Years ago.
I thought I read somewhere their channel was given a $20 million contract, and that caused an abrupt change in their reporting and political stances.

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Radio’s Greatest Feud

The date is December 30th, 1936. Comedian Fred Allen is doing the East Coast broadcast of the popular CBS radio series Town Hall Tonight; it’s the second half of the show, and the guest is 10-year-old violin virtuoso Stuart Canin. Young Stuart has just finished a performance of Shubert’s "The Bee" when Allen commented that this boy, a fifth grader, was already a better player than a "certain alleged violin player"—a not-so-subtle jab at one of his competitors, NBC’s Jack Benny, whose dreadful violin playing was as big a part of his shtick as a penny-pincher. Benny, of course, took umbrage, and so began the biggest feud in radio history, one that ran for the better part of two decades.


I'm pretty sure that Jimmy and Cenk are really fucking with each other, but, uh, is this really any more significant than Jack and Fred?

Just like in the old radio feud, I laughed my ass off at the old clips from TYT. I never had any inclination to seek it out and watch it, but I got to admit I was really bumfoozled by that Camel Toe shit. Jimmy did not hit it that hard in the 20 minutes I watched, but he was right on the button with his comment about Cenk and that weird woman were trying to be Howard Stern.

Uh, there is already one too many of him -- but I don't listen to him either.

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I cried when I wrote this song. Sue me if I play too long.

got removed from the TYT lineup because he didn't like the direction they were headed.
TYT is headed down the tubes, needs a big dust up to remain relevant, and likely have marching orders to go after Jimmy.
They were once pals/colleagues/ co-workers.
The violinists were always on different channels, as it were.

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money from Jeffrey Katzenberg.

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@Dalum Woulu Heart of the matter. TYT is another MSNBC program without that big cable tv platform.
iirc, Cenk was once a hard cord Republican, but switched because...$$$ or some such.

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