Tulsi Update: April 14, 2015 (Birthday!, Gravel Endorses, TYT Good Interview, Los Angeles, NYT Bad))

Tulsi turned 38 two days ago (April 12)!!! Happy birthday to her!

Niko House interviewed candidate Mike Gravel yesterday. Gravel is a former Democratic Senator from Alaska for 12 years, before which he was involved in the Pentagon Papers and Watergate (on the correct side of things).

Jimmy Dore Just Left TYT. Like With Jimmy Baldwin, A Strong Backbone Is Neccessary When Criticizing The Fear Mongering of Lesser-Of-Two-Evil Voting.

On Friday afternoon I noticed on my YouTube account page that there was a little icon saying that there was a new Jimmy Dore video, and under it said "Live Now." There was also something saying that there were over 8k viewers at that moment. So I clicked on.

Where Is the Support in the Left Media for the #DNCFraudLawsuit? Say It Ain't So - Both Thomas Frank and TYT Panel Shirk From Standing With DNC Collusion and Fraud Issues. Where Are Our Allies?

With the #DNCFraudLawsuit Gaining Momentum, Where Are The Left Journalists Covering Electoral Fraud/Voter Suppression/DNC Collusion of The Rigged the Dem Primary?/Loads of Evidence of Documented Foul Play, Here's Just Some From New York and Chicago/If Elections Are the Foundation of Democracy, Then Where Are We As A Country When They're Proven To Be Corrupted?

As the political waters become murkier and murkier, in most every direction at the moment, it becomes more and more incumbent on us to be ever vigilant citizen watchdogs and journalists. We must watch closely those who we we're inclined to think of as allies.

Sane Progressive takes apart Justice Democrats, Democrats, and Bernie

Since I posted and defended efforts by the Justice Democrats to "do something, anything", I thought I should follow it up with these videos by the Sane Progressive. There are rebuttals to her on YouTube that make the case that "reform is hard, a new party impossible".

A Tea Party for the left: Justice Democrats

Hillary was toppled. #BernieOrBust. The party including the likes of Elizabeth Warren has learned diddly squat. It was the Russians, Comey, Wizard of Oz.

We are a two party nation. Pragmatically, the left needs one of them in order to take power. This is what this group of Bernie organizers and TYT network is setting out to do with Justice Democrats.

TYT's Cenk Lays It Down : HRC Should Be "Very" Concerned, Support "Super-Soft," She Is The "Mayor" of the Village of Corruption.

Just wanted to bring this all to everyone's attention if you hadn't seen it.

Cenk seems to be at his wit's end and burning out with having to defend a candidate he knows in his heart of hearts is a rancid embodiment of everything that's wrong with politics and everything he's been standing up to fighting against. But there's that shadow, that lurking monster around the corner, that big, plodding dunce coming for us..."We Must Defeat Trump."