Election Fraud Lies: Michigan's Mysterious 3am Biden Votes

In the pantheon of 2020 election fraud lies, this one is very easy to debunk. Nevertheless, a conservative friend of mine posted it on Facebook just this morning.

The "theory" is that gremlins (Note: Never feed your mogwai after midnight local time) or even worse, Democrats, snuck into vote counting centers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin at 3am the night of the election and added hundreds of thousands of fraudulent Biden votes, thus stealing President Trump's huge vote lead and his presidency.

The image below shows the startling proof (more discussion after).

Vote Count.jpg

It's easy to understand why in the minds of Trump and his supporters, President Trump won Michigan and Pennsylvania by huge margins: 15.2% in Pennsylvania and 9.6% in Michigan. This was a resounding victory for the President.

But then that victory was stolen. Suddenly, late on election night, mysterious and unexplainable votes for Biden were crammed into Dominion voting machines at 3am Eastern Time in Michigan and Pennsylvania and then the same thing happened again at 3am Central Time in Wisconsin.

Gremlins, aka Democrats, claim those votes aren't mysterious at all. They (and we know who they are) say it's because in-person votes were counted first, giving Trump a temporary lead, then mail-in votes were counted, giving Biden the final lead. Not bloody likely!!

But here's a test of Trump's claim: Do the political demographics of those swing states match the 3am results or do they match the final results? In other words, are there realistic grounds for claiming widespread fraud? The answer is no.

Here's a chart showing the percentage of adult political party identification and Trump's winning/losing margins as of 3am election night and as of yesterday. The first 5 rows are the swing states, the next 3 are solid Red states, and the bottom 3 are solid Blue states.

For control groups, I chose solid Red and Blue states with win margins of about 15%, comparable to Trump's Pennsylvania lead at 3am on election night.

Partry vs Results_0.png

Takeaways from the chart:

  • Michigan SHOULD be a solid Blue state
  • Pennsylvania SHOULD be a strong Blue lean
  • Georgia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin ARE true swing states
  • Missouri SHOULD be a true swing state
  • 15% or more party edge results in 15% or more win


As the control groups show, a 15% or greater lead in party affiliation produces a 15% or more lead for the party's candidate. This holds true for other states I checked as well.

States with less than 15% party disparity show mixed results, although this may be due to the so-called Independents in those states aligning with one of the major parties. Iowa, for example, is ostensibly 41% R, 40% D, and 19% I, but favored Trump by 8.3%. Virginia, on the other hand, affiliates 43% R, 39% D, and 18% I, but favored Biden by 10.1%.

True swing states like Georgia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin showed their swinginess by favoring Biden 2-1 over Trump.

Missouri, which affiliation-wise could be a swing state, favored Trump by 15.3%.

Biden's vote count was entirely consistent with political affiliations in Michigan and Pennsylvania, which lean Democratic, and in swing states Georgia and Wisconsin. Biden lost in North Carolina even though it leans slightly Democratic.

All-in-all, statistical analysis of the 2020 Presidential election clearly shows there was no widespread fraud as claimed by President Trump. When combined with the well-known and well-documented timing of absentee/mail-in vote counts AFTER in-person counts and with the Trump-generated bias of mail voters preferring Biden, there is absolutely no truth to the 3am lie by Trump and his supporters.


Party Affiliation by State, Pew Research Center

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3m image by Unknown Facebook Person

3am Lead vs Final chart by EdG

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it is much more likely that mail in ballots swung heavily to Biden and/or the pre 3am "total" was a delusion, but for the 3am theory see Dan Siegelman. Irrational claims often come from reality - people believe that it happened today because it happened before.

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On to Biden since 1973

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The filmmaker? Perhaps you would be so kind as to provide a link to the one you mean and, if possible, his 3am theory.

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@edg @edg
Don (oops)
Ran for reelection in 2002(?) Left the room where the votes were being counted with a 2000+ vote lead (at 3:00am iirc). The only person still in the room was a Republican, and he just happened to "find" 3000 Republican votes in a drawer. Siegelman complained and was immediately prosecuted for taking a bribe - to reappoint a health insurance company president to a non paying commission (disclaimer, that company tried to double bill me $24 at about that time) I believe he spent 18 months in a maximum security prison. The prosecutor? The brother of the Republican candidate.
I an writing this off the cuff. To correct any mistakes in my memory see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Siegelman

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On to Biden since 1973

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We have some very poor spellers on here whose misspellings corrupt their meaning.

Wikipedia will give you the outlines but not the dirty details. Those, you will have to research for yourself.

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There is no justice. There can be no peace.

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Those states "lean Democratic" and went for Goddamned Biden but NOT for Her!

Oh, I forgot. Putin paid for a few Facebook ads which drove Democrats to vote for Trump. really? Does anyone with a brain believe that? Anyone who pretends to have a brain?

Oh! That must mean that Putin is Biden's buddy!

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I've seen lots of changes. What doesn't change is people. Same old hairless apes.

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@The Voice In the Wilderness

I want to hire Putin's ad man. I run an online store and have spent $100K a year just on Google ads without ever changing an election outcome or generating enough sales to justify the expense.

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