Democrats winning war against democracy

Last week Snoopydawg let us know about how "The democrats called people in Montana who had signed the Green Party ballot and bullied them into recanting their signatures. The democrats also got the GP kicked off the ballot in Wisconsin."
Today the Dems achieved another victory over democracy.

In a sweeping victory for Democrats, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued three significant rulings Thursday that extended the deadline for absentee ballots, allowed more ballot drop boxes and removed the Green Party candidate from the presidential ballot.
The Green Party "failed to comply with the Election Code's strict mandate" for how nomination paperwork must be handled, and its attempts to fix the problem "did not suffice to cure that error," the justices said in a 28-page majority opinion. As a result, "that defect was fatal" to Hawkins' request to get on the ballot.
Hawkins' campaign manager, Andrea Mérida Cuéllar, said the Democrats are playing " legal shenanigans just to knock legitimate competition off of the ballot. I think that they should be afraid of having Greens on the ballot because their party is not offering anything that the working class of this country is actually asking for. We are."
All five Democrats on the court voted to remove the Green Party, while the two Republicans dissented. The decision came a week after a similar ruling in Wisconsin, where Hawkins was also kicked off the ballot.

It turns out that "democracy is NOT on the ballot".
In case anyone thought this is about Bad Orange Man.

State and national Democrats are waging a legal offensive to kick Green Party candidates off the ballot in some of Texas' highest-profile races this fall — and they are seeing success.

On Wednesday, both a Travis County district judge and a state appeals court blocked the Green Party nominees for U.S. Senate and the 21st Congressional District from appearing on the ballot. The Austin-based 3rd Court of Appeals additionally forced the Green Party nominee for railroad commissioner off the ballot.

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The fix was in against Bernie before the events occured.

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of the Greens getting anywhere near the 5% mark and posing a legitimate threat to their co-dominance (with the RottenPig Party) of the US political scene.

Interestingly, the RottenPig Party doesn't seem to be at all afraid of the Libertoon Party.

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There is no justice. There can be no peace.

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I don't think it's possible. 2016 had the worst possible Democratic candidate, an insane Republican choice, the Greens had someone reasonable and the final vote had Stein/Baraka with 1.07%. Let's face it. In the end almost all the people who say they're fed up with Dem politics will slide back to voting D.

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They had an organizing call last night. He thinks they are scaring the corporadims. I hope they have reason for fear.

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”


Heck, they scared me off with the promotion of Marianne Williamson. The last thing we need is a political party of Deepak Chopra!

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"Without the right to offend, freedom of speech does not exist." Taslima Nasrin

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What is the Democratic party trying to accomplish with this maneuver? Do they really think that people in those states who planned on voting Green are suddenly going to vote for the Dems after the Dems took their vote away from them?

From what I have been reading in the isolation of Twitter is that a lot of people are very angry at the Dems for doing this and are even threatening to vote Republican as a protest.

This has the hubris of the Hillary Clinton written all over it. The Democratic party has to be the most undemocratic institution in politics today.

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"I don't want to run the empire, I want to bring it down!" ~ Dr. Cornel West

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." ~ President John F. Kennedy

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Saw a tweet yesterday about how successful the dems have been getting the GP kicked off the ballots whilst leaving the Libertarian Party alone. In the 3 states that Hillary lost that Trump won to become pres the LP candidate got 3 times the votes Jill Stein and the GR got, but no one has blamed them for Her's loss now have they? Nope. Jill Stein, Russian Agent and Putin Lover was the only person to be blamed for Her's loss.

Michigan is one of Biden's Must Win States and yet he's not doing anything there. No offices opened to be staffed by giddy Biden sycophants. No one there is going door to door trying to persuade people that their only hope in life is to get Trump out by voting for Biden. Neera "Vote early and wear a mask" Tanden says that it is too dangerous to go door to door because of the epidemic. It's not like someone has to stay on the doorstep without a mask talking to a person who is also not wearing a mask. One could ring the bell and whilst wearing a mask take a few steps back to socially distance themselves from the lucky homeowner. But Neera says that is TOO dangerous. Of course when Biden loses Michigan to Trump they will first blame Bernie, his supporters and then Jill Stein and the Green Party even tho...........

Michael Moore has been screaming at dems that Michigan is going to go for Trump, but Biden's campaign can't hear him.

IF democrats actually wanted to win they would throw Bernie supporters a bone. MFA, legalize marijuana not just decriminalize it, and maybe do something about the $1.5 TRILLION student debt loans. But no.... Biden said that he'd lower medicare age to 60 so people could get the public option, but not anymore. Democrats have backed off on that and will strengthen the ACA instead for a few years. Yeah why wait when there's and epidemic and 50 million people out of work and therefore not eligible for their employer's health insurance unless they go the COBRA route which Pelosi has said she'd pay the insurance companies the premiums. Dunno if that has gone into effect.

Biden said that he'd roll back the Trump tax cuts immediately except that dems have now said no that's not a priority.

So AOC and others got a marijuana bill in place, but....

Weed Killers: Bowing to Blue Dogs, Democratic Leadership Delays 'Enormously Popular' Marijuana Legalization Bill Until After Election

"If you're trying to punt it as a result of a political calculation, I disagree with that calculation," Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said earlier of the MORE Act.

In at least a temporary setback to legalization advocates—and a move criticized as a strategic political mistake by progressive lawmakers—the House of Representatives on Thursday officially postponed until after the November election a vote on a bill that would legalize cannabis at the federal level and let states decide their own marijuana laws—until after the November general election.

Marijuana Moment reports the bill was not included in a weekly floor schedule posted by the office of Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Thursday. A vote had originally been planned for the week of September 21.

"This should be seen as a prime opportunity to address a form of systemic racism."
—Rep. Barbara Lee

This comment sums it up nicely:

It starts at the top of the ticket with Joe “Lock the SOBs up” Biden and Kamala “Top Cop” Harris.

Biden and Harris are both beholden to Big Pharma and the Prison industrial complex and will never rescind money making laws.

BTW notice how democrats don't speak out anymore about Trump locking up immigrants in private detention centers? Why would they when it is what their donors want? Same with the border wall. Lots of big businesses and banks are totally involved in one more way congress transfers wealth to their donors. Masters? Pimps?

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“Restoring the soul of this nation” is just MAGA with more words

Twitter is like a game of telephone

Is this democracy? No, this is all out political warfare. The Republicans used to be the ones cheating using voter disenfranchisement. Now the Dems are full on, led by Heir Heinousness. It's blatant and obvious. No problem, this is war. Screw democracy. SHE continuously claims that Trump is an illegitimate President, despite the fact that he got a near blow out in the Electoral College. What Constitution? What Democracy?

Projection? The Dems are running a Trojan Horse campaign. Two years ago it was clear that the owners of the Dem party wanted Kamala Harris as the next president. They didn't get their way when she couldn't get even 2% pf the party to support her. No problem, though. They will just run a Trojan Horse campaign to get old and tired Joe to beat Trump and then she takes over. Would she be the legitimate president? If the democratic process is what creates legitimacy, then absolutely not. According to the letter of the Constitution then she would be President, but that is a far weaker position then winning a near landslide in the Electoral College, as Trump did. Did she cheat to get there? Clearly yes, off of the coattails of HRC and BHO pulling nasty political strings. There is a clear analogy, Hillary is repugnant to a vast number of voters and so is Harris. She never could have gotten elected president on her own. It the Harris ticket wins then expect the Congress to go hard to Republican more than you have ever seen, in the next two elections. Expect the Republicans to extract revenge for what the Dems did to Trump's Presidency. Expect Harris to have one term, replaced by Ted Cruz with a strong Republican Congress.

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Capitalism has always been the rule of the people by the oligarchs. You only have two choices, eliminate them or restrict their power.

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Is like calling the fire department 25 years after the house has burned down.

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