The Drone King opines and whines

Michelle: The presidency doesn't have a marketing budget.

ME: The presidency has the bully pulpit.

Obama: The only time young folks know what the government does is when it doesn't work.

ME: That was the problem with your tenure, Barak, you did not work for us or put any thoughts into making our lives better.

Michelle: If people are paying attention they understand what is missing.

ME: YEAH you nailed it Michelle. We were paying attention and we did notice what was missing during your husband's crime spree. More wars. More transfer of wealth. More increased wealth inequality. More removal of our civil rights. More killing of innocent civilians abroad. The rescission of due process for Americans which led to Obama killing 3 Americans without trial.

Yeah young people are cynical after Obama's failure to do what he said that he would.

ME: Probably the most honest thing Obama said that he was a Reagan Republican.

Rachel: They have this whole million dollar podcast telling people how dumb they are.

Krystal: Obama was a Rorschach's test that people just saw and heard what they wanted when Obama spoke. They squandered the opportunity they had to turn the country around.

ME: Damn right he did. But hey he is still held in high esteem and loved and missed by the sycophants that cannot see who and what Obama actually was. His presidency was the 3rd and 4th terms of Bush. This is why Trump is Obama's legacy and why Obama made sure that Bernie didn't win because it would have highlighted the fact that Obama was an Empty Suit president that wasted 8 years in office on so many important issues. Yay we got the Paris accords for climate change. Yippy huh? Then Obama opened the country up to drilling and fracking including drilling in the arctic. F both of you Obamas!!!! Good grief will no one rid of this meddlesome couple.

This needs repeating:

In the US, the victory of Reagan was when Bill Clinton helped create the “Third Way,” which was an adoption of neoliberal principle. Again, it would not matter if Republicans or Democrats were in power, the rich would get richer and the social state would be defunded.

This is from the Ian Welsh article in my essay. I hope people took the time to read the whole thing as well as watch the video on how the 2008 economic crash was a huge crime spree that is still happening. Obama knew that banks were still fraudulently throwing people out of their homes and turned a blind eye to it.

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No self reflection no responsibility.

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to cement their legacy through slick film making and boring podcast narratives. They could have just as well set their delusional life narrative to music and made a Disney cartoon extravaganza.

And if Barack doesn't stop referring to everyone as "folks", I'm going to start throwing tomatoes at any photos I see of him.

Two of the most self-absorbed people to ever hit the national stage.

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"Without the right to offend, freedom of speech does not exist." Taslima Nasrin

@Fishtroller 02

has always seemed condescending to me.

but maybe I'm just stupid and unable to appreciate his way with words.

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@Fishtroller 02 I haven't listened to either one since he left office. I'm done with these "folks."

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In life, as in dance, grace glides on blistered feet. ~Alice Abrams

Two of the most self-absorbed people to ever hit the national stage.

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We are so screwed.

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Suddenly standing up and ending the interview as the conversation took a more heated turn, former President Barack Obama reportedly stormed out of a taping of The Michelle Obama Podcast Friday after the host continually pressed him on his administration’s drone use policy. “Hey, this is a complete ambush and I don’t have to just sit here and take it,” said the ex-commander in chief, slamming the door of the studio on his way out before returning a few minutes later to continue cussing out Michelle Obama for what he viewed as “unfair ‘gotcha’ questions” about his controversial implementation of over 500 drone strikes during his presidency. “This was supposed to be a nice, low-key chat and you just spring all these accusations on me, none of which were on the pre-approved list of questions. You think this kind of bullshit is how you make a name for yourself in this business? Well guess what, Michelle? You fucked up! Good luck booking any more big-name guests after pissing off the fucking 44th president of the United States.” At press time, a visibly angry Obama was sitting in the car outside the studio, waiting for Michelle to finish so they could drive home together.

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“When police break the Law then there is no Law - just a fight for survival.” - Billy Jack

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The entire Obama administration was, on the surface, a lightweight afternoon talk show, while behind the scenes the grifters were planning their haul.

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