"This Shining City on a Hill"


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It’s to show just what Aren says.


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“Restoring the soul of this nation” is just MAGA with more words

Twitter is like a game of telephone


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as has been every president since Reagan, and both political parties, plus their enablers in the corporate media and the consultant class. Sociopathic con artists, the lot of them.

Their current gambit consists of playing their hand very openly. Neocons and neolibs making cozy together, hoping that the notoriously sentimental American public will buy the feel-good propaganda and go back to sleep for the final few decades of human existence.

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"Don't go back to sleep ... Don't go back to sleep ... Don't go back to sleep."

"If you want revolution, be it."
~Caitlin Johnstone

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hoping that the notoriously sentimental American public will buy the feel-good propaganda and go back to sleep for the final few decades of human existence.

THE task force has failed to bring most of Bernie's platform into existence like legalizing marijuana at the federal level or rescinding immunity for the police which can't be done unless the Supreme Court over turns their decision giving it to them. This after the country has been protesting about police brutality and bringing up the reasons why we need criminal justice reform. Keeping people out of prison for marijuana offenses seems like a no brainer since many states have legalized it. Here is a list of other things that failed to get passed. Reposting my comment from last night.

Folks ya better sit down for this.

Biden/ Bernie task force fails to meet on legalizing marijuana and police immunity along with other issues important to Bernie supporters.

But ByeDone's spokesperson said that she has no doubt that Bernie folks will vote for ByeDone anyway. And that’s why democrats can continue to do nothing for their voters. See Ady....

Ady has ALS and met with all candidates except for Biden. He is strongly advocating for MFA and yet he is endorsing Biden anyway who in the middle of an epidemic where initially 40 million people lost not just their jobs, but the health insurance too. Unless they buy COBRA which Nancy said she would give the insurance money their premiums for people. Sure but what about deductibles which would be hard to pay since people have much less money or no money because they still haven't received their unemployment benefits. Don't know if congress passed it or it is sitting on Mitch's desk.

ME? I am taking Biden at his word that he will not sign off on MFA if it starts snowing in Hell and congress passes it.

And according to polls many Bernie supporters are going to vote for Biden which just tells democrats that they can do whatever the hell they want and people will vote for them anyway. The Lesser Evil voting is even more insidious this time because people just want Trump out of office first and then they can push Biden to move left. Sure folks, how'd that work during the MyBoss tenure? Life for the working class went down while the elite class saw their fortunes explode. Biden says he will roll back the Trump tax cuts. Funny...MyBoss said he's roll back the Bush tax cuts that were supposed to sunset during his tenure. Instead he made them permanent. But guess how this task force news was met elsewhere? Yay! Great job! See Biden is showing that he can be pushed left. Yada yada yada.....

This is good: Bernie is telling us that Biden will be thee Most Progressive president since FDR. Gee I thought Obama had already been that. 'Doh!

We have to hold them accountable and hold their feet to the fires.... How do you do that when you have given away your leverage to when you just say that you will vote for them even thought they are telling you to suck eggs. (channeling eyo this morn)

You get what you vote for. And here is what Neal has been doing. Neal was the only person who could have requested Trump's tax returns, but he didn't want to until he got finished working with republicans on screwing the 99%. This article is worth a full read. But Neal is just one of many democrats that should actually be called a republican because well he sure acts like one.


In late May, RDP’s Jeff Hauser provided comment for a piece in the Intercept on the dangerous bipartisan agreement that seems to have been the culprit behind Neal’s delays. Rather than focusing on requesting Trump’s tax returns, it seems that Neal was hammering out a bill that carved out a relatively obscure but long sought after safe harbor for retirement annuities. This move allows employers to lower their costs by choosing riskier retirement vehicles while shielding them from liability should those plans collapse.

Even after officially submitting his request in April, Neal continued to drag his feet. Starting in early June, RDP was one of the few voices drawing attention to the fact that Neal was not suing to enforce the Ways and Means Committee’s subpoena for Trump’s tax returns. In a piece for ReWire.News we offered a theory to explain Neal’s persistent delays: Nancy Pelosi’s desire to sideline any actions that might throw additional fodder on the impeachment flame. Over the following month this argument gained widespread traction.

Oh no more fodder for impeachment cannot have been allowed because people would then have seen how democrats have not really been resisting or against the many things Trump and the GOP were doing. Just like after admitting that she knew Bush was lying about the Iraq war she couldn't impeach him for things like lying us into it or that he was torturing people and other heinous crimes because democrats were just as complicit in them. No she couldn't let we the people know about that. Many of us did. Others still think democrats and especially the Nancy can do no wrong.

Puttin away my soapbox cuz really what here hasn't been said over and over?

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“Restoring the soul of this nation” is just MAGA with more words

Twitter is like a game of telephone


This is good: Bernie is telling us that Biden will be thee Most Progressive president since FDR. Gee I thought Obama had already been that. 'Doh!

And I thought he'd used up that line in 2016 for Hillary.

Sanders is displaying how to wreck/demolish decades of well earned integrity in very short order. Either his lost his marbles or he and his family has been threatened or bought off. I did cut him a lot of slack in 2016 because to run he had to commit to supporting and advocating for the nominee. But I stopped listening to him when he bought into Russiagate. No politician that buys into such nonsense is qualified to remain in office. (Too bad most voters hardly never kick the bums out.)

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Yep just like they did during O's tenure and especially the anti war movement.

This was all predicted:

Sanders Endorses Biden? It’s Coming….

You heard it here first. No, Sanders hasn’t formally endorsed Biden yet, but make no mistake. It’s coming — guaranteed, maybe before month’s end.

Just like he endorsed legally challenged war criminal, racketeer, perjurer Hillary, a Biden endorsement is virtually certain.

It’s coming once he drops out of the race, despite Biden’s near-half century of high crimes, racism, and betrayal of the public trust, his rap sheet as bad or worse than Hillary’s.

Sanders lied claiming the regressive 2016 party platform was “by far the most progressive (one) in the history of the (Dem) party.” Polar opposite was true.

There was nothing in it against corporate coup d’etat trade deals. Nothing about reigning in Wall Street or war-profiteering. Nothing about universal healthcare.

Nothing about ending endless wars of aggression. Nothing about rescinding police state repression.

Nothing about holding killer cops accountable or putting people above privilege and profits.

Sunday’s well-rehearsed, pre-scripted theater, masquerading as political debate like all others in the US, featured bombast, misinformation, and disinformation over substance, mostly by Biden — slogans and one-liners over solutions, and promises made to be broken if elected.

Sanders falsely said that if ill with COVID-19, Americans won’t “need to worry about coming up with money for treatment.”

They’ve got plenty to worry about if have inadequate insurance or none at all. There’s nothing proposed about US provided medical care for Americans infected with COVID-19, testing to be offered only to individuals with symptoms believed to indicate the disease.

There’s nothing in place now or will there be if Sanders or Biden succeeds Trump to “protect the wages of every worker in America,” as Sanders claimed.

He falsely claimed with him as president, Medicare for all would be enacted into law — maybe someday, not a chance any time near-term.

What didn’t happen during the Great Depression with Franklin Roosevelt as president, surely won’t happen ahead under Trump or whoever succeeds him in 2021 or 2025.

Sanders misled viewers by claiming otherwise if he’s elevated to the nation’s highest office.

Eric Zuess was right. And again during this election there was no talk about ending our never ending quest for war and mayhem and murder. It's like people don't even realize that more than half of our budget goes to the above. And here is Bernie once again lying to us. This didn't happen during MyBoss' tenure. It did not happen during Clinton's and there is no chance in hell that it will happen under Biden's. None of Bernie's platform ever has a chance to be implemented unless we cut the military budget not by 10% as Bernie is suggesting and especially cuz it has gone up more than that, but as the second article here shows, Biden is being funded by the MICC and all the other vultures that are stealing the money meant for us.

This too is a good read:

Joe Biden Is as Corrupt as They Come

On 23 October 2019, Luke Darby at GQ magazine, headlined “How Biden Helped Strip Bankruptcy Protection From Millions Just Before a Recession”. Joe Biden was the leading Democrat in Congress backing and pushing for the George W. Bush and Republican-backed ‘bankruptcy reform’ bill which passed, in the Senate, with 18 Senate Democrats for the ‘bankruptcy reform’ bill, while 25 Democrats were against it. All 55 Republicans were for it.

In the U.S. House, the Independent Bernie Sanders voted against. All 229 Republicans were for. 73 Democrats there were for, 125 were against.

A lot of Biden supporters say that Biden is “a real Democrat” and that Sanders is no Democrat at all (since he’s an Independent who merely caucuses with the Senate’s Democrats). But Sanders voted like most Democrats did, and Biden voted like all Republicans did.

Joe Biden has always expected voters to ignore his record and simply trust his promises because he’s a “regular Joe” like they are. He promises that he won’t keep promoting invasions of countries that never even so much as threatened the United States, and that he won’t keep supporting corporations which were his biggest financial backers. So, he says, voters should just trust him to do the right thing. According to Open Secrets, headlining in 2008, ”The Money Behind Biden”, “His largest contributor over time has been credit card giant MBNA Corp.,” the credit-card issuer, “which, despite being acquired by Bank of America a few years ago, remains atop the list of Biden’s major contributors.” That company knew how to repay a debt, and they had a big debt, to him, to repay. In fact, while the ‘bankruptcy reform’ bill was being drawn up, during the 2000 political campaign-cycle, MBNA wasn’t merely Biden’s #1 donor, but its employees donated over twice as much to his campaign as did his #2 donor during that cycle, and he delivered the goods so well that they owed him now even more.


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“Restoring the soul of this nation” is just MAGA with more words

Twitter is like a game of telephone

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of course, like all the women and men on Maxwell's thumb drive?
Ghislaine has thumb drives. "She knows where all the bodies are buried"
Hopefully there are back-ups of those thumb drives at some brave whistleblowers places, who have nothing to lose.
So, how long will it take to get her suicided? Place your bets...

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"heh, as they say, if you don't dig the blues, you got a hole in your soul" - JS

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of the problem. Voters are left to stampede back and forth from one party to the other while things only get worse for the 99%.

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"The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?" ~Orwell, "1984"

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said Bill Clinton when Joe Lieberman decided to run as an independent after losing his primary.

Similarly, what's wrong with voting for a progressive? If this is going to be the most progressive platform ever (ha!) then what's wrong with me writing in Cornel West? "Yuk yuk", as Bill would say.

That reminds me, I received two pieces of mail yesterday. One was from Nancy Pelosi and the other from Obama. I fished them out of the recycle and read them. Then I told both something crude.

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