Laugh to Keep From Crying: John & Bernie Edition

I don't k inow about you, but I feel like I got painfully whacked up the side of my twice between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon.

Lost two story telling and truth telling folks I greatly admired. Neither made it all the way to the top of the pop culture charts. But have been passionately cared about within their spheres of influence. In fact, I'll bet you a tall cool one that fans of one were fans of fans of both.

Life will go on ... I guess. There will be other reasons to laugh and to hope and to cheer.

For now ... lets begin today's "laugh to keep from crying" session with these two gentle men

sole survivor.png

As always, post 'em if ya got 'em

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death tune.png
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The DNC hasn't had to deal with an old time dem like Bernie. If Bernie had been a dem instead of independent I doubt they would have let him run. The DNC has run its hand dissing "socialism". Bernies ideas are out there, the questions are being asked. Why not us? For health care, for wages, for education. Why not us?

If we are just part of the measly 30% of the voters the DNC needs, they need to change, or they can stay the course and deal with having change imposed on them, and become a permanent minority party.

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John Prine favorites. He has songs done by others like Linda Ronstadt, that are so good.

Love the album "The Missing Years".

Brings back memories of driving down the Columbia River Gorge with our daughter when she was little: we had car songs and this was one:

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A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit. Allegedly Greek, but more possibly fairly modern quote.

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