Is Bernie too Conservative?

Believe it or not:

Not everybody thinks along these lines, especially lunatic fringe corporatist cult lickspittles like Chris Matthews who is foaming at the mouth claiming that Bernie is "full of it" and will lose 49 States to Trump like McGovern in 1972. There's a video of what Matthews is spewing in this report:

You really gotta watch it to take it all in it's entirety.

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I'm willing to compromise. It's time for corporate centrists to stop sowing disunity in the party, trying to weaken our clear frontrunner. Are they agents of PUTIN? It seems they want Trump to win.
The time has come to stop the onslaught of anti-Semitic attacks against Bernie and the racist, misogynist social media attacks against Bernie WOC surrogates!

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Bernie is no socialist.
He's a New Deal democrat

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and Pap smears. The media was happy once when Bernie released his medical records, but now it's not good enough.

Did they ask Hillary to release her records after she collapsed from pneumonia and got thrown into the van? I think not.

I didn't know that people could recover from pneumonia in less than a few hours.

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America is a pathetic nation; a fascist state fueled by the greed, malice, and stupidity of her own people.
- strife delivery

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Voters were being polled on who they had positive and negative opinions of. I'll have to backtrack to find where I saw it.

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The one that has Bernie with almost a twenty point lead over his nearest competitor.

Enjoy the debate. It should be a humdinger.

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before the DLC and DNC and all the New Democrats triangulated their way over to the far right.

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There is no justice. There can be no peace.

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colostomy pants in a wad.

I remember when he almost peed his pants when Howard Dean was going to be the Democratic nominee. History seems to be repeating itself.

Hasn't he ever been on the internet?

Anyone can pretend to be whoever they want on the internet.

Bush supporters can pretend to be Kerry supporters. Mayor Pete! supporters can pretend to be Elizabeth Warren supporters. Hillary Clinton supporters can pretend to be proletariats for Bernie!

The internet isn't real life. Get over it, Chris.

You used to be a Nader's Raider, and now you're the real-life embodiment of all that is wrong with the Democratic Party and it's corporate partners in the media.

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The United States of America is the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Cesar Chavez and Emma Lazarus.

is a bit too conservative in that it backs the endless war ideology. Maybe he was lying when he said he would pre emptively go after North Korea for merely testing a nuke, I sure as hell hope so, but then again, who knows. I like to think if he were to become POTUS he'd go all out anti-war but we won't know that unless it happens and really, just imagine what might happen IF he ever tried. And I'm sorry but Russiagate is a big red flag for me as my own basic logic says you cannot advocate for great power wars and get to M4A without one hell of a tax increase, not to mention that ties in to blatant censorship of dissenting views which is hardly a progressive, or whatever the word is, position. That said, I'm still backing him as he is the only hope we have at this point IMHO. But I back him with my eyes fully open, he may ameliorate some of the damage which at this point seems all one can really hope for.

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Only a fool lets someone else tell him who his enemy is. Assata Shakur

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Why is he still making $5 Million a year? I bet they can find a better, cheaper hack somewhere. Well, cheaper anyway.

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"You can't just leave those who created the problem in charge of the solution."---Tyree Scott