DNC releases slowly acting viral process for which there is no cure--ExiTULSI

Medical convention is that the disease discoverer has the absolute right to name an illness after him or her or their selves. Thus, having discovered a new virus, which has been hiding in plain sight, it should be prudent to describe to those who may yet be contaminated by Clintonian Concepts its method of disease including epidemiology (i.e., how it spreads), nature of disruptive agent (e.g., what type of critter is it), and how it develops over time (pathophysiology).

But, you don't want to know all that once it becomes clear the circumstance.

First: mental state affects physical health, just as certainly as physical state affects mental health.

The organism: Homo sapiens, var. polynesiana
Endemic to: Hawaii
Adaptability: extraordinary ability to adjust for any obstacle
Invasiveness: full frontal assault, shock and awe, armed by truth bombs
Weakpoints: belongs to Democrat Party

So, in strictly medical terminology, Tulsi Gabbard is going to destroy the DNC. This will be accomplished with great endeavor, tactical planning and coordination, dedication to purpose (Service Above Self). Ever since TDS, which you may recall is the acronym for the long-lasting and psychotogenic Trump Derangement Syndrome, the DNC has become plagued by organizational ossification. First, before Russiagate, there was Flynngate, then Russiagate, then....

The point is that the Establishment Dems (ED) lack imagination. An excellent exemplar is the Camel aka Kamala lala Harris. Force yourself to watch any of her political speeches.

Dems pushed Russiagate well past the stage where any rational person could be convinced that El Trumpo conspired with Putin. Then they push obstructing justice for investigation of a non-crime. And everything the genii at the DNC try results in the successfulness of such clever plots as Jussie Smollett's.

Now that the environment has been described, stale unimaginative, authoritarian, disconnected idealogues crowded together under a geodetic Washingtonian dome with little sunlight and hardly any fresh air--an ideal situation in which to plant a contagion.

The seeds of the contagion were planted long before 2016 but blossomed forth unreservedly when TG resigned from the DNC due to the diseases inside that organism. and emerged into the light of public recognition. All organisms, under ideal conditions, grow at different rates, maturing earlier or later.

This event, voluntary exfiltration from a corrupt organism, does not predict the ultimate course of development but does indicate a strong, resilient nature. Many, perhaps millions, have made an estimate of Tulsi's character. Leadership and strength are two main attributes which likely most people can perceive.

Tulsi now says she will continue spreading truth into the political landscape. Strange isn't it, that truth telling can be dangerous, a very dangerous politicide. One cannot undo the truth, although it certainly is obscured very often. But word gets out. During my YouTube tours, left-right-center-up-down commentators mention Tulsi, and almost never negatively. Neutral comments, yes. But negative comments, no.

Like any virulent disease, Tulsi's message needs an effective vector (mode of transmission). Getting massively, blatantly, and irrefutably screwed by the DNC concerning "qualified polls" cannot be covered up. Paradoxically, this freedom FROM debating on stage with Klowns, provides Tulsi the opportunity to disagree from the party line with impunity. They offered Tulsi no carrot--but Tulsi is taking their proffered stick and inflicting body blows.

Prognosis: Tulsi Presidency in 2024 or 2028

DNC Prognosis: Perhaps NHK lays this out best in a recent essay about three factions in the current Dem Party: the Democratic Tri-party, (part 1: the players)

That little birdie of Bernie's will be replaced by an eagle.

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I think you're right, Alligator Ed. She can do it, but she will need our support. In recent photos one sees some (entirely expected) pain and fear, so she needs to know that she is not alone in this. She's not doing it for herself.

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I don't believe in god.

Tulsi Gabbard is going to destroy the DNC

I'm sure he, she or it would forgive me if this happened.
What a party.

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Regardless of the path in life I chose, I realize it's always forward, never straight.

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@Pricknick The disarticulation of the Demonratic Partei will be cause for celebration--

Like nothing but a house party.

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Supposedly, EVERYONE has been invited. Even Ryan will be there.

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@tle Tulsi is getting the Sanders 2016 treatment--as near a media blackout as can be managed. The DNC via their TV franchise, MSDNC, won't let Tulsi get any airtime if they can help it.

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This interview probably did not help her case:

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@davidgmillsatty about Tulsi. Lots of questions answered. I like the answers.

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The DNC tried to primary Tulsi for having the unmitagated audacity to not endorse her heinous and resign the dnc. She handed their hats to them. They are trying again. Because the DNC hates forward thinking intelligence. Status quo or bust for them.

The dnc and media, not to mention pollsters are really screwing Tulsi, and they know it. She had one shot, and took out Kamala! How good do you have to be? She's good enough for me.

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