Tulsi Pushes Forward: April 20, 2019

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First, in response to others saying Leftists should support Bernie unless they have an adversity to winning elections, I propose a couple of thoughts. The first is this link showing Jimmy Carter's status in the Democratic primary race through June of 1975--he's almost exactly where Tulsi is right now in polling, and guess what? He won against the giants of his time.

Carter 6-9 months before first 1976 primaries

At this point, my advice is to support who you think is best, not who someone tells you is the only realistic choice.

Here is another factoid for the caucuses/primaries--candidates who do not get at least 15% of the votes do not get any delegates. Think of the strategic ramificaitons of that for a few minutes. Assuming Biden enters the race, many of the Harris, Booker, O'Rourke, Buttigieg level of candidates do not poll above 15% in many (or any) states, but if they remain in the race, it depresses Biden's results. There are a lot of potential various outcomes there depending on how things play out, and Tulsi staying in the race is not a major factor at this point.

In the past week, Tusli has made 8 stops in Iowa and 4 stops (including 1 today) in New Hampshire on the campaign trail. Good to see her get out and stumping in the early states.

Some very good media things going on. Tulsi was on FOX News with Brett Baier, and she handled it really well. As he tried to talk over her and twist her words, she essentially just talked over him:

Kyle Kulinski show about Tulsi on FOX News

Also, here is a good review of Tulsi's defense of Ilhan Omar:

The Michael Brooks Show

Niko House highlighted Tulsi re-introducing her Off Act and contrasting it with the unactionable Green New Deal:

Niko House

Finally, Tulsi will be on Jimmy Dore today (if she has not been already). Look for that interview on YouTube in the upcoming week.

In two recent national polls--Emerson and Morning Consult--Tulsi is polling at 1%. This is important as a second potential placement for the televised Democratic debates (needing to poll at 1% or greater in at least 3 national or early primary state polls). If there end up being more than 20 candidates with 65,000 unique donors or polling at least 1% in 3 polls, they will allow only candidates that met both criteria. Tulsi seems to be there at this point--including the 2 national polls above, and getting 2% in the last Nevada poll.

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about why the Habeas Corpus Act got its name ...

Lord Grey and Lord Norris were named to be the tellers: Lord Norris, being a man subject to vapours, was not at all times attentive to what he was doing: so, a very fat lord coming in, Lord Grey counted him as ten, as a jest at first: but seeing Lord Norris had not observed it, he went on with this misreckoning of ten: so it was reported that they that were for the Bill were in the majority, though indeed it went for the other side: and by this means the Bill passed.[8]

The clerk recorded in the minutes of the Lords that the "ayes" had fifty-seven and the "nays" had fifty-five, a total of 112, but the same minutes also state that only 107 Lords had attended that sitting.[8]

So, how about that all the fat ladies that sing, comes in voting for Tulsi and they would all be counted as ten votes per one fat lady, because who wouldn't want to be drunk when the only other choice is Nobody.

Ok, forget it. I am silly in the silly season.

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TTTT (too tired to talk)

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It was a livestream, the clip will be posted soon.
Here's her 420 email:

That’s right, it’s 4/20
I’m passionate about legalizing marijuana because to me, it’s a basic question of fairness and freedom of choice for the American people. And since 60% of voters support legalizing pot, it’s clear that the American people agree. It appalls me that marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 drug, alongside heroin, and that our country arrested 600,000 people just for possession in 2017 alone. Meanwhile, Big Pharma gets off scot free for pushing highly addictive opioids on to patients who don’t need them. Justice means expunging the records of those with marijuana possession charges and fully prosecuting Big Pharma for fueling an opioid epidemic that has killed thousands.

If you’re getting this email, I believe you want my kind of common sense, bipartisan approach — on marijuana, Medicare, education and foreign policy — leading our country.

Will you make a donation TODAY on 4/20 to support common sense marijuana policy in the White House?

Edited 4/21 to add this, from The Hill: Tulsi Gabbard fundraises off 4/20: 'Appalls me' that feds consider marijuana illegal
And this:

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between Trump & Bernie-it's Bernie, between Trump & Biden(or some other DNC hack)I'll vote Green just like last time.

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chuck utzman

TULSI 2020

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Bernie has the organization and recognition, but I really worry about his age.

I’d be happy with either of them.

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We can’t save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed.
- Greta Thunberg

No more regime change wars.
Paper ballots
Legalize MJ.

Starting to look a lot like my own platform.

Back in 2008 I was supporting Kucinich. Folks on dKos and elsewhere were nattering about purity. I pointed out that I agreed with something like 17 out of 20 of his platform planks -- none of which, I think, were advocated by any of the other candidates. Nothing has ever highlighted the absurdity of the whole purity/"perfect enemy of the good" argument, than contrasting DK's platform with those of the other goobers.

They've just never grasped how broad is the chasm between their mumbledy-dumbledy neolib rah rah US boosterism, and the philosophy and objectives of the left.

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The earth is a multibillion-year-old sphere.
The Nazis killed millions of Jews.
On 9/11/01 a Boeing 757 (AA77) flew into the Pentagon.
AGCC is happening.
If you cannot accept these facts, I cannot fake an interest in any of your opinions.

But she didn't stand up for Ilhan Omar after Trump's 9/11 video.

I donated to Tulsi and didn't even donate to Bernie until after that flap. I thought she was the real deal.

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@psychodrew @psychodrew

Tulsi did stand up for Ilhan Omar. It's in the original post!

Very confused at your comment . . .

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4 min

Here Niko with a longer commentary (21 min)
BREAKING: Tulsi Defends Ilhan Omar Against Islamaphobic Smears

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

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@psychodrew has been all over social media for the past several days.

Intercept article dated April 14, 2019, discussing the tweets made by various Dem candidates in response to Trump's tweet. You need to scroll halfway down to see Tulsi's.


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"Don't go back to sleep ... Don't go back to sleep ... Don't go back to sleep."

"If you want revolution, be it."
~Caitlin Johnstone

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and ignore all of the "spoiler" arguments. Politics is about community-building, and all of the Democrat babble about "spoilers" has merely created a community of lesser-evil people, people who have been conned into voting for the likes of Michael Dukakis, the Clintons, Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama because they think they have no choice, or maybe that is their choice and they think politics is about scaring everyone about Republicans and otherwise indifference. The resultant community is one of no importance.

(And, look, if all of those Republican gun-owners were really that scary, what good would gun control be? Wouldn't you want a gun to defend yourself from them?)

If you think you can form a Tulsi Gabbard community, then go for it! If you think you can form a Bernie Sanders community, then go for it! Use your better judgment! Conformist voting creates a conformist America. Frank Zappa:

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"The degree to which liberals are coming to inhabit an alternate reality, impenetrable by facts or reason, is actually frightening." -- Steve Maher

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that you've been posting regularly.

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"Don't go back to sleep ... Don't go back to sleep ... Don't go back to sleep."

"If you want revolution, be it."
~Caitlin Johnstone

It's not that the GND is unactionable, it's that it's no action. Where are the specific proposals for ACHIEVING its goals? Such as a carbon "tax and dividend" plan minus all the "get rid of all environmental regulations" crap.

BTW, in "unless they have an adversity to winning elections", the word should probably be "aversion".

Edit: OK, I scanned HR3671, and it has some very good, and specific, proposals, for changes to law. I wonder if she'll reintroduce it for the current session.

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I think she talks about the reintroduction in Jimmy's interview above in Azazello's comment above. It is specific whereas the GND is aspirational. As she says, it is what we need to do first.

(30 sec)

more from niko *Exclusive* - Time For The Green New Deal To Take A Back Seat??

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“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.”