The Nebraska Flood

Weather Patterns Go Crazy: Nebraska Flooding Has Broken 17 Records And Farmers Are Being Absolutely Devastated

Those that follow my work on a regular basis already know that I talk a lot about how our planet is becoming increasingly unstable. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are becoming more frequent, and global weather patterns are doing things that we haven’t seen before.

There is a very complicated relationship between the sun, the Earth’s magnetic field and our rapidly shifting weather patterns. If the behavior of the giant ball of fire that our planet revolves around continues to become even more erratic, that is going to have enormous implications for every man, woman and child in the entire world.

So keep a close eye on the sun. Most discussions about “climate” assume that our sun will behave the way that it always has, but that is not a safe assumption.

Things are changing, and the catastrophes that we have seen so far are just the beginning…

One record breaking disaster after another has been hitting America in recent months. At this moment, Nebraska is dealing with the worst flooding that it has ever experienced, and the economic damage being done by all of this flooding is going to be absolutely crippling for many farmers. Of course the floods are the result of the “bomb cyclone” that brought hurricane-like winds and blizzard conditions to the central part of the country last week. Sadly, this was just the latest chapter in a very cold and very bitter winter that can’t end soon enough as far as many of us are concerned.

Unfortunately, a change in the seasons is not going to be enough to restore our weather patterns to normal. Prior to this winter, I repeatedly warned that this was going to be an extraordinarily cold and snowy winter, and it turns out that I was exactly correct.

So how did I know this would happen?

Well, it is actually very simple. I listened to the scientists that were warning us that our sun is exhibiting very unusual behavior, that Earth’s north magnetic pole has been shifting, and that global weather patterns are changing dramatically.

It is not an exaggeration to say that weather patterns here in the United States are literally going crazy. Los Angeles just had the coldest February that it has seen in 60 years, Seattle just had their snowiest February in 70 years, and some parts of California received more than 500 inches of snow this winter.

Video of a cow that is stuck in the mud being rescued in this article as well as more tweets and photos can be seen here.

Paradise and Southern California burned. Sonoma country was flooded again because of the river of rain. Colorado and other states got hit with massive blizzards and storms. The Florida panhandle still hasn't recovered from hurricane Michael. Puerto Rico never received the help it should have and unless congress acted in time hundreds of people were kicked off food stamps. Houston and other cities in Texas still haven't recovered from their hurricanes. And of course things like this are going to continue happening and be much worse.

Why? Because our government is being negligent by not allocating funds and man power because they are spending trillions on unnecessary wars of aggression so that country's resources can be stolen. That we pay for their wars instead of them paying for them is a huge scam.

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So what is going to happen when that snow melts? Especially if the temperatures rise quickly? Or if California has a wet spring and lots of rain?

Utah got records amount of snow in 1983 and the rivers and creeks around Salt Lake Citynwere not able to handle the melt off so they diverted it down State street and 13th south. Man this was something to see.

Looking back at the 1983 flood that sent a river through downtown

Flooding isn’t unusual in Utah. In fact, Southern Utah felt the effects of it again this past August.

However, for Salt Lake and much of Utah, the most memorable flood not only shut down some streets for days, it turned them into rivers.

Some streets, such as State Street, were just that — aqueducts to control the problems caused by the rising water. Makeshift vehicle and pedestrian bridges were constructed to allow people to commute to work or wherever they needed to go with as minimal impact as possible.

So how did the state flood this badly? Unlike floods caused by immediate heavy downpours, the 1983 flood was the result of abnormally high precipitation totals for several months and culminated into weeks of issues.

The 1981 and 1982 precipitation totals were off the charts, according to the Utah Department of History. For example, the September 1982 rain total was about 10 times higher than the average, recording a record total of 4.35 inches of rain that month.

The damp conditions lingered into the fall and winter, creating mudslides and flooded creeks in Big and Little Cottonwood canyons. In March and April 1983, more precipitation records were broken, creating hazards to the Salt Lake valley with the moisture levels exceeding capacity.

Mudslides and related issues began to cause problems throughout the area. Houses were flooded, missing or split in two, in some cases. The problems weren’t just throughout Salt Lake valley, but all over Utah.

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Anyone here get caught in the flood or have stories about natural disasters in their area?

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I was completely unaware of the 1983 UT event.

Thanks for posting all the pictures. It is a tad bit of work.

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@arendt How on dog's green earth did CA plow all that snow? With what machinery? Holy cow.

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I experienced firsthand how ineptly the Bush administration handled that natural disaster. As I recall, that marked the turning point for Dubya. Up until then he had maintained popularity, coasting on 9/11. After Katrina, Americans seemed to be appalled at the incompetence of "heckuva job Brownie" and how Dubya celebrated his birthday while New Orleans and the Gulf Coast drowned.

I guess I had hoped that after we saw the dismal response by the government post-Katrina, we would demand that our government get its act together and do better. Not only in terms of disaster response, but addressing underlying causes, such as climate change.

Instead, it's gone in the wrong direction, to complete failure in all respects. Now that I live on the West Coast, I'm experiencing the wildfires and strange winter weather up close and personal.

At some point, I have to think that the failure will be self-limiting. Unless something intervenes to put a spanner in the works, the oligarchy and the MIC will end up causing its own destruction. It's already devouring itself, rotting away from the inside, imploding.

The question is whether it will take the human species with it.
I still have hope. Not sure the US will be the leader in getting us there, though. So far, we seem to be what's holding the process back.

Some days, I find myself doing a lot of grieving, at what could have been, and at what is coming to an end. Other days, I'm very angry. Still other days, I get excited about the possibilities for how we can evolve past where we are now.

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overnight as a result of upstream runoff from tropical storms Alberto and Beryl in 1994. I remember coming home from work and seeing drainage ditches full to the top with fast running water and thinking I was glad I did not live in that part of the neighborhood. The next morning, several homes in that area had up to two feet of water in them.

One neighbor told me that the water rose so fast during that night that she thought they were going to drown despite having a two story house. The next morning, they had to be rescued by boat. The small pond in the neighborhood had overflowed and filled two nearby streets with over a foot and a half of water. About eight homes were flooded and about an equal number were not accessible due to being cut off by the flooded roads.

And none of these properties was in an official FEMA flood zone. The cause of the flooding was man made due to a very old lawsuit from a down stream property owner that prevented my neighborhood from discharging any storm water downstream. So water was flowing in from upstream properties miles away and was collecting in my neighborhood with no natural outlet.

There was a large property owner upstream from our neighborhood that allowed us to build a dike along his vacant property to hold the water on it temporarily. I remember one evening a group of us were trying to shore us the dikes when a breech occurred. Suddenly I went from standing on dry ground to being knee deep in water.

Luckily for my neighborhood, this should never occur again. When the state widened a highway adjacent to my neighborhood, they purchased several downstream properties (including the one who filed the lawsuit decades earlier) to create holding ponds. Now the water that comes into my neighborhood is allowed to continue to flow out along its natural course into the holding ponds.

Flooding has long been a problem in the Tallahassee area. The city of Tallahassee has since taken proactive steps to mitigate flooding with a comprehensive storm water management program.

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What blows my mind is the fixation on fossil fuels which are creating the problem. We should be winding down extraction not promoting the Arctic, Gulf, Tar sands, and so on.

There is natural variation in the sun, but this is a problem of our exhaust and extraction.

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The problem is CO2 at 400 ppm, and increasing amounts of tundra melt spewing CH4 into the atmosphere.

The sun cycle doesn't even move the needle on that scale.

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the snow has been melting slow enough to thaw the ground and be absorbed.

4 years ago the melt (1/2 the snow) melted fast enough to flood the barn and garage. All the drainage ditches and small water diverts were compromised with ice and diverting water in real time was extremely difficult. My heart hurts for Nebraska. Water simply goes where it wants.

I was 10 the first time I got to drive a car solo. Fast snow melt and was small enough to fit through the window of the Plymouth and still reach the pedals to drive it out of the flooded area of the driveway. The water simply ran out once Dad was able to open the door. The Volkswagen floated and was pushed to dry land. Fortunately water did not get past the second step of the porch. My birthday party for that evening was cancelled. Their driveways must have been okay, since they dropped off presents at the end of the drive. Did not think about that until right now.

As memory recalls, a few days later Mom and Dad was at the river helping place sandbags by the river. My sister and I stayed home since I was just old enough to babysit.

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The nation’s top environmental official dismissed efforts to combat climate change as misguided, ... because “most of the threats from climate change are 50 to 75 years out

Faith Vander Voort, the newly promoted top spokeswoman at the Interior Department, voiced support for more surveillance of Muslim communities and argued that attacks by radical self-proclaimed Muslim groups pose a far bigger threat to society than climate change

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