Nancy Pelosi--losing cognitive faculties

I feel like an alcoholic who can't stay off the sauce. Months ago, I promised to stop writing about Nancy P, because of her repulsive beliefs. I must have omitted some of the twelve steps, maybe because of inability to count, because I am back with another preposterous Pelosi precipitous practice.

May the FSM have mercy on my soul.

Being fully aware of the hazards of armchair diagnoses (such as knocking your martini off the arm), I humbly submit the following as a guess. This guess is based upon evidence (contrary to the great Russiagate delusion afflicting the Democratic party).

To refresh memories, we may remember when Fancy Nancy protested that she could no longer work with President Bush (who left office more than 8 years earlier). A senior moment, if you wish to put it mildly.

But now comes another episode, well-documented. The clinical event is seen in the first 3 minutes.

This illustrates a serious lapse of social judgement, a disinhibition of pre-frontal function whereby self-monitoring instructs most of us to be aware of our actions and the effect these actions might have on others. Now, I can't say that this episode is definitely pathological, as much as I am tempted to do, but it certainly does resemble such impetuosity as seen in frontal lobe dementia.

Perhaps she is still in the 18th century.

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about his lack of priority for immigration reform. His view in his first term was that along with all the important stuff about the economy he would have to delay his promise. With so many Americans out of work he didn't think anyone wanted to hear about illegal aliens. I'm sure Nancy would have been well briefed on it. It's going to be sad for her ardent supporters when it becomes obvious to all something is very wrong.

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made by Pelosi after Pope Francis (who has finally been outed for protecting child abusers and lying about it) addressed Congress (which would have had our Founders up in arms!) It demonstrates her inability to deal with reality. As Hitchens said, "religion poisons everything". I would add, "including minds". Am I bashing her religious beliefs and equating them with dementia? You betcha!

“The Holy Father Pope Francis’ address to Congress was extraordinary. With absolute clarity, beauty and moral urgency, Pope Francis called on all of us to be better stewards of Creation and instruments of God’s peace.

“Standing in the very heart of our democracy, Pope Francis spoke to the better angels of our nature and of the American people. He reminded us of our sacred and inescapable responsibility to those struggling to escape poverty, persecution and war. He challenged us to rescue our planet from the climate crisis that threatens the future of our children and the health of God’s creation – and to do so sensitive to the needs of the poor. His Holiness urged us to live our values and reach beyond our divisions.

“On a personal note, my husband Paul, my children and I have more than 100 years of Catholic education among us, and this has been a day of profound joy for my family. It has been an awesome privilege to welcome His Holiness to the Congress. My deepest thanks to the Pope for the honor of his historic visit and the elevating, illuminating leadership he continues to provide Catholics and non-Catholics the world over. May the Holy Father’s message of hope, peace and dialogue echo through the halls of the Capitol and across the country for a long time to come.”

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"Without the right to offend, freedom of speech does not exist." Taslima Nasrin

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Democratic haunch of free range Pelosi. GOP pork too fatty or not to your liking? Maybe you just have a crush on those sloe eyed Italian girls of your youth. Que bello! Greetings

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@Song of the lark @Song of the lark Alas far too few Italian maidens come by my swamp to provide a tasty treat. Mmmm.

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she had some?!?
Okay, I'll read the post now.

Stop These Fucking Wars


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Ya got to be a Spirit, cain't be no Ghost. . .

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She'll be 78 in a month. I'm not disparaging her, she does pretty well most times, even though I loathe her. She's been in that seat since '88.

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But she's a Democratic hero!! She did an 8 hour record-setting filibuster just last week!! Back to the swamp with you, Gator Boy!!!!

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Why the awe over Pelosi’s stilettos? Let me tell you.

What is it about women and power and . . . shoes?

When Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) gave a modern record-setting eight-hour speech on the House floor on Wednesday, the fact that she was wearing four-inch stilettos got almost as much attention as the immigration issue that had prompted her to take the floor.

Social media was mesmerized. And on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow constructed her own version of the shoes, taping a sneaker to a ruler, and marveled: “I don’t know if I could do it for eight minutes, let alone eight hours.”

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"Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich."--Napoleon

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through your opponent's neck ... and you can feel your victory pleasures running up your legs.

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@dkmich I remember back in college in the early 80's, a friend had a feminist magazine (the xeroxed kind from back in the day) with an article called "High-helled Bondage." I smirked at the headline, but the argument was of course compelling. It was one of those youthful enlightening lessons- don't scoff at ideas before exploring them.

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Few mortals can keep from watching a train wreck - especially in real time.

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