Nancy Pelosi

OMG--for once I agree with Nancy Pelosi (gasp)

Breaking news: Nervous Nancy has now proposed something which vaguely resembles human decency. Choke, gasp, wheeze. I can't believe I'm saying this but....Nervous Nancy demand Acosta resign

Thus, I can never again say that Nervous and is completely devoid of principle--or merely opportunism disguised as principle.

Nancy Pelosi--losing cognitive faculties

I feel like an alcoholic who can't stay off the sauce. Months ago, I promised to stop writing about Nancy P, because of her repulsive beliefs. I must have omitted some of the twelve steps, maybe because of inability to count, because I am back with another preposterous Pelosi precipitous practice.

May the FSM have mercy on my soul.

The opposite of DemExit

The last time I voted for a Democrat was 1992.
I've been registered Green Party ever since. If anything the Democrats have gotten worse and more disgusting ever since.
So why in the world would I ever consider registering Democrat?

You see, there is something special about me:
I happen to live in Nancy Pelosi's district.

Nancy Pelosi riding high!

After several serious essays, it is time to once more pick on Nancy Pelosi to see if there is any more fun. Yes, even though she is an evil bitch a few steps away from Medusa in venality, some things about her remain noteworthy. As you can see from the illustrations below, it is amazing that she is able to walk upright.

Jimmy Dore Blows the Doors off the Democratic Party Tonight

Yup, I like Jimmy Dore and the Jimmy Dore Show... but tonight he was on fire. I am talking 10 videos, all of them worth watching, and if you follow Jimmy, this is actually quite a rare event, so I guess he had a few things on his mind... not only that, but they are almost all about the election, the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton and her cabal of losers.