A vignette

Sweet is the street

walking in sunshine

skipping on four rollers

snowboarding beyond boarders

breathing octagon crystals


gasping to be

Drowned by the gullies

rushing in silt

smothering fish

flooding the news

food delivered, to the door,

in paper


before its time

plastic feeding cretans of the sea

making hay in rhyme

antilogarithms to the dime

swaying, swaying, swaying

modern sirens on the shore

leading to nevermore

wanting, instilling 'paranor'

its mischief

never mistaken, mistook

yet hooked by neighbors, next door

Foolish ninny's bay in play

eating all the hay

not knowing

fox prey

coyotes slink, minks wait...

So it is

but should not be

cause it interferes

with you and me.

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recent happenings, i'm obligated to record, set it down, somewhere, so thanks for my indulgence in advance. Cheers.

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my friend.

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I very much enjoy skipping from place to place and through the colourful worlds your vignettes lead.

I often feel a tension in your poetry; between a serene and settled place, and a place that is also disquieting. Your work resonates with me in quite a visceral way. Thank you for your vocal and unaffected expression.

Wishing us all less interference of the unwelcome kind.

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@janis b

tension holds all art together, i think; no, i know that to be true.

The uneasiness, my inducing anxiety in rhyme, i'm not sure about... whether it comes directly from me or i'm only the conduit of society's?

Certainly, i'm uneasy and unsettled, personally; possessing so many reasons not to be, but, it's never far away, this disquiet, is it?

Could it be wrapped in the mystery of birth progressing to death, something so simple...?
I think not.

Have no answers, just asking why...in hopes i learn more about living without affectations

in hopes i can grow into what i want to be.

Gosh, i'm trying to say that you feed me, inspire me, and fill us all with positive vibes as i write in hopes i contribute a little to your good effort, too.

Love and hugs.

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“in hopes i can grow into what i want to be.”

It also makes the tears of mutual respect and appreciation fall.

Thank you for everything, especially your art and love that holds it all together.

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@janis b

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@janis b

the mind. Thank you!

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